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Welcome Home Fire and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Crushed in Elevator

McDonald’s Brawl

Cop Kills Thug

Pocket Pussy Vending Machine

Police Dog VS Armed Woman

Girl in Police Custody – Escapes

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Booty Dancing in a Pickup Truck Bed on a Highway in the Bronx and Other Videos of the Day

Idiot Backyard Wrestlers

Guy Punches Guy in Motorized Scooter

The Bee Swarm…

Creepy Clown

Racist at the Post Office….Calls him a Jigaboo – LOL! what?

Drunk Couple on the Bus

Cucumber Trick Exposed

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Old Woman Sexy Dance and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Working thee Intersection in the Talent Portion of Homelessness

Dude Tris Raping a Teen

Idiot Car Wash

Husband Tries to Kill Ex Wife

Flight Attendant Takes a Punch

Doctor Slaps Patient

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Dude Tries to Stick Dildo in Ass…to Steal Dildo and Other Videos of the Day

100 Person Brawl

Lucky Dude of the Day

Man VS Man with Baby

Bored on a Motorbike

Bikini Bottle Challenge in Brazil

Stealing in Church

Sword Pulled in Suburban Fight

Coast Guard Takes Out Zodiak

Woman Burried Kid’s Soiled Diapers at the Beach

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Girl in Bikini on Roller Coaster and Other Videos of the Day

Trending Car of the Day

BMX Surfing

Reporter Punched

Idiot Driver of the Day

Trailer of the Day

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Muslim Uses her Muslim Gear to Steal – Then Flashes and Other Videos of the Day

Angry Woman VS Car

Woman Takes Bear for a Swim

Head Injury of the Day

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Girl Flashes Inmates her Tits and Other Videos of the Day

Titties Stuck in a Tree

Plane Lands in Corn Field

Dangerous Sleep

Angry Bingo Bitch

Dude Gets TIRED

Driver Tries to Eat License When Pulled Over

Naked Man Hanging from Balcony After Internet Date Went Wrong

Strong Bitch….

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DRUNK PUBLIC PISS and Other Videos of the Day

Street Fight with MMA

Fly Matador

Crane Fail

Drunk Driver VS Toll Booth

Octopus on Leg….

Andy Dick Gets Punched

Fail of the Day

Trialer Drift

Angry Man at the Carnival

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Creep Takes Upskirt Photos and Other Videos of the Day

Road Rage…

Dumb Fucking Car

I wonder if he has Sleep Apnea

Road Rage Idiot Falls Out of Moving Car

Drunk Australian Takes Out Scooter Driver in Bali

Robber’s Bad Luck….

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ASMR on Youtube is Jerk Off Porn of the Day

I’ve been calling out youtube for the last 10-15 years for being a porn site.

A public traded porn site.

There is no surprise that there is no doubt that people are jacking off to smutty videos on the platform at any given minute or second in the day. It’s just one of those “hard to regulate” places and weird subgroups pop up on certain content, because ultimately as humans, everything comes down to one basic emotion and human bodily function…cumming.

We are perverts of the internet, we get it….but why doesn’t Google or Facebook or Reddit or TUMBLR take ownership of that? Why do we live in a society where their porn pervert traffic brings them tons of pages to run ads on, views to monetize, but it is hidden….like a dirty little secret. What happened to owning who you are and being sex positive in the process…

That said, I have been aware of ASMR before it went viral and I always got creeped out by it, even though it works, I get the chills down my back, but it makes me want to punch a motherfucker not sleep…

Now that it is viral, it is everywhere, a meme, and since I know it as a weird fetish from a few years ago that was not marketed as a fetish, I knew there would be some pervert shit on YOUTUBEE…I just never bothered looking…

But I was sent in this video this weekend and I thought it was pretty fucking hilarious that YOUTUBE runs ads on a girl telling you to eat your own cum…you perverts…

Publicly traded SMUT…

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