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Pervert Grandpa and Other Videos of the Day

Pervert Caught Upskirting

Ass Scratcher of the DAy

Senior on a Scooter on the Highway

Truck Full of Bottles Hits SUV

I love the Zombie Trucker and his Big Tits..

Sexual Assault Suspect – Masturbating in Super Market

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What Instagram Girls Do When Invited to Hang With Rich Dudes of the Day

There are a lot of whores on Instagram, even those who don’t know they are actually whores because they believe their own hype, followers, lies and pretend that their getting naked for attention isn’t getting naked for attention.

They are the kind of girls who get invited to rich guy parties, who get banged out by rich guys, sometimes directly paid othertimes indirectly paid through asking for rent money while they way for fake model jobs to come through.

If you spend time in LA, 99 percent of the hot girls you see lurking are trying to find the next hot selfie to help them get recognized, when at exclusive and fancy places, because eventually they will end up knocked up by a rich guy and set for life. Dreams do come true.

They all act like models, or actresses or celebs, because that’s what Instagram does to their ego…and they are really just the kind of girl who sucks off a bottle in a hotel party at 5 am topless….

THis is the Instagram Slut – Move of the Day.

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The best Naked in Public Crazy Person and Other Videos of the Day

Idiot Stunt of the Day

Cop Bodyslams

Father and Son Duo Who Killed Their Neighbor

Woman VS Gas Pump

Horse Drawn Carriage of the Day

Burger King Employees Taze a Guy

Girl Chases Guy Who Groped Her

Woman Escapes….

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Man in Underwear Causes Scene and Other Videos of the Day

Crowdsurfing Fail

ZOmbie of the DAy

Haircut with a Chainsaw

Security Guard VS Machete

Ant Infestation at Church

Texas Cop of the Day

neighbor Protects 88 Year Old Getting Beat

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Sara Underwood’s Youtube Porn of the Day

Sara Underwood for Playboy doing Yoga, because you know when Playboy was dying off, before they decided to take out nudity from their magazine, in an attempt to re-class it up, and make it something people were into, whether they bought it for the articles or not…

They used their Playmates like Sara Underwood to teach the men who were into Playboy at the time, mainly fat white trash, how to do Yoga…in some cheesy erotica…which at the time was what Playboy was about.

It wasn’t interesting, it wasn’t educational, it wasn’t good..it was just cheesy naked chicks about to get cheesier….and they did…because Hef had all these gutter hookers pretending to be his girlfriends in his ear…white trash WWE looking bitches…not hot model bitches…the kind of girls anyone could buy for 500 dollars a week…seriously…

But the point is that the purpose of their Naked Sara Underwood Yoga is not to teach people to do Yoga…it’s to get people to jack the fuck off….

THAT SAID…it’s fetish videos…its intent fetish video…it’s existence fetish video.

Yet it has been up on YOUTUBE, with PLAYBOY branding and all, and Youtube has generated 150,000 views, which in Youtube Terms, they make about 5 dollars per 1000 views, so that’s about so 750 dollars – assuming the people didn’t dig for more videos…since the average time a user spends on Youtube is an hour – so bait them with this…and push them to other content and next thing you know…one person has watched 1000 videos…times 150…and boom lots of money…

YET this site by google standards is porn, and videos I post on Youtube that aren’t nude are considered porn and that alone…makes me angry….

The hypocrisy of these big businesses and what they think is porn or not porn makes me mad, while clearly NAKED Sara Underwood Sex Worker is porn….or NSFW….but Google hasn’t flagged it.

Maybe it’s because it is per-fake tits…..

That said:

Fuck you YOUTUBE / GOOGLE and all your controlling of the media like Zuckerberg.

WHO MADE YOU BOSS you oppressive fucks…

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Hot Dance and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Asian Driver

Insane ATV Crash

Flasher of the Day

Weird Knife Fight

Magic Trick Fail….

Man VS Pelican

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Amazing Exhibitionist and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Masturbates and Spreads Feces in Mumbai Train

Dude Doesn’t Like Black Female Cop

Anna Kendrick Fans Act Like They Met Jesus

Dude Tests his Bullet Proof Vest

Kid Helps in a Robbery

Livestreamer Harrasses Disabled Man

Man Sends Daughter into a Vending Machine

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