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Lea Michele Riding a Bike of the Day

Watching girls ride bikes is only a turn on when they lock up said bike next to me when they run errands so that I can sniff the fucking seat. It’s part of the decision making process that goes into me choosing benches to sit on….partially cuz watching girls get off bikes in skirts means pussy flashing….but also because I like the warmth the seat gives off on my tongue….

Biking fetishes make sense to me. I think I may even have one…but this Glee shit is totally overrated, as is the main “hot” pussy on the show, mainly cuz it’s not all that hot, even on the bike…

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Lea Michele Topless on Stage of the Day

Here is some bitch from Glee topless on stage, but instead of just strippin’ like the whore she is, she decided to pollute the only reason anyone cares about this performance by peppering it/tainting it with annoying, pretentious, bullshit acting and script. I hate actors, especially when they are stage actors, mainly because they think they are artists and anyone who thinks they are an artist annoys me, unless of course it is a con artist, or me pretending to be an artist to trick girls into letting me paint them nude (with my cum). If a bitch is gonna get naked on stage – she’s gotta realize she’s a fucking stripper whether she dresses like a school girl, or dances balet, or spits scripted crap….bitch needs to stop kidding herself….

That’s enough of that….watch the video…

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