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Victoria Beckham’s Hard Nipples of the Day

Victoria Beckham hard nipples see through black shirt

Vitoria Beckham has the least effective bra for her old lady tits…by least effective I mean they are showccasing her hard nipples…which I guess for most perverts would mean that it is the most effective bra…probably an unnecessary bra…because her tits and really everything about her seems BOLT ON…I mean she’s a rich Spice Girl and Soccer Wife..who’s husband has publicly cheated on her…likely for safety reasons to not be sliced by her hard nipples…and despite being a mom of a dozen and old and fuck..I still don’t mind checkin’ out them hard nipple tits…She’s the Spice Girl has been preserved the best….and hard nipples, once a fetish when I was in High School and horny for everythng… still something you can jerk off to…if you’re old like me…and remember when it was the simple things in life like hard nipples that we could get off to…but we aren’t appreciate of of the little things…like nipples anymore…..but should be because they are special…and good to chew on..


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Victoria Beckham See Through of the Day

Victoria Beckham sheer top showing nipples

With news of the Spice Girls doing a comeback tour, because why not cash in more than you already have off some pretty shitty contrived song in what was really just a weird novelty act that belonged at a stripclub, before they got naked…

Posh Spice decided to bring out her nipples and her plastic surgery looking face filled face….and I figure it’s a good way to roll into super bowl weekend, it’s better than pics of Tom Brady frenching his son…

Victoria Beckham nipples in a sheer shirt


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Posh Spice/ Victoria Beckham in Vogue Spain of the DAy

Victoria Beckham Cover of Vogue Spain

Robot Sex Doll woman from the Spice Girls still looks good, skinny, and worthy of looking at….which I could have predicted when the Spice Girls happened, because the skinny ones usually age the best, as the ones with the tits usually grow into sloppy messes…

She looks pretty good for someone who is old and who has shat out a dozen kids with David Beckham, back when he took time off fucking all other girls who weren’t Posh Spice…because when you’re Beckham – you have options…

I don’t understand what the reason Posh is so well maintained…nice and preserved…because no girls I know look like this – especially not moms…even in their 20s…

Maybe it’s a money thing, poor bitches are disgusting and eat garbage, they have to slave away to buy shitty food…while this one’s rich and rich comes with perks like spending your days laying down to conserve energet so that you can do all you can to not eat…. Who can be too sure, is she an eating disorder, or just lovely, or is she lovely regardless…

As much as I’m disgusted by women aging, I support aging well…you sort of have to.

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Victoria Beckham Ice Bucket Challenge of the Day

Victoria Beckham did the ice bucket challenge…

Now, I wish the ice bucket challenge was just the ice challenge where celebrities did as much meth as possible and the one who comes closest to death wins without dying wins….and all the ones who accidentally die would make us all winners…win win win – I would donate to that charity.

That said, seeing a small Beckham being taken out by ice water is pretty fucking jokes…but then again – so is people dumping ice on themselves for a charity….

I’ll still think about masturbating to it, but I think about masturbating to everything, I just don’t…

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Victoria Beckham Legs in Interview of the Day

Victoria Beckham is showing her mom of 15 legs that David Beckham is locked down to….which isn’t so bad of a gig cuz she’s got implants…she’s skinny as fuck….she probably had a c-section…and most importantly…she let him cheat on her years ago…and can safely assume she’s let him cheat on her since…traveling athletes can’t keep their pants on…especially when all girls…and 90 percent of European guys…want his dick….

Either way, I would have liked more hard nipples, panties, ass crack, mom-pussy definition…cuz these pics are boring…but I’m in too deep and now I have to post them….

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Victoria Beckham for Harper’s Bazaar UK of the Day

Here are some pictures of Victoria Beckham….in a pair of pretty tight looking panties/bikini bottoms, cuz after birthing an army of babies, she’s got no choice to keep her shit in the vaginal equivalent of SPANX….I hear duct tape works well too….but I’m just basing that on stories rapists I know have told me about keeping vagina’s open…not so much keeping them well maintained for photoshoots….so it doesn’t look like she’s packing some empty meaty ball sack and I don’t even know why I’m debating this shit…don’t I have better things to do with myself??

Apparently not.

I approve of this message:


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Victoria Beckham Protects Eva Longoria Tit While Kate Beckinsale Watches of the Day

Here’s some fascinating twit pic documentary reporting by Eva Longoria and her little implants cuz mexican chicks have shitty tits unless they are Salma Hayek….for her fans…

The story starts out with her in a sheer top that she posted so everyone could see how fashionable her tits are ….cuz showing off her implants seems to be her new favorite thing…

Then she ended up at another party with Victoria Beckham and Kate Beckinsale….where she put on another dress that showed off her little implants…since showing off her implants is her favorite thing to do since the divorce and implants were needed cuz mexicans…even the ones who think they are white like Longoria…have shit tits….

It was so wild that Beckham had to block out the nipple shot only for Longoria to post it cuz it was so funny and she needed to share it with her followers…as Beckinsale watched…

Here’s a Victoria Beckham twitpic from behind cuz she got into the posting to twitter hustle… Good girl…

Recapping this night out….just made me want to kill myself.

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Victoria Beckham Grabbing David Beckham’s Billboard Balls of the DAy

You probably figured out with the half dozen kids these freaks have that Victoria Beckham is a total whore who loves her husbands cum and apparently where his cum comes from….sticking around despite his cheating on her and all the scandals….all because she loves where his cum comes from….and here she is in New York for fashion week making a statement or tribute to them balls by doing one of those “tourist” pictures, you know the ones you see assholes put on facebook that normally involve holding the leaning tower up, or making the EIffel Tower stick out of their asses, only Posh Spice is doing it substantially better…cuz I like middle aged moms getting drunk and slutty especially on camera….it is the good kind of embarrassing for everyone involved…especially the kids back home…about to get teased by their friends after seeing their mom on youtube drunk dancing at a wedding…or grabbing at balls….Married couples are so weird.

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Victoria Beckham Pantsless for i-D Magazine of the Day

Here are some pantsless picture of Victoria Beckham reminding all you lazy bitches that just because you have a kid or 4, you don’t have to let yourself fucking go….I don’t think obesity is one of America’s great epidemics…I think these lying cunts who you guys marry, only to have them let themselves go and take on eating everything they didn’t eat before landing a man, in order to land a man, and once a man was landed they could throw that self-discipline out the window….

It only gets worse once they get knocked up and have the kids cuz now they could blame it on baby weight…a collective conspiracy women everywhere are a part of…like a secret society…who are trying to pull a fast one on men everywhere and that’s why they hate bitches like this who disprove all their hard work in making us believe baby weight is an actual thing….and letting it slide since you did make us our babies and we’d be assholes to say you’re a fat pig we have a hard time fucking now that you and your friends are huge….

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Victoria Beckham Diaper Changer of the Day

There’s nothing hotter than watching a bitch change a dirty diaper…oh right…..everything is hotter than watching a bitch change a dirty diaper…unless of course I’m wearing that dirty diaper…in which case there’s nothing hotter than watching a bitch change a dirty diaper…but when it’s the diaper of a baby that crawled out of their vagina…in public…all shit filled and disgusting…being all maternal…it’s horrible…I’d rather see her wiping her own fucking ass…not that Beckham actually shits…she’s too skinny for poops…and I just wish these were breast feeding pics…cuz breast feeding in public is one of the only things I like about reproduction…that and the whole fucking and coming inside a pussy part…

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Victoria Beckham’s Pregnant Slut Gut of the Day

David Beckham posted this picture of Victoria Beckham on his facebook. She’s about as ready to drop as she’s gonna get cuz her celebrity c-section to protect her pussy from further damage with kid number 4 is scheduled this weekend…..I wish he was a little more considerate and posted a picture of her uterus juiced pussy crowning…cuz a crowning pregnant chick makes for a tight asshole and the contractions make her better than sex toy…

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Victoria Beckham’s Crotch for Marie Claire of the Day

Here are some pictures of Victoria Beckham showing off her robot mound in some magazine spread that didn’t involve her being spread…and that’s kinda unfortunate…because I have this hobby where I spend hours comparing vaginas and it’d be nice to get her in the mix…I also have a think where I like seeing every single girl’s vagina no matter how big, small, polluted, hairy, infected, disabled, old, deformed, tasty, rich and luxurious it is….but I guess the concept behind this, where a girl is in her bathing suit, under a coat and letting the wind strategically flash us, like this slut I used to know who would intentionally go out on windy days in a short skirt and no panties on cuz she loved showing strangers her cunt but liked that nature was deciding who got to see it for her…like some kind of hippie…..and that’s all I have to say about that…..

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Victoria Beckham on the Beach of the Day

Victoria Beckham was on the beach and she did what any mother of 3 should do and that was stay the fuck out of a bikini. Sure this bitch is skinny and has fake tits and in theory would be decent to see half naked like any stripper, but the truth is that any girl is good to see half naked no matter how meaty, destroyed, plastic or cold and dead their pussy is, or no matter how fat they are….because in the best case situation we can jerk off to them and best case we can laugh at them…

God knows why she’s rockin an Independent Truck Company hat, but can only assume it is because she’s taken up skateboarding and that’s all I have to say about that….

Pics via Fame

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Victoria Beckham is Carmen Sandiego of the Day

I am sure I’m not the only one who used to jerk off to Carmen Sandiego back in the 90s. I didn’t get off to it because it was a kid’s show and I’m some kind of pedophile, I just thought the bitch was hot. Not to mention, there was something exciting about trying to find the bitch. It was like some kind of sexual cat and mouse chase, hide-and-go-seek, hide the hotdog in the warm moise fleshy cave when I find the bitch and pull her out of hiding and into the back alley where I rape her asshole kinda thing and here is Victoria Beckham bringing back all those erotic memories…

Pics via Bauer

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Victoria Beckham’s Ass on the Beach of the Day

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham are celebrating their anniversary on the beach. She is wearing some variation of a bikini that I don’t fully understand but assume have something to do with not wanting to show off her violated stomach from having babies, but I could be wrong, not that you care about what she’s wearing while David Beckham is standing next to her in a white speedo, because nothing says homo like a white speedo, and nothing says almost gay like 98 percent of European soccer fans I’ve met over the years who claim to have a non-sexual crush on this motherfucker, they just respect his fitness level, his talent in the sport and his chiseled good looks, and I am sure can’t help but wonder if they get see thru when wet, I mean it’d be just a small taste of what life in the locker room with him was like, something all those dudes would just love to experience but just for a day.

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