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Taylor Swift Ass in Shorts of the Day

I saw this Taylor Swift meme and felt the need to post it…because it’s so fucking bad…and a reminder that not all memes are created equally, but also a reminder that I’ve failed at Social media due to my inability to MEME.

If I was a solid meme creator, or MEME curator, I would be rich as fuck off dumb relatable jokes that eventually just get submitted….and that you theoretically can hire an assistant to post for you so you can do other things like sitting on your ass all day…

Instead, I am downloading and uploading pics of nonsense celebs that I can get sued over….for ungrateful assholes and 5 dollars a day….

With ZERO relevance….after so many hours of updates over 14 fucking years….

When all I had to do was MEME…

What a fail….Taylor Swift’s ass in shorts remind me of that failure…..it also reminds me that I hate this bitch…and I don’t look forward to her new tour and promotional tour she’s about to go on because she’s out there on another cash grab with a new album….annoying.

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Taylor Swift Found Some Tits of the Day

It’s been a nice few months for us Taylor Swift haters, because I guess she hasn’t been promoting bullshit, pulling relationship scandals that are likely all made up to promote her records, that are so relatable and sell so much, bitch is richer than god….

Despite being marketed as a popstar who writes her own songs, after she exploited country music, despite not being country, but having moved to Nashville at a Young Age to live out her dad’s dream of being famous…..using country as a stepping stone…cuz people are loyal in the country. Keep the Country Country…and when she went off to become the highest paid pop act…they followed…even though she was using them….

She still fucking sucks.

I don’t think there is any real artistry to anything she does besides fucking as many dudes as she’s fucked and polarizing it as being the victim…that takes effort..

Well, the good news is that in her time off of not annoying us…she grew some tits and we’re always into new tits on really fucking rich trash.

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Democrat Taylor Swift has an Opinion and her Ass Out in Shorts of the Day

Taylor Swift is in a pair of shorts, with what looks like a new booty, looking like shit cuz she’s old and lazy now, she doesn’t need to work now, cuz she’s Taylor Swift now…rich as fuck, famous as fuck…and can almost do no wrong, until she gets stupid…hanging with black dudes, some black on blonde shit, loving that BBC cuz it’s the only thing that fits in her banged out by everyone she’s ever sang about cunt….

She’s in the news lately, cuz she’s got stupid….she told the people she’s going to vote Democratic, because I guess she hates Trump, when she should have just kept her mouth shut.

I don’t know why it’s a trend to promote your political party of choice, social media rapes us with that daily….When you’re out there being a vapid cunt for the masses, be a massive cunt for the masses, we don’t care what party they support keep it to your damn self….but you egos gotta be crazy, and fit in with your friends, when you’re just some selfish money grubber wanting money…so you alienate your fans….you idiot…

I mean sure Taylor Swift can do no wrong, but she is contributing to this whole dividing of America from race and gender and political party, which is the real fucking issue. People are hot headed on their party, they rant about it all day, like there will be another Civil War, then this woman who is a fucking singer for everyone decides to make her point clear that she is liberal….

Entertainers should just keep their mouth’s shut, but they can’t, cuz they think they are important, because you made them important. They think it is their duty to use their influencer to manipulate or win over their audience to follow their lead…..but they don’t realize that they are so far removed from America, even though they sell to America because they live fantasy lives, in an alternate Universe. Sure we’re all on the same planet, but their coddled, rich and famous lives are so not a reality anyone who isn’t Taylor Swift can relate to…..

So she’s got no business telling people how to think, it’s like sit on your money and all the cock you sing about and shut the fuck up. Dance monkey, that’s what you do…dance…you fucking monkey….you get paid to entertain us, and you barely do that…you don’t get paid to have a fucking opinion…

So to the man who got fired from a factory and can’t afford to pay for his cunt daughter’s shorts she saw Taylor wearing on Instagram, to look like Taylor Swift…or take off for boys on Snapchat….and can’t afford to pay for her tickets that make her wealthier than she already is, because her prices are insane…and she can’t just give her show away for free, she needs to make hundreds of millions of dollars more than she already has…it’d be crazy to give back to the people…Taylor’s opinion can suck a dick like she does…

I find it offensive, when a girl who exploited country music to exist as a wholesome slut with boy problems for girls to relate to, 80 percent of her fans are trailer trash still buying CDs….liberal lesbians she is trying to relate to don’t listen to Taylor Swift music..they listen to lesbian folk music….yet she tries to enforce her opinion…and the fact she’s trying to enforce her opinion of anything on anyone…because it means they don’t realize how detached they are…and lacking that self awareness makes me think the narcissistic cunt is the coddled self involved idiot with no clue….who doesn’t quite know her place…

Now I’ve always hated Taylor Swift, but hearing her get shit for being a Democrat by her Republican fans gives me hope that everyone will turn on her…because America is hot, Taylor is not…..

Democrat or Republican…keep it to your damn self I’m tired of hearing it. Just sing and dance bitch….even though everything about her, even Political Unrest is boring…because she can’t help it…she’s just fucking boring…and probably fucks boring but she’s not sharing that with us…just the other kind of masturbatory fodder…that’s not even interesting….asshole..

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Taylor Swift in a Bikini with them Tits On of the Day

Taylor Swift is in a bikini with some dude she has sex with…like all the many men before him who she had sex with…because she’s a rich young girl who I guess fills her void in her soul from selling out to the industry for a lot of money at a young age by producing music that from any perspective, whether she wrote it herself or pretended to write herself or not, is pretty fucking basic and pandering to retard young girls in cliche after cliche of gender normative garbage that rapes their minds and turns them into patriarchy haters after they get their first broken heart….it is damaging for the overall intelligence quotient of the nation.

Well, she’s in a bikini, which I guess is a big deal since she is never in a bikini, but in a bikini now that she’s old enough to produce more meaningful life changing music, but instead reverts to shit that sells and makes her more money…

I just don’t know why she didn’t bikini earlier in life..but we’ll take it…some thick Taylor Swift bikini model loving tits…now pretending to be a bikini model…living that good rich and famous person life…which is so weird…since she’s so fucking basic and boring…

But…Taylor Swift is in a bikini.



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Taylor Swift Gettin Wet in a Bikini of the Day

Taylor Swift Gets Wet in a Bikini

Taylor Swift, whether she writes her own songs and rides that storyline or not, which isn’t that impressive because her songs aren’t that good, or complex, and are about boys and very cutesy bullshit….is garbage…

She makes a lot of fucking money because she’s got her scam on and because people like garbage…

But I appreciate that she’s had a lot of sex with a lot of people over the years and managed to come out the victim…like most women.

I think it’d be great to hear all the stories from all the men who have fucked her, to really dive into the Taylor Swift story…because being this rich and famous comes with serious mental issues…

Now I don’t think Taylor Swift is hot, I’d still watch her sex tape and look at her leaked nudes if they ever happened, and they should happen because she’s a slutty slutty girl….

So that’s the reason I’m posting this USA themed paparazzi shoot…

Whether I like it or not, it’s still Taylor Swift..the PHENOM pulling the best scam in recent years….feel sorry for the horny girl…buy her albums about heart break…so clever…her dad must have worked in advertising before selling off his daughter to the world…gifting us with this…that unfortunately there’s no return policy on.



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Battle of the Performing 30 Year Olds in Leotards of the Day






Both women who shouldn’t be wearing leotards in concert, but who are wearing leotards in concerts, because I guess that’s the style of girls in concerts….

But then again, all women look better in leotards, even fat women looking like stuffed sausages, because a fabric that touches pussy, anus and nipples at the same time is a glorious invention – except when you have to pee at a public bathroom…


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Taylor Swift Pussy Flash of the Day

Taylor Swift Pussy Flash at the Billboard Music Awards

Taylor Swift trying to be hot has always bothered me…

She’s some quirky girl, who was robbed of her childhood, who may write her own songs, but her own songs are simplistic nonsense that target the half retard population we are forced to deal with…it’s just fucking pop porn fluffy bullshit that works because young girls are stupid…

She perpetuates this poor me, boys don’t like me attitude that is so against the progressiveness of women, while pretending to be a feminist and independent success story, that is really just in it for the fucking cash..because she’s a whore..

A whore, not just because of her flimsy music that annoys me, but because she fucks everyone, in some sexual dysfunction that I guess happens when you’re rich and horny and raised in a fishbowl…slaving away for the riches…trying to find inspiration through cock…because she’s all about the boys…

I am not a fan of her, but she’s skinny, and she collects Victoria’s Secret models, which in and of itself is weird…bringing them all to her mansions, dressing them up and likely smearing her sexual dysfunction on their faces…

Well, she’s out flashing pussy, not quite hardcore enough for my liking, but flashing pussy none the less…I guess to remind you that she’s back, or touring, or who fucking cares.

Taylor Swift Pussy Flash at the Billboard Music Awards


She’s also in concert


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Taylor Swift Will Never Be Hot of the Day

Taylor Swift in Black Panties and Thigh High Boots on Stage

Taylor Swift on the Opening Night of her new Tour – Trying to be sexy.. dudes tuck game is strong..

I know people would like Slutty Taylor Swift in Lingerie in Concert…..because people have no fucking taste, but are perverts who liked her when she was a teen girl scamming the system, all skinny and awkward and singing about teen romance they never experienced, because no one ever experienced that shit, it was all fiction, made up as a concept of what dumb teens think life is supposed to be, but this one was kept in a cage by her parents so that she keeps writing her shit that is so far removed from reality, thanks to being in the cage….while other kids bought into the lies because they thought that is how life was supposed to be and their life wasn’t like that…thanks to marketing, the media, etc.

Taylor Swift…the Fast Food of emotionally driven music…music that is disguised as being “real life”….but that has no soul and is just about the dollar signs…

Her going from country, to pantsless, doesn’t quite make sense to me, I guess the awkward girl always wanted to be the slutty model girl, hence why all her songs are about “put it in my butt, I don’t want to have to have an abortion and lie to my Christian fans about it”….even though I can assure you she’s had an abortion….and that everything about her is not Christian or Country…whether she has a house in Nashville or not..it’s just part of the marketing lie.

I hate all things Taylor Swift…especially not being able to see cameltoe in her tight panties doing her Madonna impersonation or whatever the fuck this is…

Put some damn jeans and chaps on and line dance ho…..down…


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Taylor Swift in Vogue of the Day

I think it is safe to say that Taylor Swift is a stain on the music, pop culture, entertainment industry – and that the world would be a better place without her – and I don’t know anyone who has ever said they’re a fan, or felt different that what I’m feeling this cold winter day – but for some reason, a reason called she’s rich and sells albums to idiots, making a lot of money, because I guess VOGUE are just clickbait assholes who get paid to promote these cunts…and act like thy matter…

Seriously… fuck Taylor Swift and the raping she does to all our lives through shitty songs pandering to girls on the lowest fucking level of retard.

She is the PENIS drawing of music..just basic, not very thoughtful, shit.

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Taylor Swift Humanoid AI Nerd Erotica Of the Day

Taylor Swift Humanoid AI Nerd Erotica

Taylor Swift is the fucking devil…or revealing her actual self as a humanoid AI weird living sex doll that the nerds will jerk off to…because the nerds love robot women because they can’t take real women…they are creepy….

I think it is safe to assume she is a robot – Like Zuckerberg is a Robot…. that is why she exists…

I think it’s safe to say it is too bad no one hacked her or shut her down…

Because she’s garbage…the worst pile of shit ever.

I don’t want to post the video….


Here are some screenshots


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