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Tyra Banks is a Tiger in Paper Magazine of the Day

Tyra Banks Paper Magazine

Tyra Banks must be 75 years old…but she wants to do press…so she’s covered up all her old as fuck parts and dressed up like some kind of tiger, like it’s Halloween and I have no idea why…

Maybe the tiger is her spirit animal, something she connects to, from Fresh Prince to Victoria’s Secret to TV host to “who the fuck is Tyra Banks” to Tiger…

Or maybe, it’s fierce…while being a disctraction to her old as fuck parts…because she’s old as fuck…in some Halloween not on Halloween outfit…

Fascinating…but only cuz she’s still go those massive tits…and massive tits are great.

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Tyra Kisses Bow Wow of the Day

Fat Tyra decided to kiss Bow Wow on BET, that’s the NON-White Television that is primarily watched by suburban white kids Television.

Apparently, this was a “Remix” as the urban folk say, or like Tyra would say, because despite her skin color, she’s whiter than the cocaine I railed last night, only because the cocaine I do is usually cut with piss.

Meaning, 3 years ago, she kissed him on her show, because she’s a fucking pervert child molester, cradle robber, that no one wants to charge, because Bow Wow isn’t actually a child, like his name would suggest, but rather a grown ass man, making out with models on TV in the tail end of their careers…

Some of you may like this, cuz you used to jerk off to Tyra, but I have a feeling the majority of you are racist hicks, and find this offensive…

I’m posting it anyway…

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Tyra Banks Looking Pretty Alright in Cosmo South Africa of the Day

I forgot Tyra Banks existed….I guess her show got cancelled cuz there have been no overly honest awkward video clips of her for a long time…..and I guess she’s old and American media don’t really care about her now that she’s not actively walking runways in lingerie or on Fresh Prince of Bel Air….but South Africa has stepped up, and either pulled some archival footage of her, or photoshopped her nicely…reminding me why she mattered so many years ago….it was cuz of her tits…

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Tyra Banks is an Ex-Bikini Model Gone Wrong of the Day

In case you are retarded, the picture I posted of Tyra Banks in a self-fulfilling prophecy fat suit from her insane and awkward and inappropriate show is not the bikini pictures of her in Mexico with some boyfriend who is fucking her cuz he’s black and can grasp fat women better than white guys, mainly cuz they can get at least 6 inches in, despite all the obstacles they have to avoid everytime they fuck, from gut to ass cheek, it’s a disaster….

I always knew that she had a fat chick waiting to eat the bucket of chicken the second her modeling contract ended, and that her victoria’s secret hype was all in the titties and that she in no way had any similarity to the black girl I watched watching in a white light fabric dress, all showing off her amazingly round, firm booty on a tall thin frame, and I always knew she’d have no problem finding cock cuz of the whole famous ex model shit, but I never really wanted to see all that play out in a bikini…and I know you’ll all be like “what’s the big deal”….and I’ll be like “She’s the big deal, literally”, cuz compared to your wife she’s hot…but then again so is a pile of dog shit shaped like a pussy…

She is an ex-model….I have unrealistic expectations for her…cuz she made too much money for being a hot piece…and to throw it all away insults me…let’s lynch her.

To See The Rest of the Pictures

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Tyra Banks Dressed like a School Boy for the Pedos of the Day

Here are some Tyra Banks dressed like a school boy for all the pedos into volunteering in Africa to help spread the Christina word at the all boys schools cuz there are so many constraints in their pedo activities in first world countries like America or Europe while Africa’s too busy dealing with poverty, AIDS, famine and genocide to notice…

I remember a time when Tyra was actually busty and fun to look at, now she just sucks, except to the 3 humanitarian pedophiles who exist in the world, who can channel this into a fetish…Weird.

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Tyra Banks Hiding her Face and Showing Off Her Fat Tits of the Day

Not that anyone cares…at least I don’t…I wasn’t even going to give her a post of her own…after years of being gutter and disgusting on her show…I had no choice but to turn the memories of her doing Victoria’s Secret off in my head, so that I can focus on the fat bitch she’s become, and even when she puts on her superhero bondage mask that is supposed to be semi-erotic I’m sure, I see nothing but a stupid crackwhore in the proects too high to realize her pantyhose she decided to put on to rob the convenience store mask was pretty revealing…Here are the pics…

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Bad Next Top Model of the Day

I am surprised this show is still on the air. Not one of the winners of this show has ever become a Top Model, leading me to believe that the whole thing is nothing but serious bullshit lies…you know a scam to make Tyra more money than her fat ass has already managed to make with her bullshit….so I take pleasure in seeing her contestant fall twice on her model walk….just to remind you all that this show is retarded, and to take pleasure in watching some girls dreams come shattering down in a 45 second clip….it’s like these 45 seconds put her in her fucking place and I like reality checks like that….

Here are some pictures of Tyra Banks looking horrible without make-up from the other day….

Pics via Fame

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