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Katy Perry Does Coachella Dirty of the Day

Katy Perry captioned her Coachella pics “I’ve been to Coachella longer than you’ve been alive” which is pretty clever because it’s true since she’s an old weathered hipster chick .

I had pictures of Katy Perry and Kesha sent to me back on the day, probably 18 years ago, all in bikinis and covered in mud from before both became famous, Katy Perry more famous than Kesha, but both still climbed the ranks from average looking Coachella girl to pop star. Dreams do come true if you suck the right cock.

Now, all these years later, granny is on her Coachella adventure like when you see some old lady with cancer visit her hometown before she dies. She didn’t wear the bikini top this time around but rather the bikini body shirt, danced around like a stripper, pulled her ass out so you know she wears underwear like grannies do in case they pee unexpectedly and posed with some chick who had her nipples out who was performing.

The whole thing feels a little sad, but she’s rich and famous and part of the hipster scene of other rich and famous people who shaped this pop culture thing together and all go to events together to reaffirm how important they’ve been to the world.

This may be where that all started, so let grandma relive it….

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Katy Perry Tucks her Titties in her Boxers of the Day

Katy Perry has always been one of those celebrities who has made me sad….or who would make me sad because she’s a victim of her own success, a viral stunt with Kissed a Girl who became a money making pop icon machine for 20 fucking years, which is crazy and she knows it.

When I see her in any content, I stare at the tits, because that’s her only redeeming quality, then I think about how even if all the yes-men around her tell her how great she is and even with all the fans telling her how great she is and even with Taylor Swift becoming a billionaire inspiring her to do the same, which she will likely manage to do, since she’s Katy Perry…she knows in her soul she’s a fucking hack…

Anyway, these pictures of her tits in a sweater were going viral the other day and I thought that was A LOT of chest between neck and nipples, reminding me of a meme of a fat man being told to tuck his titties in his boxers…

I know tits, but this seems to be on the lower hanging fruit, which is arguably what Katy Perry’s creative vision has been to get her where she’s got…BOTTOM FEED TO THE SURFACE baby….

In other Katy Perry News since I’ve got you here:

Here she is in a dress that she can’t get herself out of, to excite you Katy Perry fans enough to pull out your white boards and map all the ways you’d strip her out of her dress, including but not limited to TORCHING it off of her with your pressure hose semen.

Oh, and she attended an event in her underwear or a bathing suit because someone on her team got confused and told her it was a beach party, not a party of bitches like Ryan Seacrest and TAYLOR SWIFT , Avril Lavigne and Tate McRae

She’s about 400 years old…

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Katy Perry in her Whale Tail Corset Outfit of the Day

Katy Perry is launching a new album because she’s got a boner after seeing how much Taylor Swift has made on tour and in her mind and probably the mind of most, Taylor Swift’s a fucking fraud imposter and she hates her…

But these are celebs and they’ll dick suck each other with their fake smiles and fake caring about each other, when really they all hate each other….

I don’t know if Katy Perry knows she’s old and washed out and that she has been a pretty disappointing clunky cankle pop star all these years…because people bought into her bullshit.

I do know that she thinks she’s hot, probably on Ozempic….and basically walking around in a corset dress with her visible g-string, like it’s the late 90s when Katy Perry was 45.

I think she’s posing with Kesha, who also is on Ozempic and no longer as fat, and for those of you who don’t know, this duo, pre-fame, were little hipster party girls who went to coachella and other hipster events trying to make it…and eventually making it….but apparently she’s with some chick named Karol G.

I find this repulsive, it’s like a pig bitch trying to be fuckable at the farm because the pig bitch is the only fuck hole within miles….but you probably like it.


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Oh No, There are Two Katy Perry’s of the Day

Katy Perry, who has somehow gamed the system so hard that she became a huge pop star….and TV Host…probably has something to do with her mother’s family being billionaires, but maybe I’m just RICH KID HATIN’….

It really more likely has to do with her being a demon and this being part of some satanic agenda or witch craft, because I can’t imagine a world of normal people willing to make this creature a star pop performing….

Making all that top level pop star money all while being a clunky ass awkward and unlikeable pile of shit…EVEN with the tits…

But the world has terrible taste and don’t know better….and unfortunately for us, Katy Perry is dropping a new album to try to get that Taylor Swift money and that means more selfies…

So that will include TWO OF HER…which is DOUBLE the painful than just one of her, but I guess the good news is she’s got a reflection and that she hasn’t cracked the mirror like she fucking should….

Either way, too old to slutty selfie, but still slutty selfie-ing, because she’s detached and delusional and doesn’t realize she’s old as shit…

That’s not a hot body, but I don’t think it ever really was…just tits and a bunch of fame whores buying into it…


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Old Lady Katy Perry’s Tits in a Tennis Outfit of the Day

Katy Perry may be one of the clunkier pop stars I’ll never understand, but thanks to her brain washing and her ability to properly execute sonic warfare or witchcraft on the unsuspecting audience, tapping into their minds and making them become lifelong fans of hers…..she still exists….and is stupid rich.

She posing in some tennis outfit with the big tits, which have always been the only thing we’ve ever given a shit about Katy Perry, that Kissed a Girl song was offensive, profiteering off the dykes of the world for some shock value viral song that should have stayed a one hit wonder….

It makes me ask what kind of dystopian satanic hell, or simulation do we live in where they decided that Katy Perry doesn’t have enough visibility, but instead should be maximized and thrown onto Network TV….THIS DYSTOPIAN HELL…

I like tennis and I like tits and have the ability to erase Katy Perry from the pic to focus on the important things…..even if they are old…

Katy Perry, despite being old is releasing another album…cashing in on that people making people rich through tours….and it will be offensive, more offensive than this…

I’ve never found her hot, so I don’t find her hot now, yet here I am posting it. The power of tennis outfits…THE POWER OF TENNIS OUTFITS!

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Katy Perry Gets the Titty Top of the Day

Katy Perry is clearly crying for attention because the kind of celebrity that Katy Perry is relies heavily on crying for attention.

She was the awkward girl at the hipster party who wanted to position her as a star, so she made it happen, because you need that level of delusion or insecurity to make those moves, it probably helps that her family are billionaires.

Anyway, someone back then saw the big tits, thought it was a solid strategy to make her awkwardly take on pop like some kind of circus clown and through it all she’s been zero impressive.

Her songs, her dances awkward, everything about her dog shit, but good enough for the hive mind to suck it up like she sucks off Orlando Bloom and or the other gay dudes she’s dated…

She’s rich as shit, just announced quitting American Idol, releasing a new album and being that 40 year old mooch fuck with the tits that have carried through it all..

Her 40 year old face has that porno botched look, but it’s better than she used to look, so make that make sense….

She got the black sheer top nerd treatment where you can potentially see her nipples and nipples on tits are fun…even when they are Katy Perry’s…cuz they are tits….and really, thank god Katy Perry’s got tits….

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Katy Perry’s Disgusting Wizard Shit for the Nerds of the Day

Katy Perry is like watching a girl fucking one of those alien dildos because they are either into Sci/Fi fantasy or lesbians scared of actual dick shaped objects and feel some dragon looking dick makes more sense for their weird fucking aesthetic.

I don’t like sci-fi/fantasy and have been weirded out by the cosplay, comicon, nerd group at the college level for as long as I can remember. If a movie has fairies or dragons or even Tinkerbell in it, I’m going to write it off as trash designed for the autistics who can’t get pussy, you Star Trek fanboy freaks…

Katy Perry, in being one of the lamest popstars to ever accidentally happen, continues to push really dumb ideas, this time with her pointed elf ears and antennae….either playing some sort of alien, or some sort of bug hybrid, which makes the most sense, because she’s a fucking cockroach of a celebrity….just never dying, always thriving, even after a nuclear holocaust, because she sold her soul so fucking hard she’s forever….unfortunately.

She’s still got tits, 40 year old mom tits….with her husband Orlando Bloom, who is clearly just a loser actor who doesn’t realize that he could do far better than Katy Perry in terms of hotness…there’s a whole world of pussy out there you Aussie fuck.

I don’t know if this is a “I’m old and played out, my face weathered, so I’ll do some weird mask to divert from that”….or if it’s actually her being a lame nerd catering to lame nerds….I just know I hate it.

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Katy Perry and the Green Screen of the Day

I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to Katy Perry and green screens, she’s better off being in the morph suit they get the PA’s to wear when shooting scenes where they need to make objects float…

You know, so that they can erase the pig from the frame…

In conclusion,Katy Perry sucks. A viral one hit wonder who managed to make that one hit last for decades…WITCHCRAFT!

Here she is in a Madonna style bra top….MONSTER

Too much Katy Perry, must go purge now….

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Katy Perry Titty Dress of the Day

I guess it was the American Idol Finale that no one cared about, some fat Hawaiian dude won which I guess was a big deal, since Hawaii isn’t really America, at least probably not according to Native Hawaiians the land was taken from….but I don’t care about that…

The unfortunate highlight of the show that only BOOMERS from trailer parks probably watch was Katy Perry’s outfit choice…..it’s a sheer stripper dress with her tits busting out, her big high wasted hide the c-section scar panties visible….all less dumpy than she’s typically been over the years, probably on the celebrity designer weightloss drug OZEMPIC,

SO despite finding old lady Katy Perry as sad sack of bullshit who scammed her way to the money making top because she’s related to a billionaire family of globalists and she was placed there to push the gay agenda of kissing a girl, pretending it was just viral and not calculated where the desperate for fame Perry went along with it because these people sell their souls to get the credit and money they feel they deserve…

I’ll still look at her big ORLANDO BLOOM tit.


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Katy Perry Voted Republican of the Day

It’s voting day in America, which I just think is marketing hype because all these politicians who shouldn’t be running anything, are working for the same people, and are just being used to manipulate you and your minds, to make you feel miserable then hopeful, while they all get richer and richer, because it takes the same kind of scumbag to put himself in that position of “civil servant who can make them laws work for me” and rarely do they care about the people…but they fucking LOVE when you fight amongst yourself about them like a bunch of fucking sheep idiots.

Well, along with the celebrity politicians that polarize people over dumb issues like killing babies, or stealing freedom, while funnelling the money into their own pockets, they recruit celebs to keep the controversy, the drama, the division alive….

Today, wet dead fish of a pile of dog shit Katy Perry has posted her vote, which is RARE for a celebrity to do, so there must be a back story, or a reason for this, oh right, to get people talking, to make people mad, to push the RED WAVE they want, it’s all puppetry and you’re the fucking suckers.

So the Republicans are so excited that Katy Perry voted Republican, even though the dude is running as a demoncrat, it validates them, like when Elon took over twitter, like dude’s not the anti-christ…you simple minded fuck and triggers the libtard as he braids his multi-colored pubic hair attached to his WOMAN BALLS.

If Katy Perry is showing you her vote, endorsing a person, it’s because her handlers she sold her soul to want her to.

Remember, she dressed like a fucking vaccine and pushed that shit, and likely inspires all the Drag Queen story times, she’s not fighting for the right dude, if there is even a right, or a left, it seems like it is just a lot of noise, with one main goal, KEEPING you a fucking slave.

She did turn off her comments on this post though. Fascinating….puppet mastery in action!
Her caption:

I am voting for a myriad of reasons (see the news) but in particular because Los Angeles is a hot mess atm. #letsgocaruso #yestomeasure28 #yestomeasure1 #doyoubutjustuseyourvoteok

Which is pretty fucking true, so let’s see all the brainwashed NPC libtards who think all Christians and all Republicans are demons start screaming in rage at the Kissed a Girl propagandist.

I remember a time when we’d just talk about her tit, those were the good times.

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