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Taylor Swift Casts a Spell on her Fans While Shaking her Non Existent Ass of the Day

I like to believe that Hollywood is some demonic playground controlled by an evil force that want to brain wash you and take all your money.

It makes it feel more exciting and interesting than just a bunch of rich dudes who run the media making moves with the people they think they can make the most money off of….because demonic forces are more sinister than money grubbing opportunistic nerds who understand how easy it is to brainwash the masses into buying into what they are selling…

So when I see Taylor Swift, who for some reason came out of the PANDEMIC as some kind of icon or hero to millions of women everywhere, when historically I didn’t think anyone really cared all that much for her. Sure she was famous, but not THIS famous and definitely not hot or interesting in her victim girl who gets played by boys nonsense positioning…

So when I see her middle aged non ass shakin on stage as she casts a spell on the simple minds who owns, I like to think it’s more than just some chick who has gamed the system, but rather some chick hired by the system to continue gaming the masses with their garbage….THERE is a difference…and that difference is that it means Taylor Swift isn’t some powerful being, but rather just a tool in their satanic garden shed to sodomize us with….and not even with a girl you’d really want to sodomize based on the ass alone, I mean sure it’s a rich skinny and famous ass you’d have to sodomize if the opportunity presented itself for the story, and as an asshole obsessed parasite brained population, all asses are asses you’d want to sodomize, it’s just that her ass isn’t that exciting…despite the willingness for all to sodomize it….

If you know what I mean.

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Taylor Swift’s Silly Brian Washing of the Day

My friend Stefan the hairstylist who gets mad at me for calling him gay since he’s a hair stylist, when the truth is he got into hair styling because he gets off to washing women’s hair, thanks to his mom who made him wash her hair when he was growing up, while they showered together well into his 20s, and where she’d make him masturbate for her….you know weirdo issues shit brought him to hair styling….not being gay, that’d be crazy…and far less disturbing…

Anyway, we collectively agree that Taylor Swift has the sex appeal of the corpse they would pass around the army base for everyone to fuck to keep morale up after months of being in the trenches with a bunch of dudes…you know, being last in line for that body is not a fucking accomplishment.

So he sends me Taylor Swift highlights because we both agree that her lack of sex appeal and her generic and manipulative relatable music doesn’t justify her insane popularity and that there’s got to be some other conspiracy that does.

The most recent MEME he sent that made me laugh is that Swift, a pandering, perpetual, man chasing whore, who may not give boners and who is not as hot as a whore, but who relies on being a whore to write music that people talk about…is now shitting on men?

I mean sure, shitting on men in relationships and play the victim or the dumb girl who let it happen to her, fine….blame men for taking advantage or running from your scary psycho cunt…ok….

But to tell the sad women in the palm of her hands, who she controls their every thought and action, shit like FUCK THE PATRIARCHY…is so basic, obvious, disingenuous….because without the PATRIARCHY who run her businesses….or her DAD who created her…her literal PATRIARCH…the MAN of the HOUSEHOLD…she wouldn’t exist….

More importantly, she’s screaming FUCK THE PATRIARCHY in London where the commonwealth is currently RUN by a Patriarchy since Queen Lizzy died….and that PATRIARCHY…the LITERAL PATRIARCHY were in attendance and had a MEET AND GREET with her…

So CHANT fuck the PATRIARCHY…then have a MEET AND GREET with the PATRIARCHY, maybe even grab a spot of dinner with the PATRIARCHY…almost like you’re in cahoots with the Patriarchy to destabilize and distract society with NON issues as they all get richer and more powerful….

Her retard fans are presenting her as a MARTYR for this bullshit act…like she’s PUNK rock SEX PISTOLS going to Tea with Queen E to discuss her next moves after a performance of “God Save the Queen”….only Taylor is more FILLED with SEX PISTOLS…or PISTONS…depending on her GAPE.

Anyway – here’s that “Fuck the Patriarchy” clip going viral that anyone with a brain knows Swift and her billions doesn’t actually mean or understand, but it’s a talking point that makes sad retard girls go mental, so she says it like she’s got a meaningful opinion on anything….because if she did, and she may, she’d never compromise her audience….but when she drops that her and Kelce are voting Trump this year….heads may explode…but she may keep it to herself for business, ya know…unless voting Trump is part of the plan….

GARBAGE HUMANS REJOICE…here are some pics of her pretending to be the worst Victoria’s Secret Angel in existence…it’s a vibe.

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Taylor Swift’s Snot Fetish of the Day

Taylor Swift is a vile human and here is the proof.

She has brainwashed the masses into buying into her nonsense with either witchcraft or overly relatable shitty music, but now she’s targeting a very specific group of people….the snot fetishists.

Three gross videos of her snot are going viral, one where she licks her snot, one where she wipes it on her skirt and the last one where she flings it off her hand, the last one looking like she just gave a handjob like the 15 year old brain she has…

I’m the kind of guy who gags at snot and snot eaters, but some people seem to get off on mucus, wanting it spat up on them, nose blown and hacked up on them becasue they are weird….

You know, the kind of guy who hangs in the pharmacy or walk in clinic waiting to hear old ladies blow their nose so they can cum…

Here’s the Taylor Swift snot weirdness..

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Taylor Swift’s Panty Flash of the Day

I don’t know if Taylor Swift is still on the cash grab tour that’s made her a billionaire, but I assume that she is because why would she ever stop when the fans are under her literal spell, brainwashed by her, buying into her being the single most important artist of our times, all compelled and seduced by her storylines, obsessing over her lyrics and her past fucks, which is all so fucking weird….because she’s a little awkward, nerdy, lame, and boring for anyone to really give a fuck about what she puts inside her cunt, yet here we are living in a realm where everyone seems to care about everything she puts in her cunt…

The fact that Taylor Swift is the most compelling figure in entertainment…makes me think we are in some alternate universe because even staring at her panties right now…is not exciting….and I’m a pervert who finds all panties exciting…even gross ones.

I don’t know what manipulation tactics, brainwashing, mind control warfare is being used by her, but all these grown ass women living their best Swifty life convinces me that mind control tactics are being used….oh well.

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Taylor Swift’s Staged Paparazzi Bikini Pics of the Day


Always remember that celebrities in this era are only captured by the paparazzi when they hire the paparazzi to capture them, especially when they are on these epic beach vacations in the Bahamas to assert their relationship to the masses who follow everything Taylor Swift.

Also remember that for a solid decade of Taylor Swift’s fame, she was never seen in a bikini, because it probably was too hard to hide her dick, or maybe there was some other reason for it, but girl was literally seen in a two piece bathing suit under a dozen times and she’s been famous forever….

So either Taylor’s been replaced or she’s digging her middle aged body or she’s been bit by the whore parasite that’s turning her into the sexual being she’s pretty much always been since she’s consistently fucked many dudes or pretended to in order to write really watered down vanilla love songs about that would get additional press because a famous love interest was included…

From Mayer, the Jonas Bros, Gyllenhaal who I watched in Road House this weekend and apprecaited Conrad McGregor’s approach to acting and all the other dicks she’s pretended to suck and cry about like a weak little girl along the way….she’s now living up to that whore rep….

Anyway….Kelce and Swift romance is a load of shit, just two opportunists doing their best to capitalize….or maybe Swift is just master-minding the whole thing while the dumb jock she fantasized about when being home schooled and alienated from normal high school, so she never realized that’s just a plot point in cheesy movies and not real life…but the point is, even stripped down she’s got no sex appeal…even when making out it looks like dudes kissing his drunk grandma for a photo…..because drunk grandma is a sexual predator who has convinced him that it’s normal.

I just don’t understand how someone can be so famous and so bad for boners. It doesn’t add up….

They are saying she’s pregnant, which at her old age makes sense, but she could just be fat due to her alcoholism..,

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Taylor Swift is Troll-Like of the Day

I know that Taylor Swift is like 6 feet tall….so I guess a troll is not the best way to describe the woman…but she’s definitely looking like some kind of demon that has worked her way into the minds of the hive mind and she’s not even hot about it…

It’s like seeing the awkward high school chick on the yearbook committee who doesn’t actually fuck, and who doesn’t turn into the hot chick when the glasses come off, only now she’s 40 and lives amongst the cats, is probably a vegan and may be dying the tips of her hair purple to reach her full middle aged child-less woman potential….but for some reason everyone has a hard-on for her, and that shit is creepy….creepy like these pics.

It’s the monster fucking mash, but the inspiration to all others because girl gets paid because ugly chicks like ugly chicks…because they like to punish hot chicks.

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Taylor Swift in No Pants with Rita Ora and her Husband David Cohen of the Day

The most impressive thing about this is that Taylor Swift is pantsless, in some leotard thing, something I typically love as an outfit…yet still has zero sex appeal. How is it possible that a tall skinny blonde chick is this unappealing. I don’t get it….

But the other impressive thing is that I recognized Rita Ora via recognizing David Cohen, while I have facial recognition blindness. Good fucking job….

I know that Taylor Swift may be the biggest star, the biggest celebrity, the biggest music act of the era, but I don’t believe it.

I just think that means that a lot of people on the international level are easily manipulated morons.

Anyone with a brain, knows that Taylor Swift is a hack, a psy-op, a manipulation of the hive mind and it’s not a right wing conspiracy….someone this mid-range, getting as much hype as she’s getting, is due to witchcraft…witchcraft Rita Ora’s trying to suck off like it is David Cohen, because being Taylor Swift famous is probably her dream….so the next best thing is fame whoring the boring whore….

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Traylor Snift Super Bowel Round Up of the Day

I don’t know if Taylor Swift has Super Bowel, but I would assume she takes it up the ass because any dude fucking her would likely be grossed out by pussy and aim for the ass, for that gay shit on dick scent to make it feel less hetero.

I do know that she made the Super Bowel at the NFL all about her, because she’s hired to be there as a brand ambassador for the Chiefs and or the NFL as a whole….they love that she’s integrated herself into the storyline, they’ve made billions of dollars back on this fake bullshit popstar romance, and they MUST keep it alive….

I doubt Taylor Swift makes public appearances for free ever, but I guess we could cross reference it with the 100s of boyfriends she’s had before Travis Kelce because little miss innocent, who seems a lot like a lesbian, but sings about boy problems like a stunted teen who doesn’t grow up, because apparently women are stunted teens who don’t grow up and they find it relatable…

She’s boring, she’s a product, this is all nonsense, but luckily her AI nudes make her fuckable…

Which is why I don’t believe she’s all offended by the AI nudes of her, she probably jerks off to them while fisting Kelce…

Disclaimer – these are NOT Taylor Swift – This is AI artwork pieces from an Artist who has Artistic integrity and are not COPYRIGHT or ILLEGAL despite what they are trying to do with AI….

This is not actually Taylor Swift, but if it was, I’d be more into Taylor Swift…this is some artistic rendering of what Swift should be…

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Taylor Swift’s Attempt at a Slutty Album of the Day

I’d call Taylor Swift a cum rag, but she’d probably be a dry cum rag because the only people cumming on her are the squirting hookers she hires to pee on her because rich people are weird, at least that’s my theory on this product that they try to pretend is a human and that people actually buy into because they are retards…

Taylor Swift is the least sexy girl who sings about fucking as much as she does, because seriously, there’s really nothing hot about, she’s more the kind of girl you fuck out of guilt, spite, or because she’s Taylor Swift and you want to see if she’s really as bad as her dancing makes you think she is.

Well, at the Grammy’s on the world stage, she decided to announce to EVERYONE that she is dropping a NEW album called TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT, realizing that WE are the tortured ones thanks to her really boring approach to celebrity.

She dropped the ALBUM cover, which I’d assume was a SEXT to Travis Kelce, but that is more likely a sext to a woman since they say she’s a lesbian and that Kelce and her are just some marketing tool for the NFL, Celebrity Gossip and all that other shit they trick us with in their demonic sorcery, creating false idols to manipulate your minds, to make you miserable and consume what they tell you to…which I can assure you Taylor Swift as a false idol will do….

I mean even her SEXTS aren’t SEXY…and that’s fucking weird to someone who will jerk off to a woman’s armpit if it is shot from the right angle….

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Artistic Renderings of Taylor Swift at the NFL Game are Hotter Than Taylor Swift of the Day

All we fucking hear about is this Taylor Swift nonsense….it’s clearly a fucking scam, so I have no choice but to post Taylor Swift AI nudes because the real Taylor Swift repulses me, but I need to post a Taylor Swift story since she’s trending for going to a fucking NFL game and being weird, awkward, fake as fuck.

I don’t suggest jerking off to AI, even though everything, even pics of real girls are basically AI now….

I’m more holistic and old school and suggest jerking off to your imagination or to things you find hot in your everyday life, just don’t get caught.

I am a firm believer that AI is going to be the fall of humanity, if it isn’t already, but that doesn’t mean the AI Taylor Swift isn’t hotter than the real Taylor Swift, who is pretty much ZERO hot.

The lanky and awkward celebrity who is breaking records with her tour, offending NFL fans, generating heavy sales for Chiefs merchandise and Peacock streaming platform, almost like she’s a hired gun being used by the NFL, the Networks and the Chiefs for some weird reason.

She’s constantly trending, her NFL appearances overly hyped, I’m not going to get into the conspiracies around the whole thing, I’m just going to assume girl is getting paid for all the coverage she’s getting or giving, because otherwise these people would just stay home and fuck in the privacy of their own compounds, us seeing this shit is all part of a bigger circus show.

The issue I have with the whole thing is that she’s repulsive, unattractive, her music is lame and her celebrity and success seems like some kind of scam, but her AI smut inspired by Taylor Swift is far more interesting than ACTUAL Taylor Swift. Art.

SO if you’re going to jerk of to Taylor Swift because you’ve been swindled, choose this Taylor and not that actual one….even if both are weird things to jerk off to….

I don’t know who makes this shit, but Taylor should take some inspo from them.

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