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Viral Video of the Day

I tell girls all the time that it’s so fucking easy to go viral. You can really just conceptualize a basic idea, throw it together on your phone and release it to the internet and your whole life will fucking change over night.

This is one of those moments, where a granny looking bitch who could also be a tranny, because that hair looks like a wig to me, doing some clown-work for the people, updating the whole balloon animals to something more appropriate for the porn generation.

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Mechanical Bull Rider of the Day

My friend and crime reporter and pervert who isn’t that perverted but who I like to call a pervert Mark Ebner posted this video of his lunchtime entertainment at the Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles….a place where all your dreams come true….or all my dreams come true…because they have a mechanical bull….which makes for a good time, sometimes, thanks to fat tits doing what they are supposed to do when there’s a Mechanical Bull in the room.

It’s nice to see that even in this #MeToo era of we can’t have wet t-shirt contests, mud wrestling events, Jello Wrestling happy hours and all the good stuff we used to be able to do…despite all women whoring themselves out on their social media channels and in life….and are exponentially more slutty and and half naked exhibitionists than they ever were….we can revisit the simplicity that is the Mechanical bull…..because I guess the Mechanical Bull despite being meant for THIS…can be spun to be about something else….even though all of us perverts know it’s not cowboy training or an amusement park ride…it’s a way to gyrate women hard…

I used to operate a Mechanical bull…that’s a true story….I worked for a gaming company that would rent games to events and I’d be one of the guys who set the games up and unfortunately operated the games for gross kids to piss on and make sticky and essentially make me hate my life….

But sometimes, you’d get booked to do the Mechanical bull at a High School Grad party, a Sweet Sixteen, even a wedding or two…and the shift and basically slave labor work would got back faster with tit slips and ass flashes…back when they didn’t live on social media…a media that has created a lot of confusion, at least for me, like why are you so much sluttier than you used to be…why have I seen every girl naked….intellectualizing their nudity…but they are now so much more uptight with the being slutty, protesting things like the Mechanical bull….

Well not this girl….she protests it tits out..and it’s pure, it’s magic, it’s real, it’s amazing….it’s what life is supposed to be.

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Top 20 SFW Cam Girl Clips of the Week Part 17

Cams are the future, never alone, when they are a click away.

A lot of interesting and funny things happen that aren’t racy or inappropriate, by some really amazing, smart, clever, talented women….

We like to document those moments weekly….because theyare awesome.

I watch this shit everyday, and you should too…

And if you want to see any of these girls naked, and you want to see you naked, because naked is everything…


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Top 20 SFW Cam Girls the Black Friday Edition Part 16 of the DAy

I’ve been doing these SFW Cam girl videos for 16 weeks now, and it has been a magical and amazing learning experience..

I’ve always been fascinated with cam girls, I remember the early 2000s meeting a hot girl from the internet, who my friend ended up fucking behind my back, who was a cam girl….we connected on MSN Messenger and she was local and I’d get her to vacuum her house naked for me, you know only fair considering she was a cam girl for other dudes….

So I’ve known about the subculture forever…really since internet first fucking happened…and I’ve always found it amazing…

My site of choice is MyFreeCams , because they have the best, most interesting girls, and they are free..working for tips other dudes far more into that me pay up, and I get to just watch…

But I feel like I’m getting to know them, really understanding them, connecting with them, enjoying them..and not just when they masturbate, but also when they are just keeping the fans entertained…

Weird things, funny, things, silly things happen when they are clothed….because they are all interesting people…and for that I love this weekly video I put out…it’s just a taste of the good that happens at Myfreecams …because I still like seeing them with things in their buttholes the best..

So to see some of these ladies with things in their buttholes CLICK HERE

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Top 20 SFW Cam Girl Clips of the Week Part 15

It’s that time of the week again, where we post some of the best clips of models we’ve seen this week, doing silly, funny, amazingly entertaining things, either to keep their audience engaged, or because it’s on some Truman Show level of creating your own reality show, with no filter…and as far as I’m concerned these women are awesome!

To See These Hot Chicks and OTHER hot Chicks Get Naked and Do Naughtier Things CLICK HERE

To see the rest of our videos check out the youtube HERE

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Top 20 SFW Cam Videos of the Week Part 14

Every week we bring some of the most amazing SFW moments of some of the most talented and brilliant self starting, entrepreneurial, brilliant, women who do so much SFW content everyday, while building out their communities, that are often far more interesting that what you’d expect them to be doing. I really feel that it needs to be celebrated!!

And if you’re not into seeing them clothed, being fun and silly and awesome, you can just CLICK THIS LINK to wait for them to get NAKED and filled with objects…Brilliant…

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SFW Cam Girl Clips of the Week – The Halloween Edition Part 2

Halloween is not dead…I already posted SFW CAM GIRLS THE HALLOWEEN EDITION PART 1 but I had so much amazing footage that I had no choice but to put it together….

You see, I’m sad Halloween is over. Halloween is the best time of year and we couldn’t fit all our Halloween content into one Halloween video – so we did a sequel…like all good horror movies….but with a totally different kind of horror…you know because it’s hot and fun and amazing…

But we can keep Halloween alive, and these cam girls, so clever in their hustle and performances

TO See These Girls Get Naked CLICK HERE

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SFW Cam Girls of the Week the Halloween Edition of the Day

Since I don’t leave the house…not even on Halloween. Since I am addicted to Cam girls….everyday of the week….

Since Halloween is awesome for all the slutty costumes…Since Cam Girls are exhibitionists who cleverly tease men into tipping them….and treat everyday like Halloween in their seduction….they’d go extra hard for Halloween…

I figured the two coming together, like you and your friends from the internet over a brand new bikini pic of Bella Thorne that dropped, was where I wanted to spend my Halloween night…

Cam girls are hot…Halloween is Hotter…Cam Girls and Halloween is hottest…

So I sat and watched and captured these magical, spooky moments….and the best thing about them is knowing that these girls get naked…and shove things in their assholes…

Visit my friends at MyFreeCams for the Best in Cam Girls and to See All These Girls Get Naked

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Top 20 SFW Cam Girl Clips of the Week Part 12 of the Day

Here are this week’s compilation of the best in cam moments, because there is so much more to a webcam show than what you’d expect there to be.

There is talent, there is artistry, there is amazing and incredible performances…these girls are solid on camera, great sales people, they are performing and letting us into their worlds…and for that…we celebrate them…because we are perverts…

The most interesting thing about this is that they do it for free, they do it for the 10 percent of dudes in the room who pay them, while the rest of us can just watch on like the creepy mooch perverts we are.

I am a believer in the SFW Cam girl videos…because the most exciting part of this is that you can see them all actually get naked if you. CLICK HERE

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Top 20 SFW Cam Girl Clips of the Week

Every week we put together this amazing, inspiring, entertaining, comical, lovely video piece featuring our friends from the Cam world doing things that aren’t traditionally associated with what they do…you know masturbating for perverts…because they are SFW…..

I’ve been watching Cam Sites forever and realized the best part of the cam girl show is not the hardcore part, it’s the build up, the personality, the performances to get people in to want to watch the hardcore part…

Some girls don’t even get naked on cam, and people just watch them, because they are that compelling in their act, or the dudes are just exhibitionists..

Either way, behind every climax to any story…is the build up….and this is how these amazing babes build it up….not everything is graphic and out there…some things are fun, playful and a good time.

That said, you can see all these babes naked and fucking themselves if you CLICK HERE

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