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Emma Glover is the Glamour Model of the Day

If anything is a real attack on everything we know…it’s these pics of Glamour Model Emma Glover…because as a Glamour model she’s supposed to be showing her fucking tits…usually for very little money…in efforts to land a solid Soccer playing boyfriend, who will in-turn be her retirement plan…are Glamour Models starting to get frigid and demand their nipples be hidden..someone should look into this, do some investigative journalism, to get to the bottom of this…and that someone won’t be me, cuz I don’t give a fuck about Emma Glover, if anything I’m just posting these pics by accident.

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Emma Glover Tits for Twitter of the Day

I am down with the way Emma Glover uses social media….because she’s posting topless pics of herself to the shit…and not enough girls are doing that….Sure I get that her entire career is based on her huge amazing tits and showing them off like a showgirl, harlot, stripper, pornstar who keeps her panties on….but it would be nice if everyday girls took her lead and said “Hey twitter followers, these are my tits, what do you think, let’s be friends”….but since they don’t, I’ll just notice the low level glamour models who get how the world fucking works…or at least what is important in the world….

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Emma Glover and Emily O’Hara Topless in Nuts of the Day

NUTS magazine and really all the magazines from the UK seem to have it all figured out….they get these willing to get naked to be the next Katie Price/Jordan stripper looking sluts in these topless photoshoots….and they still sell ads because and aren’t seen as smut…but I put the shit up and I can’t sell an ad for the fucking life of me…leaving me broke and pathetic with these tits mocking me at my core….and being mocked by titties is kinda my fetish…

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