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I am – Drunken Stepfather

Here, We Will Take Off Our Pants:

I like to drink and I am a stepfather, your stepfather.

I will show you things that you will like…

I will help you become a better person…

We only feature things we think are worth posting

Sometimes they will be offensive, sometimes funny, sometimes not cool at all.

It is hit and miss and I am drunk.

I am not willing to put all that much thought into it and why I find funny or worth posting now, may not be funny or worth reading in an hour.

This is DrunkenStepfather.

Send me naked pictures of your sisters, girlfriends, mothers and friends.

I get lonely typing blogs and need jerk-off material, even though I am impotent.


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I am – Paige Davis’ Sex Tape

Paige Davis from Trading Spaces has a sex tape. It is floating around, and I can’t deliver the goods. Rumor is that that cunt Ty has an appearance where he delivers a fantastic facial, but not the porno kind….come on… we all know you’re a little limp in the wrist Ty….

The reviews are here

The pictures may come in the next few days, I am waiting for Paige to get off her fat ass and out to the photo store to pick them up..get it, i just pretended Paige was my bitch…that was funny.

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