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Girl Who Smells her Panties on Youtube and Other Video of the Day

Man Swings Chair at Woman’s Face

Chinese Man Creates a Sheet that Makes Him Invisible

Mailtruck Crashes – into Tree

First Hit of Coke

Police raid a nightclub.

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Brazil Sex Ed Teacher Gives Demo on Student – what – and Other Videos of the Day

Walmart Employee Smokes Weed in Front of Shoppers

Topless Dude Gets Shot with Bean Bags…

Woman Uses Mase on Victoria’s Secret Employees

Man Hangs Off Building to Escape Fire

Vegas Cops Shoot a Dude

Christmas Shopping at the Apple Store

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Amazing Hooker Rockin’ the Car and Other Videos of the Day

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The Fleshlight Muffler

Woman Tries to Sneak into Prison with 12 Pistols

Police Detain 11 Year Old girl at Gun Point

Deputies save Inmate in a Crazy WAy…

Hot Football Wife…

Middle Aged Chinese Women – Using Make-Up to Seem Hot – Like Every Instagram Girl

Two Body Slams…

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Titties in Traffic and Other Videos of the Day

Big Titty in a Bikini Shark Attack

Dad Bought Daughter’s Boyfriend a Car after he Promised Not to Bang the Daughter…seems Racist.

Dude Caught Jerking Off to Two Teen Girls Washing a Car…

Chinese Woman Eating Bugs

Chinese Social Media Star – Final Stunt – Pretty Fucked Up…

Crushed Car Rescue – No One Was Hurt…

British Dude Knocks Out Cop

Weird Street Strip

Fight at Nightclub Becomes a Shooting


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Naked Woman Posing in the Street – Naked – and Other Videos of the Day

Anti Fur Protestors in Spain..

Father Beats Daughter, then Shaves her Head – Because She Downloaded Snapchat – THEN – POSTS to his Social Media….to show off…WHAT…

Nude Cop Causes Accident – Punches Woman

Bikini Babes in the Claw Machine

Man Gets Ass Impaled on Fence

Bus Brawl

Chinese Social Media Star who Does Weird Stunts – Died Doing a Weird Stunt

Antifa Lady Gets Punched in the Face

Acrobatic STunt Goes Wrong

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Couple Fucking on the Freeway and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Drags Cop…Dude Gets Shot

Cops Kick Handcuffed Dude in the Face

Naked Bikers…

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Man Pissing on the Subway And Other Videos of the Day

Worst FEMEN Ever

Bank Robber Post Her Video of Stolen Money on IG

Man Rescues Bunny

Woman on her Cellphone – Walks Into a Garage – Gets Run Over – Because She’s an Idiot

Man Masturbates in Front of Clerk..

Never Too Short – Handi-Capable

Wife Whips Mistress

Two Trucks Collide in China Gas Station

Russian Jet – Plays Peek-A-Boo

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Randy Travis Arrest Video of the Day

How about a little Randy Travis getting arrested for a drunken DUI back in 2012 before having a stroke and being half dead…

What? No one cares about Randy Travis getting a DUI naked…

That’s unfortunate, I mean he’s the King of Shitty Country, and I am not saying that like I think Country is shitty, I fucking love country, just not new Country, shit country, of hick fuckers with their twang….that new country shit that Randy Travis was a leader of…

I mean I don’t know much about Randy Travis, or his music, I just know I hate Blake Shelton…

I know that I like seeing my Cowboys being actual Cowboys, you know they don’t give a fuck..

That’s what I like…the kind of guy who can get kicked off a horse, shot, and bitten by a rattlesnake, only to drink a bottle of Whiskey and drive home…naked….if needed..

Something the COPS can’t respect or appreciate I guess…

Poor guy, getting this released after his stroke, it’s from 2012, let it go people..

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Sky Diving Santa Fail…and Other Videos of the Day

Biker Shoots at Cops

Elephant Charge

Raiders Fans…

Man Gets Beaten by a Woman

Naked Woman Takes bath…

Republican Senator Found in Motel Room with 17 Year Old Boy….Good Job. Sick Fuck.

Woman Mooning

Naked Guy Prents to be a Sea Lion.

Woman Steals Booze with her Cunt

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Sex Doll Corpse Found and Other Videos of the Day

Train Masturabtor Eats his Own Load

Hospital Masturbator

Jacket of the Day

Tranny Got the New Tits

Chick Nails Tits to a Board

Dude Peeing While he Sleeps

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Woman Driver of the Day and Other Videos of the Day

Worker Gets Merked by his Glass Payload

Teacher VS Student Fight

Lion Causes Traffic Jam

Man Steals Earrings Off a Woman

Parking in Canada

Fight of the DAy

Cop VS 12 Year Old

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Australian TV Hoe Almost Got Killed and Other Videos of the Day

Cops in Brazil Tase an Inmate’s Ass

Dude Avoids Getting Hit by Shitty Driver…

Baby Moose Rescue

Cat Feeding Puppies

Cop Using PIT Maneuver

Chinese High Rise Safety Gear

Chinese Dude Re-Paints the Road

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Man Swipes a Girl’s Ass – Turns Into a Brawl and Other Videos of the Day

Tiger Sharks in Miami Prepping to Eat All the Art Basel Scenesters

How to Get a Seat on a Train in China

Dude Stands in the Road to Get Hit By a Car….

Drunk Driver Hits Stopped Cop Car

Female Passenger in a Car Chase Jumps Out of Moving Car

Terrifying Factory Explosion.

Road Crosser of the Day

Masturbating Pervert in the Parking Lot

Another Road Crosser

Pathfinder VS Home

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Hindu Sex God and Other Videos of the Day

Stealing Meat Disguised as a Baby

Old Driver in Ralphs

Woman Saved from being Crushed…

Irish Robber..

No Safety on Gun gets Receptionist KILLED the Fuck Out

Man Hit by Speeding Car

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Woman Loses in on Mall Santa and Other Videos of the Day

Crackhead Tweakers Have a Black Friday Brawl

Gnarly Black Friday Fight

Movie Star Tit Slip

High on Crystal

Teenager Stabbed to Death

Bum Fights!

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