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Taryn Manning Titties for TV of the Day

There was a time, not that long ago, when Taryn Manning was my internet homie. Where we shared glorious internet time together….

It was before she booked this Orange is the New Black, female prison rape show that I’ve never seen, but that people are loving, because people are all fucking drones and do what they are told. A show that may or may not make her a bigger deal, you know her big break.

It was back when she was in transition…between jobs…and I guess bored enough to hang on Social Media, you know before she got too famous to give me any attention.

I’ve seen it before with some many second or third string famous people, all awesome in the beginning, but when they finally hit something good, they disappear.

I guess it’s true what they say, there is no loyalty on social media with people you’ve never met…and that internet love affairs are not real….but fantasy…

Either way, here’s the last message she sent me…back in September 2010…I have no idea what it was in reference to or why she blocked me but I am sure it was cuz I was being awesome and hilarious and she was taking herself too seriously, as they often do…

Tayrn, if you’re out there, I hope we can learn to love again…

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Taryn Manning Hot as Shit in a Half Naked Photoshoot of the Day

I don’t know when these pictures are from, but they are awesome…

There has never been a time in my life where I can remember thinking that Taryn Manning was hot..not even for a split second when experimenting with my masturbation…which is weird because I am facebook friends with her, we have chatted and usually that is enough for me to appreciate the fact that she has a vagina…but that has all changed today, because I am seeing her in these fun naughty pics, all playful and hot bodied, her hard face photoshopped wholesome, tits and ass that rock…and I think it’s time I start trying to cyber her…cuz this shit is good enough to jerk off to…when Taryn Manning usually isn’t…weird…

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Taryn Manning Tits in Some Shit You’ve Never Heard Of of the Day

I don’t know if anyone even knows who Taryn Manning is anymore….she’s barely a celebrity…she’s barely in movies…and the movies she seems to be in are shit you have never heard of like this “The Perfect Age of Rock and Roll”….where she showed some nipple…

I only know about Taryn Manning because I am Facebook friends with her, or I was….before SHE GOT MAD AT ME AND CALLED ME A CREEP

I guess you’d be bitter too if you were ugly and had shitty tits you were exposing to pay the rent cuz no one cares about you…..


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Taryn Manning’s Hard Face Doesn’t Like Me Very Much of the Day

I’ve been facebook friends with Taryn Manning for a while. She deletes me every once in a while because she doesn’t like my comments…and yesterday…she went so far as to tell me off on her facebook wall…

I was going to fight back, like I would have in the old days, back before I totally alienated myself from every single celebrity who I probaby could have played in a lot smarter if I knew celebrities weren’t such fucking pussies…but why bother…who cares about this virtual no name, why rip into her, cuz all she’s gonna do is block me…when I’d rather annoy her some more before she blocks me…when ultimately, I know I’m going to get blocked…it is just a matter of when…

Here are the pics of her at some charity DJ event – cuz she hasn’t got wind that being a 40 year old DJ who was once in movies is pretty fucking low level…if not pathetic…

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Taryn Manning’s Amazing Face of the Day

Taryn Manning is on my facebook. She’s not exciting to follow, but we’ve exchanged love letters. She’s deleted me and I’ve re-added her, like all power couples, and I’m not even sure it’s really her, it’s most likely a Filipino pervert bored in his village with a love for the movie 8 mile, or whatever that one movie she did to make her famous was….

I know she’s barely famous, she’s involved in a band, she’s got a clothing line, but more importantly, I know this girl looks run the fuck down….maybe she needs a detox, maybe a master cleanse, or even some sleep….but until then, she’s our Amazing Face of the day.

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Taryn Manning is Beautiful of the Day

They say a picture says 1000 words, so why the fuck do you need me here running my mouth off via my magical typing fingers…There is just so much amazing about these pictures…So many interesting fantasies it taps into that you can figure out for yourself you lazy fuck….

Taryn Manning is my facebook friend and I don’t want anything to get between us….especially jokes about using her to inspire fucking homelessness, fucking drug addiction, fucking recovering prostitutes, fucking hasbeens or fucking the monster under your bed you were scared of as a kid who decided to PG-13 that fear cuz that would just work against my master plan of seducing her cuz it’s safe to say that despite these beautiful pictures and how gutter they look and probably smell while live, she’s an upgrade from where I’m at right now…she is the beacon of hope of a better tomorrow…if I play things right…If you know what I mean….

I guess what it comes down to is that no one cares about Taryn Manning but me…and maybe her drug dealer….but he doesn’t count.

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Taryn Manning Sloppy Staged Bikini Pics to Stay Relevant of the Day

There was a time when Taryn Manning was my facebook friend. Her acting career was totally fucking dead and I guess she had a lot of time on her hands to re-connect with people who never found her hot. She was promoting some bullshit band she was doing with her brother and a clothing line that sucked….She would answer my messages because she probably had nothing better to do and I’d look at her pictures she posted wondering why she looked so haggard and old, coming to the conclusion that it was thanks to hard drugs, and maybe lying about her age….

But here she is in some staged bikini pictures, so it is safe to say bitch is making a comeback, or trying to, because why else would she pay the paparazzi to follow her and her shitty body in a bikini around for the day….Everyone knows it’s the cheapest way to get noticed, it’s no secret to us that they aren’t actually “catching” you on vacation like they did 10 years ago, when bikini pictures actually meant something….now they’re just as common as herpes.

Either way, here are the pics…if you’re into ugly sloppy pussy with no ass or chin…and I know you are…cuz any pussy is good enough for you….then you’ll like this mess…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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