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Mechanical Bull Rider of the Day

My friend and crime reporter and pervert who isn’t that perverted but who I like to call a pervert Mark Ebner posted this video of his lunchtime entertainment at the Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles….a place where all your dreams come true….or all my dreams come true…because they have a mechanical bull….which makes for a good time, sometimes, thanks to fat tits doing what they are supposed to do when there’s a Mechanical Bull in the room.

It’s nice to see that even in this #MeToo era of we can’t have wet t-shirt contests, mud wrestling events, Jello Wrestling happy hours and all the good stuff we used to be able to do…despite all women whoring themselves out on their social media channels and in life….and are exponentially more slutty and and half naked exhibitionists than they ever were….we can revisit the simplicity that is the Mechanical bull…..because I guess the Mechanical Bull despite being meant for THIS…can be spun to be about something else….even though all of us perverts know it’s not cowboy training or an amusement park ride…it’s a way to gyrate women hard…

I used to operate a Mechanical bull…that’s a true story….I worked for a gaming company that would rent games to events and I’d be one of the guys who set the games up and unfortunately operated the games for gross kids to piss on and make sticky and essentially make me hate my life….

But sometimes, you’d get booked to do the Mechanical bull at a High School Grad party, a Sweet Sixteen, even a wedding or two…and the shift and basically slave labor work would got back faster with tit slips and ass flashes…back when they didn’t live on social media…a media that has created a lot of confusion, at least for me, like why are you so much sluttier than you used to be…why have I seen every girl naked….intellectualizing their nudity…but they are now so much more uptight with the being slutty, protesting things like the Mechanical bull….

Well not this girl….she protests it tits out..and it’s pure, it’s magic, it’s real, it’s amazing….it’s what life is supposed to be.

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