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I am – Christina Aguilera in Montreal of the Day


Here are the only pics I could find of Christina Aguilera partying in Montreal with her back-up dancers, or as I like to call them, a popstars hired friends and future husbands.

I didn’t got to this event, because I don’t leave the house, but I did see her tour buses and it was almost as hot as the real thing, because despite how much I want to see Christina sitting on her husbands face, she kinda looks like she’s been run over a few times since her days at Disney.

Speaking of sitting on faces and Disney, I went to a Disney exhibit at the local art museum, because Disney is apparently art and they had a modeling sized Pinnochio model that you’d probably like to sit on its face.

If you are wondering why I was at a Disney exhibit it was because there was promises of free booze and I wanted to scope out security before starting my Sunday Morning protest outside the museum picketing. I am protesting that Walt Disney molested my grandmother when she was a little girl at his theme park. I think it will get me some airtime on local news. I will keep you posted on how it all works out for me…I may be too lazy….

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