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Emily Linstrom Nude in Flick’s Chicks of the Day

Here is a scene from some movie I’ve never heard of called Flick’s Chicks…that’s probably not a real movie that will ever be seen but it does have tits in it….and here’s the “synopsis” if you like backstory to your tit videos….

A gay single mother invites five women to spend the weekend at a secluded beach house in a creative bid to find the perfect mate. Flick has had it with men, and now she’s eager to try her luck with a woman. But Flick isn’t used to the dating scene, and can’t quite settle on a method for finding the perfect mate. Unable to choose between five potential partners, Flick invites them all out for a weekend sleepover, during which time they’ll get to know her, and her 10 year old daughter Roxy. Trouble is, Flick didn’t inform the girls they’d all be staying at the beach house at the same time. Though tensions run high the first day, it doesn’t take long for everyone to settle in, and true love to blossom.

Sounds pretty gay. The naked tits are some chick named Emily Linstrom who I’ve never heard of, kinda like she’s never heard of a gym…but maybe feminine natural beauty is the way of the future….but I doubt it…that’ shits for pinup girls who are expected to be fat…cuz skinny chicks are too busy being skinny….

On a side note, synopsis is a pretty stupid word…

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