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Japanese Farting Pornstars and Other Videos of theD ay

Mistress Attack Chick..

Cop Smacks a Chick

Blue Jay and Some Peanuts

Pug in the Store with 5 Pigs

French President Dog Takes a Piss on TV

Fat Albert Gets Dropped

Taken Out by a Car

College Professor Taken Out by Cop

Cop Kills a Dude

Disturbing Video of a Girl Slashing her Wrists on FB – Gets Saved

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Top 20 SFW Cam Girl Clips of the Week

Every week we put together this amazing, inspiring, entertaining, comical, lovely video piece featuring our friends from the Cam world doing things that aren’t traditionally associated with what they do…you know masturbating for perverts…because they are SFW…..

I’ve been watching Cam Sites forever and realized the best part of the cam girl show is not the hardcore part, it’s the build up, the personality, the performances to get people in to want to watch the hardcore part…

Some girls don’t even get naked on cam, and people just watch them, because they are that compelling in their act, or the dudes are just exhibitionists..

Either way, behind every climax to any story…is the build up….and this is how these amazing babes build it up….not everything is graphic and out there…some things are fun, playful and a good time.

That said, you can see all these babes naked and fucking themselves if you CLICK HERE

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Heroin Addict Shooting Up – Pants Off – In Hall and Other Videos of the Day

Woman VS Rat

Sign Vs Motorcycle

Man Licks Spit Off Floor

Fight in Brazil

Kid Asks Nurse To Show Him Her Tits

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Popsicle Challenge and Other Videos of the Day

Father and Son Get Run Over Together

Elephant Get Saved…

Villagers VS Crocodile….

Burglar Keeps Going with Broken Leg

Kiosk – in Chile..

Houston Shooting / Carjacking

Naked Woman in Bar…

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42 Pregnant Women Dance and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Students

Customer Couldn’t Find Money to Pay for His Meal

Broken Basketball Leg

Idiot Movers

Cop Accidentally Mistakes Gun for Taser

Elephant Pissing

Crazy Accident of the Day

Drunks Fighting in Paris

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Doctor Rubs One Out in Front of Patient…and Other Videos of the Day

Weird Video of Girls Making Out With Dude

When You Run Out of Road

Dude Gets Taken Out in the Weirdest Way…

Teens Shopping for Liquor…

Cop has a Panic Attack

Drunk Gets Nailed

Chinese Woman Tries Jumping Off Cruise Ship to Get Her Cellphone She Dropped

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Naked Fat Woman in the Bar and Other Videos of the Day

Woman in Grocery Store Spraying her Pussy with Perfume

Quickie at the Train Station

Girls Caught Shoplifting Trash Store and Get Beat by Security

Mad Wife at Mistress

Weirdest Church Ever

Meth Head of the Day

2 Legged Cow

Octopus and the Coconut

Street Dog Pisses on a Dude

Driver VS Motorcyclist

Uncensored Naked Tourist

Police Dog WOn’t Let Go of the Dude’s Arm

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Top 20 SFW Cam Girls of the Week Part 10 of the Day

Every Week We Compile the Best SFW Clips we find of girls on webcam, because girls on webcam are everything….

I don’t nextflix and chill, I MyFreeCam and die a fall in love over and over and over because these girls are so fucking hot, fun and amazing…

The webcam is one of man’s greatest inventions….allowing enterprising young hot chicks to make a living by letting people like me into their homes to experience their creative genius, their sense of humor, their personality, their dance moves, their sticking butt plugs in….

For a Voyeur pervert into hot chicks…who let me watch them…it’s my everything…and the women who are on webcam are the best thing to happen in modern times….they are engaging, funny, talented and awesome sales pitches and cockteasers…who always end up giving it up for all of us perverts to collectively jerk off to them..and they seem to fucking love it.

It’s a genius thing…I can’t think of anything better and that’s why I want to showcase these girls for more than just their getting naked, but for all the fun and silly, and quirky and hot things they do on their own personal TV shows…

And the best thing about it, is you can see these girls naked.


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Wife Kicks Out Husband’s Hotter Mistress Butt Naked and Other Videos of the Day

Angelic Pole Dancer

Pervert Sneaks into Rehab Center to Masturbate

Cooking Naked – The Pumpkin Spice Latte

Midget Stripper at an Office Party

Guy on Bicycle on the Freeway at Night

Store Owner Opens Fire on Robber

Girl Pulls Gun on Boyfriend After Finding panties in his Bed

Dogs Caught Chewing Underwear

Woman Runs Naked in Paraguay

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Alexis Ren for SI because SI needs Clickbait as they Become Softcore Porn of the Day

Alexis Ren for Sports Illustrated

I guess BOLT ON TITS on a trashy, lame, cheesy, clickbait from instagram is the look SI is going for thanks to her 11 Million followers they hope will care…the youngins that don’t give a fuck about SI…since SI Swim is for old people…and they don’t like admitting that as they scramble to understand that they are irrelevant as any and all girls can post bikini pics that look as good as their photoshoots and they do – everyday – without some lame magazine with outdated uninteresting cunts in it…all SI does is give these shameless whores a stamp of approval no one cares about but them…to feel less whorey, even though they are whores…

But I guess when trying to be relevant and sell ads…you need eyeballs, to make some noise, last year they used that fat bitch, now they are using whatever this is…and it’s all so lame..but I’m posting it to call it lame..since I don’t have a Swimsuit issue of my own…because I’m lazy.

I like how ghetto, ratchet they are trying to go…it’s funny…seeing publishing die…as I sink on the raft next to the cruise ship that is SI…

I mean this content is so lame and aggressive but this is the biggest day of her meaningless half naked bolt on tit life…and what’s the deal with the bolt on tits or SI allowing that in their mag, what is this shit a car calendar for Mechanics in the 90s…seriously…BUNK…

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Ariel Winter’s Fat Girl Workout Video of the Day

Everyday, Ariel Winter posts a workout video, yet she’s still fat….in a time when her metabolism is at its highest…which makes no sense other than that she can’t fight the inevitable…or that you can’t workout enough if you’re destined to be 400 pounds…and that if you eat the all you can eat buffet every night cuz you’re rich…you can workout all day it aint gonna do shit…

I assume, she’s doing this fitness thing as it is in contract with the TV SHOW that she can’t become a fat fuck…even though she is a fat fuck…and this is her proving her work so she doesn’t get pay cut or killed off the show…

Or maybe she’s polarizing her size as muscle mass, body positivity, or whatever lie she’s doing.

I just know there is nothing hot in this workout, this is not the workout I’d be on the eliptical jerking off in my sweatpants to…

But it happened…and she wants you to see it….it’s like “I’m not fat, I work out”…and at least she’s not just posting pics of her eating cake..

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The Most Fucked Up Video of a Girl Being Topless and Slutty in a Car Ever and Other Videos of the Day


Idiot in Fight with his Girl Climbed Out the Window and Died

72 Year Old gets Punched in the Face by a Thai Dude

Final Destination of the Day

Dudes Racing Take Out Innocent Guy Waiting at the Red Light

Suicidal Woman Gets Saved

Two Planes Trying to Land in SF in 2012

Neighbors Having Sex Sounds is a Thing

Chinese Woman Beats Cop

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Lindsay Lohan and her Crazy Accent Defending Weinstein while Wasted of the day

The highlight of my day, and I just woke up, but I already know that this is the highlight of my day, because Lindsay Lohan, despite being forgotten is everything, a goddess, a religious experience, perfect…I mean for all the wrong reasons, but I like it…it feels like home…

So she’s living in Dubai, where I guess really rich people offer her the really rich life, without her needing to work, all she has to do is let them either shit on her or hang out with her, because it’s fun to have a child star like Lohan in your harem, it impresses the other rich oil people..

She’s developed some wonky Arab accent, because she’s not from Long Island and she didn’t spend the better part of her life, we’re talking the first 25 years of her life in America…she’s an identity crisis and not quite a good actress in whatever it is she’s saying..

But she put out a suck up video to Weinstein, because she knows i’s good to get on his good side, maybe he’ll hire him…

BUT ALSO…that hollywood is bullshit assholes trying to save face and they are all guilty of being sleazy greedy heartless disgusting fucks who stomp all over each other…

It’s so easy for the media to get mad, or run with a story, that no one should care about…like reall…he’s the exec for a company that makes movies you like why the fuck do you care about where his dick goes…or what it does….without his dick going those places most of your favorite shitty stars wouldn’t exist…

Lohan also asks his wife to stand by him, because it’s Lohan’s place, as if the wife didn’t know what he was up to…I mean this is beyond me – the media spin…clearly designed to distract us from something that actually matters in the world…like maybe World War Three..and other more interesting things..

Hollywood is noise, stop paying attention..

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Stripper Show Turns Gay on Coming Out Day and Other Videos of the Day

Poles Not Loaded Proper

Poor Bear

Idiot in the Manhole

Fatal Crash of the Day

Baby Gets Sucked Into the Tracks

Rebuilding a Vagina

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Pervert Chinese Humor and Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Titty Flash

Perv Records Another Perv Playing with Himself

Crazy Naked Neighbors

Dude Puts Firework in Girls Jacket

Land Cruiser Pushes Car Away from Gas Station

The Moment the Groom Died

Great Bus Driver of the Day

Unlucky Day for Thief

Parachutist Dies

Boobs on Romanian TV

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