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Taylor Momsen Possible Nipples of the Day

Where are you Christmas..Taylor Momsen…the original young girl in the Grinch Who Stole Christmas…who went onto great things like Gossip Girl and starting a band that played rock music called Pretty Reckless…instead of continuing her parent’s dream for her to be an actress…who could have probably got more work, more movies, had more success as an actress…but who couldn’t help her bad girl ways, her rebellious “Fuck you mom and dad for making us all rich using me, and for giving me a celebrity that people will listen to my bullshit music”….and they couldn’t stop the music that was in her soul man, cuz it’s all about the music man, nothing else matters man…and here’s her titties in a bra saying “I’m still here, listen to my single” even though the only people listening to the shit she puts our are the Gossip Girl fans who havent forgot her…

That’s where Christmas is.

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Taylor Momsen is LIVES of the Day

Taylor Momsen use to whatever she could to get noticed…but she just doesn’t try hard enough….because she is forgotten…

She was better at this shocking with slutty behavior in trying to be a fake rocker…to separate herself from her spoiled and candy coated hollywood image….SHE IS THE GIRL IN THE GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS LIVE ACTION MOVIE….

All in efforts to make it as a contrived musician…cuz she’s been up in hollywood since she was 1 and bullshit is all she knows….

The slutty worked better at 16 – 18…but fizzled out…so put out some topless that’s not topless but that’s also not spread vagina…making the whole experience shitty but I’ll still post it because my whole experience is shitty.

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Taylor Momsen Promo Shots of the Day

You already saw TAYLOR MOMSEN in her body painted weirdo cross because she’s so fucking rock and roll and by rock and roll I mean some candy-coated hollywood pop tart who was raised with money and some level of stardom who everyone lost interest in when she turned 18 because everyone is a pervert and prefer when underage girls are posing topless, or in panties than after the fact….

She’s as legitimate as a smile on an employee who isn’t a pedophile at Disney Land…as hard as the water in her infinity pool…

She’s trying to find herself, have some edge, and everything we see is bullshit with executives backing her…and I am all about the arrow pointed at her cunt…it’s a road sign for my mouth that is easy to follow…

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Taylor Momsen’s Full Frontal of the Day

If you want to rape your ears on Valentines Day, because rape is the only way you know how to show yourself any love, I think this music video by rockstar, who is barely a rockstar, but rather a teen star who was raised rich pretending to be hard by investing her gossip girl money into her music career…cuz I guess she finds it cool…

I prefer less rape, more mute all to see the 3 seconds of her naked…but covered…life changing people..

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Taylor Momsen’s Ass for Promotional Reasons of the Day

When Taylor Momsen was 17, she was getting a lot of attention, but decided to dropout of acting, to focus on her rock career, even though her acting career was probably more lucrative…making the average girl who wished she was Taylor Momsen think “WTF bitch, you’re on TV, milk it, your music sucks, stop trying to prove that you’re multi-talented”….you know typical teenage angst behavior that you probably masturbate sometimes, like when your neighbor’s daughter is tanning during the summer…

When Taylor Momsen turned 18, no one cared about her lingerie performances, because in the States, 18 means your sex appeal diminishes, you fucking perverts….so now, a few years later, she’s posting ass pics to promote her music, because she hasn’t thrown the towel in on it….and I can only hope this fails, and leads to sex tapes and porno…because that’s what I actually want to see…and it’s all about me motherfuckers…even though I know she’ll likely just get back into acting before that….

That said..she’s pretty exhausting…I just like sitting on my couch…all this work, and jobs and trying takes away from what is important, and that is imagining her ass spread so I can see into her soul..

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Taylor Momsen’s Hot New Video Teaser for “Going to Hell” of the Day

Dirty white panties on a dirty white girl who was far more fun to pay attention to when she was a dirty young girl…before turning 18 and her dirty girl act lost the whole illegal aspect that people were into…or at least talking about because it was so scandalous for a 17 year old who had no childhood thanks to being thrown into the entertainment industry…

The fact is that she’s trying hard, willing to put herself out there half naked, all while being skinny coupled with being broken is good enough for me, especially when over 18.

This is hot..in an Hollywood bad girl who isn’t bad at all way…

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Taylor Momsen Panty Flash of the Day

I kinda love Taylor Momsen. She was on a hit show, said fuck it, like a typical child star who doesn’t appreciate how lucky she is, and decided to live her dream while she had the opportunity as a rock and roll star, in what is so fucking weird when you think about it, but that you probably don’t ever think about it, cuz it’s Taylor Momsen, she’s over 18 now, and that rebellion slutty teen shit doesn’t work. I mean it did at the time, everyone loved how half naked and scandalous she was, but as soon as she turned 18, she didnt matter, and for that reason alone I am posting this panty flash for old times, because panty flashes always fucking matter, at any age…even if they aren’t as hyped up, because when panty flashes happen I am reminded of Taylor Momsen, a bitch I’d otherwise forget existed, despite having all the things I like in a girl….legs and a pussy….but still wish this was Taylor Swift spreading her asshole….because she’s the only Taylor that really matters right now.

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