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Hooker Masturbating on the Side of the Road and Other Videos of the Day

Tree VS Mom and Stroller

Close Call of the DAy

Lighting Fat Fail

Dancing Fail

Car Dust ART

Wind Takes Out Pedestrians…

The World’s Best Bridge

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Drunk Woman Pisses in Front of Cops and Other Videos of the Day

Off Duty Cop at the Gas Station Robbery

3 Dumb Girls Start a Fire in Melbourne – ON VIDEO

Punishment for Being Late

Sexy Miami Pussy of 1936

Girl Does MCdonalds Backflip

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Girl Fart Compilation 93,000 People Watched On Youtube and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Asked to Leave for Breastfeeding, Also Amazing She’s Reproduced….

Dog Loves His Master

Backflip of the Day

Weird Nude Dance

RC Car Speeding on Freeway

Drunk Girls Rob Pizza Guy

Car Jumps the Curb – Hits Two People

Russian Granny on the Hoverboard

Stripper Bride Does a Choreographed Dance

Crazy Floor Collapse

Man Drives a Huge Load

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Old Lady Offering her Pussy and Other Videos of the Day

Couple Fuck on the Balcony

Girl With Ridiculous Booty

Oral Sex on the Train

Man Kicks a Little Kid in the Head for No Reason – What The Fuck

Weird Accident of the Day

Woman Shows Skin Whitening Cream Demo

Men Harass 17 Year Old Girl

Stripped naked and Beaten

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Horny Grandpa and Other videos of the Day

Woman Takes a Shit in Front of Jewelery Store – Find a Bathroom you Pig (Ariel Winter)

Man Swims under Ice like an Idiot…

Amish Donuts..

Cop VS Mercedes in TIme’s Square

Haircut of the Day

Twin Brother’s Shooting Guns

Guy Stabbed Girlfriend in Back

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Lactacting TWITCH Girl of the Day

I don’t know anything about this video, other than that it’s going viral and is most importantly a magical specimen in how to properly lure in fans using the nerd platform TWITCH…instead of streaming videogames, bodypaint you lactating tits, so that they explode all over the place for the social awkward gamer nerds to jerk the fuck off as hard as they can to the bitch….

I figure it’s some Olivia Munn shit, find the place where the most pathetic dudes who can’t get laid are hanging, show them your tits disguised as a cosplay masturbation fodder and hope you don’t lactate knowing nerds get personally offended when the hot chick they’ve imagined marrying, gets knocked up by another guy…..but if you do lactate…own it…run with it…hope to get famous with it…

I am a fan of this TWITCH.

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British Couple Fuck Bare Naked on Bus and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Pulls her Tits Out in Store

Tee Held at Gunpoint for his Coat

Old Man Eating Ass

Pig Fucks Tire

Haircut of the Day

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Naked Woman in Russia And Other Videos of the Day

Video of a plane crash

Smoker Falls Down the Stairs

Feather Hat Catches Fire

Crackhead VS Corrections Officers

Pedestrian Gets Taken Out

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Christina Ricci by Lena Dunham in her Underwear of the Day

Christina Ricci is a child star, turned huge breasted girl who did indy movies when she was 18, after being a child star, then she went dark and gothic like the Wednesday Addams…

There was a time when her tits were massive, never exposed, but massive and the world wanted to fuck her, then she got dumb tattoos, got a breast reduction, and became unappealing…

And now she’s working with the nation’s enemy, Lena Dunham, in some flimsy feminist that isn’t feminist but that pig Dunham, plays it like it is and recruits people like Ricci to fall into her trap, older, smaller titty, and boring….but it happened….

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Girl Gets Knocked Out in Fight and Other Videos of the Day

Husband Catches a Dude Fucking His Wife in a Hotel Room

Fight in Wendy’s

Naked Wheelie

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Sniffing a Mannequin and Other Videos of the Day

WTF is this Asian Cheater

Commute to Work of the Day

Brazil with Guns

Skytrain Girl Shows Boobs

Woman Pulled By Hair to Safety

Granny Driver of the Day

Chopper Landing on Freeway

Man Knocked Out with Plank

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Topless Feminist and Other Videos of the Day

Londoners strip Off for Semi-Naked Tube Ride

Smokers Cough of the Day

Man Gets Head Stuck in Bars

Man Stealing Underwear Beaten Up by Husband

2 Naked Guys Go at it on the Beach

Car Wreck of the Day

Waving Lizard

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Russian Dating and Other Videos of the Day

Pervert Ass Grabber

Car Fire of the Day

Man Steals Woman’s Phone – Gets Hit By Taxi

Happy Monkey

Robber Gets Locked Inside Store

Billboard Takes Out Some Mother Fuckers

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Idiot Fireworks Fail and Other Videos of the Day

Friendly Crocodile

Idiot of the DAy

Baby Elephant Birth – Terrifying

Idiot Pedestrian

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Girl in Bikinis Jumping in Snow of the Day

It’s still cold as fuck, so here’s little bikini snow jump…. a video masterly shot starring two aspiring instagram girls, who unlike most instagram girls, have a bit of a personality and don’t mind looking a little fun and silly and wild, by jumping into the snow in a bikini, because the snow doesn’t phase them, or maybe the level of plastic surgery they have in their faces, asses and tits, have fucked up their nerve endings making them not feel heat or cold…them receptors got turned off from the fillers..

Or maybe I’m just an asshole….who can enjoy girls in bikinis, one with an awesome ass, jumping in snow.

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