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Tila Tequila Fat Pregnant Fame Whore in a Bikini of the DAy

If you are interested in seeing how TILA TEQUILA got pregnant, here is some footage….

That was back when she tried to have a sex tape to regain the fame she once had…which failed..

So now she’s turned to being pregnant, because she know it will collectively make anyone who remembers TILA TEQUILA from her early nude pics, to her early lesbian porn, to her early myspace fake friends scam that got her a TV show when MTV didn’t understand the internet, to her own army of fans who defended her honour and stuck with her until she pretty much disappeared, only to make headlines for converting to being Jewish 2 years ago…to being a Nazi one year ago…to releasing PORN 6 months ago…to this….want her to throw herself down the stairs…

She’s the kinda of pregnant bitch who makes even the most religious Jesus freak believe in Abortion…third, fourth or fifth trimester, as long as you take the demon that is Tila with you…





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Tila Tequila Pregnancy Nudity of the Day

Attention seeker, mentally unstable, internet nude model, turned Myspace superstar, turned MTV show host, money making, relevant despite being useless, turned lesbian with a dead lover, turned jewish convert, turned LESBIAN PORNSTAR , HARDCORE PORNSTAR , Tila Tequila, who I have actually met at least once, and who was very sweet and pleasant…despite having her fans attack me not the internet back when she had fans, because I guess any idiot who supported her then, and joined her “army” has gone on to forget she exists…because there is no loyalty..once your show gets cancelled..just posted this pic of her pregnancy…topless…and hardly hardcore…considering she just released an anal porn ….you would assume didn’t end in pregnancy, because that is the foundation of Anal…

Either way, she shouldn’t give up on the PORNSTAR LIFE because she was good at it…in fact it is the only thing she’s been good at pretty much ever…

I like to think this is a soft sell for her sex tape in a “see how Tila Tequila got this way” so GET HER SEX TAPE HERE

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Tila Tequila is Pregnant of the Day

The most amazing thing about the Tila Tequila pregnancy news, is the fact that Tila Tequila hasn’t killed herself – even though she should have – numerous times over as the tabloid fame whore slut that she is….

She posted this announcement on her Facebook:

Surprise!! I’m 10 weeks pregnant! I just couldn’t hold it in any longer as this brings me so much joy and happiness to know that there is a baby Tila on the way! May God bless my little bundle of joy on this Good Friday! Yayy! I’m gonna be a Mommy! I Love you sooooo much little baby!!

She posted this letter to her baby on Facebook

Dear Baby,

I used to write you letters like this all of the time. I have waited so very long for you to come into my life, and I want you to remember that no matter what people out there say about us just know that you are a gift from God. You saved my life sweet baby! That is more than a miracle, and I love you so very much! Daddy loves you very much too! You are so very special, and never ever let anyone tell you otherwise! Always know this ok? You are my everything!

Love Always,

What a fucking joke. Poor kid, he’d be better off an abortion, miscarriage, or put up for adoption…

Anything for attention, but that said, I prefer her SEX TAPES
……hope this sells some of her SEX TAPES
…and I hope VIVID releases more of her SEX TAPES

Honestly – her last sex tape was awesome See it here

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Tila Tequila Backdoored and Squirting Clip of the Day

This is a g rated clip of the Tila Tequila Backdoored and Squirting movie that POSTED SCREENCAP OF YESTERDAY ….

I just posted theXXX CLIPS WITH FULL SQUIRT AND PENETRATION because I am trying to run a family friendly operation here…

Some of you may remember Tila Tequila from Myspace then MTV then countless scandals she tried to get herself involved in. Some of you may forget. Some of you may never heard of her. Some of you may be sad to see a girl fall off from some lottery win that made no sense…forced to do porn for attention…while others may find it awesome…because when a girl falls off and does porn we get to watch her do porn…while others may find it typical as it is the typical move for someone who has already done porn…while still others may just be happy that she’s doing what she’s rightfully been meant to do since she started and got those fake tits…


My opinion is that I do remember Tila Tequila, I did think she was a pornstar who got pushed off track, I do find Hollywood rapes a person more than porn industry, and I do know this is a cry for attention to hold on, but at the same time what she was destined to do…so if anything it’s just the right move, and ultimately, I will watch anyone fuck, even if I don’t remember her, and even if I’ve seen her sex tapes in the past, and even if she hates me…at the end…I still see dick penetrating her and that brings me joy…I feel like we are all winners today…



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Tila Tequila Backdoored and Squirting Sex Tape Stills of the Day

I am never quite sure if the Tila Tequila story is a happy one of a trashy girl with few options scamming the system using the internet before the internet understood the system, or if it is a sad story where some poor girl with fake tits who was probably a stripper who aspired to be in Playboy or porn, got sidetracked thanks to MYSPACE and ended up a celebrity with her own show, only to be chewed up and spat out when people realized she didn’t quite matter and was virtually a nobody….

I’ve met her at least once, and she was actually sober and very friendly…I have no hate for her, I just know that whenever she makes an appearance, it is entertaining, sometimes it’s for sex tape, other times it is for club appearances, other times it’s on stage where Insane Clown Posse fans destroy the fuck out of her…sometimes it’s her becoming a jew, other times it’s her being anti-Semitic…always a cry fro attention…

That said, the good people at VIVID have revisited SEX TAPE STAR TILA TEQUILA who they already released a sex tape I had the exclusive on years ago…it was lesbian in nature…

Her new movie is called: Tila Tequila Backdoored and Squirting and I’ll be watching every fucking second of it, because I think Tila Tequila is awesome.

Here are some of the stills.




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Tila Tequila Illuminati Conspiracy Theorist Words of Wisdom of the Day

I know that when it comes to Illuminati, New World Order, Satanist, etc conspiracies…I generally like to turn to Tila Tequila, who despite being a fake titty implant whore from the internet who really has nothing to offer the world, she did get rich and her own show, so she must know a little something about fooling motherfuckers…and even if she’s fallen off because that’s what the Illuminati does to the people they allow on TV, and can’t spell through her meds they have her on…she’s making an effort to get the truth, at least the truth according to her out there…

I also know when it comes to the TRUTH, you won’t find it on the media. I get all kinds of celebrity gossip stories from insiders that never get published ever…because the media is a fucking joke…

So she’s claiming that she’s got scoop on Paul Walkers death and maybe she does, but if she does, she’ll be played out being a crazy person and a “suicide” will happen, because that’s the life she chose..

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Tila Tequila Lives and Has Powers of the Day

If you’re wondering where Tila Tequila has been all your life, you know since she fell off the map when she lost her show and her mind and fell into a drug fueled downward spiral and I know you aren’t wondering where Tila Tequila has been, but more wondering who Tila Tequila is, because she’s that fucking useless….Well, she’s been honing her talent of magician who can contort energy for Youtube so that everyone things she’s crazy and that she gets a video with more than 100,000 views, since the last time that happened was years ago and it only happened because she stripped like it was Myspace and she just landed Playboy, the root of all this shit that is Tila Tequila.

As amateur as it is, it’s all strategic, and I spent with Tila Tequila when she was at her peak and on TV, she didn’t even drink, and wouldn’t let anyone touch her or her hair.

The highlight of her career wasn’t fake friends on myspace leading to a TV show thanks to MTV having no understanding of the internet or good content, it wasn’t when the show was cancelled, it wasn’t that barely anyone cared about her, I mean they didn’t even bother mocking her demise, IT WASN’T HER SEX TAPE she was that irrelevant…the highlight, as far as I’m concerned, is that she had this “Army” of losers, that had her back and singled me out one day on twitter…but maybe I’m just being selfish. make ti all about me.

Watch her insane video that’s not even insane.

Here she is modeling bikinis before she turned lesbian, lost her mind, etc…..


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Tila Tequila Almost Died of a Brain Aneurysm and Drug Overdose for Publicity of the Day

I know, I thought she was already dead. I mean cuz her career that never should have been kinda faded…..

But whenever Tila Tequila has a Brain Aneurysm and downs two bottles of prescription pills and almost dies….claiming she hasn’t recovered in efforts to draw some attention to herself so that she gets in the media again because being a Myspace whore with millions of fake friends the mainstream media thought was real friends, leading to her landing in Playboy and Getting on TV on some of the dumbest shit ever to be on TV…doesn’t have longevity…..

I feel the need to WATCH HER SEX TAPE that was her last publicity stunt before converting to being jewish in efforts to re-invent her career hoping as hard as she can to keep it going….but from sex tape to suicide….she’s always failing……..she’s just bullshit human…which is too bad, cuz I’ve met her and she was actually pretty nice…oh well…we all die sometime….


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Tila Tequila Lives and Boxes of the Day

What better way to honor Smokin’ Joe Frasier than to post this video of Tila Tequila, who I was sure was dead, mainly because no one gives a fuck about her, to the point where only a couple hundred people watcher her strip on webcam during a live show what must be a year ago….because she got weird in her publicity stunts, from dating some dead heiress, to faking some sadness to continually being annoying on twitter, but then the people turned off her volume button, and it was nice as someone who hates her….

So bottom feeder who should have NEVER been famous, but who was in the right place at the right time of the internet, when mainstream didn’t know how to move into internet, so they hired internet stars, even though all her friends were fake, on myspace and pushed the shit….turning her into this little playboy monster I met…

ANyway, she boxed Cami Parker….and this is the annoying video some annoying people put together because it is all I could find…since you guessed it, no one cares about Tila..

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Tila Tequila’s Sex Tape Continues of the Day

Tila Tequila has a Sex Tape ….I wrote about it last week mocking her, but you gotta give a bitch like this credit….She was a nobody, but getting fake tits and hustling on Playboy cybergirls and myspace made her enough of a somebody to get her own TV show…Sure the whole thing was good timing with the internet going mainstream and mainstream media signing up with anything that was getting hits…without realizing they were just low level bottom feeders…but now they are low level bottom feeders lots of people know and don’t care about…She’s got shitty plastic surgery scars and this isn’t a real sex tape….it’s just porn…and that may make me hate her more, but I couldn’t be bothered…

Now her life has been a series of sex tapes, publicity stunts and all that obvious shit, but you know it kinda worked for her, cuz based on her look, I’d expect her giving hand jobs in back alley Viet massage parlors…

Also, I did some research and it turns out that she’s not the Vietnamese girl running on fire from the Vietnam war all growed up, despite what her vagina may tell you…

Now, I’m gonna say you should get the DVD, cuz I figure all sex tapes are worth watching, even if the cunt in the video is annoying and makes you want to punch her in the face, and even if the shit is lesbian porn, while lesbian porn is only good for chicks who feel naughty getting off to two girls while not being distracted by huge cock, cuz every girl I know jerks off to lesbian shit…no guys I know do.

Either way, watch clip, get the movie, show me your tits, I don’t give a fuck…we’ve been watching her demis for a while and I figure this just ads to the experience….even though only 500 people watched her strip on webcam last year….which was totally shocking to me and makes me wonder why she didn’t kill herself…but I guess it was cuz she knew she had these tricks in the bag…good hustle…dumb bitch.

To Get Your Hands on the Sex Tape in Full – Follow this Link….

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Tila Tequila Sex Tape of the Day

I knew Tila Tequila had a sex tape the last 6 months, it was in the works the last year. This is supposed to be her next big break. They’ve been working this strategy hard like all bottom feeders do.

Now Vivid is using Pornhub and a series of fake lawyers letters to get publicity to the video….whether they want to admit it or not…The industry is entirely staged bullshit…especially at this level…

This is what they did to make Paris and Kim Kardashian and Pam Anderson think they werne’t behind the shit fully, cuz that would make them whores, which we all know they are, but they don’t want to be marketed like that…

So today the staged bullshit involves Tila Tequila masturbating. Her cumming pretty intensely is worth watching, despite her black labia. I am sure the world is going to watch this shit, whether they stage bullshit stories for TMZ or not.It’s Tila Tequila…at a low point I assume will remain a low point for a long fucking time and what it really comes down to is that I fucking hate lesbian porn…almost as much as I hate Tila Tequila…

Update – The thing that amazes me about this video is not that her pussy looks like there was a Vietnam war of its own in there, but that Vivid went to all this trouble, when only 5000 people bothered watching her stripping on webcam video….She’s done.

Update – This isn’t her first sex tape, this whore shit is all she knows, she sucks…she was just right place right time….

They are doing the pre-release to generate buzz for Vivid who invested a lot of money into this shit already, promising Tila a future….Enjoy


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Tila Tequila Talks About Her Sex Tape of the Day

The highlight of this video is how full of shit Tila Tequila is….clearly she’s medicated and I am pretty sure she’s talking to one of her personalities in this video, because I highly doubt there’s a boyfriend extorting her and I am pretty sure she is the one doing everything she can to try to get herself famous by releasing a sex tape…

She’s slurring her words, she’s a mess, showing off her fake tits, and this is almost as sad as when she posted a stripshow and only 50,000 people watched the shit…

I know teen girls who get more views than that for posting videos of themselves brushing their teeth….

Only 20,000 people bothered watching this bullshit….it was posted 2 days ago….so I figure I should help her as she continues to fall apart into the fucking disaster she is…

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Tila Tequila Milking Her Bandaid On of the Day

I don’t know if she’s trying to revive Nelly’s signature bandaid fashion accessory that I always found annoying, or if she’s taking the same approach as my friend with oral herpes who covers up her cold sores cuz she’s embarrassed their evidence she sucked dirty scabby rockstar dick back when she was a groupie and couldn’t turn down the low level act that rolled thru town, despite the scabs on his dick, cuz girls are idiots….

But I do know that she’s just trying to milk this story of getting shit thrown at her at some concert she was miraculously booked at, unfortunately, they didn’t throw ACID or fire that lead her to disfigurment and hospitalization to give her something to actually cry about….

This has been the most airtime she’s got in months, and I just don’t get why she doesn’t just give us what we want and start walking around with her vagina bandaged up or exposed…but instead she’s in pants…I assume that’ll happen when this stunt dries up and the others get ignored…

Either way – she’s a fucking joke….

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Tila Tequila’s Crazy Tits of the Day

Don’t get me wrong, I love when a useless whore I can’t stand gets beat the fuck down as much as the next guy, but it annoys me when a useless whore I can’t stand is playing up the fact that she got beat down, even though she didn’t get beat the fuck down, cuz it gets her on TV….it makes me want to see her get taken out back and shot like Old Yeller for being broken and wasting all our fucking time…

When is this bitch going to release a sex tape already. It has been her calling for a long fucking time and she’s been ignoring it because she’s done pretty good without it, but the time has fucking come to step up and stop the yard and the fact that she has no shame means it’s on its way…and finally I’ll be able to like her for the midget, asian, fake tit, cunt who once gave me free vodka she is….

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A Bit of Tila Tequila’s Nipple of the Day

When I go too long without seeing Tila Tequila pulling stunts at events to get attention I start wondering what the point of living is…you know I get to thinking real dark thoughts like whether I should end it all and I have a feeling that’s the same feeling Tila Tequila gets everytime she looks in a mirror and realizes that I’m her only fan and everyone else has turned their back on her..

Here is a little of her nipple….

Pics via Fame

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