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I am – Tara Conner in a Bikini at Universal Studios of the Day


I like coke sluts but just to hang out with and not to fuck because girls on coke are a horrible fucks because they are too busy talking about how great they are to take my dick in their mouth. They may like dancing and looking fabulous and shit but the thing I really like about them is that I know they are trying to hide their insecurities more than trying to have a good time. I like insecure bitches because they are easy to convince to do things when they are coming down from their binge….

This bitch has revolutionized Miss USA. All the previous winners had morals and actually thought they could change the world with their million dollar smile and ability to juggle while singing the national anthem in a bikini. I know some went on to do Playboy and shit after the crown was taken back. Real hot chicks are usually too too busy out doing coke and partying while sucking rich dude’s dick in the back of his camaro to care about this beauty pageant shit. Tara Conner is the best of both worlds and if this was 5 years ago these pics would give me a boner. But then again 5 years ago, riding the bus would get me hard even if I was looking at a retarded man with a bib on…now I am sitting here at 2 am listening to my wife snore and I can’t wait for her to have an apnea episode so that she shuts the fuck up.

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