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Katy Perry Titty Dress of the Day

I guess it was the American Idol Finale that no one cared about, some fat Hawaiian dude won which I guess was a big deal, since Hawaii isn’t really America, at least probably not according to Native Hawaiians the land was taken from….but I don’t care about that…

The unfortunate highlight of the show that only BOOMERS from trailer parks probably watch was Katy Perry’s outfit choice…..it’s a sheer stripper dress with her tits busting out, her big high wasted hide the c-section scar panties visible….all less dumpy than she’s typically been over the years, probably on the celebrity designer weightloss drug OZEMPIC,

SO despite finding old lady Katy Perry as sad sack of bullshit who scammed her way to the money making top because she’s related to a billionaire family of globalists and she was placed there to push the gay agenda of kissing a girl, pretending it was just viral and not calculated where the desperate for fame Perry went along with it because these people sell their souls to get the credit and money they feel they deserve…

I’ll still look at her big ORLANDO BLOOM tit.


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Katy Perry Voted Republican of the Day

It’s voting day in America, which I just think is marketing hype because all these politicians who shouldn’t be running anything, are working for the same people, and are just being used to manipulate you and your minds, to make you feel miserable then hopeful, while they all get richer and richer, because it takes the same kind of scumbag to put himself in that position of “civil servant who can make them laws work for me” and rarely do they care about the people…but they fucking LOVE when you fight amongst yourself about them like a bunch of fucking sheep idiots.

Well, along with the celebrity politicians that polarize people over dumb issues like killing babies, or stealing freedom, while funnelling the money into their own pockets, they recruit celebs to keep the controversy, the drama, the division alive….

Today, wet dead fish of a pile of dog shit Katy Perry has posted her vote, which is RARE for a celebrity to do, so there must be a back story, or a reason for this, oh right, to get people talking, to make people mad, to push the RED WAVE they want, it’s all puppetry and you’re the fucking suckers.

So the Republicans are so excited that Katy Perry voted Republican, even though the dude is running as a demoncrat, it validates them, like when Elon took over twitter, like dude’s not the anti-christ…you simple minded fuck and triggers the libtard as he braids his multi-colored pubic hair attached to his WOMAN BALLS.

If Katy Perry is showing you her vote, endorsing a person, it’s because her handlers she sold her soul to want her to.

Remember, she dressed like a fucking vaccine and pushed that shit, and likely inspires all the Drag Queen story times, she’s not fighting for the right dude, if there is even a right, or a left, it seems like it is just a lot of noise, with one main goal, KEEPING you a fucking slave.

She did turn off her comments on this post though. Fascinating….puppet mastery in action!
Her caption:

I am voting for a myriad of reasons (see the news) but in particular because Los Angeles is a hot mess atm. #letsgocaruso #yestomeasure28 #yestomeasure1 #doyoubutjustuseyourvoteok

Which is pretty fucking true, so let’s see all the brainwashed NPC libtards who think all Christians and all Republicans are demons start screaming in rage at the Kissed a Girl propagandist.

I remember a time when we’d just talk about her tit, those were the good times.

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Katy Perry’s Broken Face of the Day

I don’t know when this video is from, or if it is actually Katy Perry, because Katy Perry is the kind of celebrity popstar who rapes are brains with her shitty fucking music, and I hate her for it…..I DO NOT CONSENT to knowing every word of I kissed a girl….YOU MONSTER….

I know that this video is going viral and people are wondering why her face is glitching out like this, is she a robot, a clone, a person in a faulty mask who replaced Katy Perry like some kind of High School Mascot…these idiots are interchangeable…..and the real Katy Perry is either dead or 400 pounds….is she vaccine injured rocking some Bells Palsy but that’s a pretty depressing vaccine injury for someone like Katy Perry, it’d be better if she was more a “died suddenly” on stage, you know if it is a vaccine injury, make it fucking count!

Unfortunately, it’s probably just her make-up bugging her eye….and that’s hardly the satanic conspiracy I’d like it it be…..

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Katy Perry Big Tit of the Day

Katy Perry is some satanist elite from a very rich family who managed to pretend that she was a popstar, not very well by the way, but people bought into it, because the radio told them so, not because they actually liked it, it’s some sort of witch craft that they do to us, casting spells, making money, and creating things like Katy Perry.

She’s consistently depressed me as a celebrity knowing that she managed to game the system at the level she gamed the system….in her early concerts of awkward dancing and annoying singing, the kind that I think legit rapes your brain and that no one has cancelled her for not having my consent to put those sound waves into me violently like it was a raging strap on….

I should sue.

But in her depressing me, she’s had big tits, and tese are heer big tits, getting ready for yet another satanic ritual, satanic hangout amongst her satanic peers who are all the worse people in the world, that we’ve managed to make think are the best people in the world…that’s on us I guess.

Seeing her strugglee to fit the big tits into the gown doesn’t bother me so much, so this MOM, who is NOT a MILF by my standards because I hate her, more a MILF if you can K-Fed her, still has solid tits that I’ll look at, no matter how many baby blood transfusions she had to take to get here, you know cuz tits are fun to look at….EVEN Katy Perry’s.

Big Met Gala Picture Round-UP


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Katy Perry Brings Insane Propaganda of the Day

When Katy Perry isn’t showing off her big sloppy tits, that typically match her sloppy body, and her cankles…she’s pretty fucking awful.

There’s not doubt that the fake Christian, turned party girl, sold her soul to the entertainment industry and won at life, at least financially, because she’s one of the biggest stars of the last 20 years, all without having a single good song….CLEARLY the devil was hard at work…

If you were to dig into Katy Perry’s family, you may understand why she is a satanist being used to manipulate the minds of the youth, her great uncle was Charles Schwabb….who owned a company called US Steel….her mothr’s brother was the director of MOMMY DEAREST…so there were no humble beginnings, she’s part of the system….so don’t be DUPED.

Anyway, in typical satanist globalist evil agenda pushing, the bitch made a MASK, the symbol of all this fucking EVIL, because they don’t actually work for anything buy VIRTUE signaling and if anything just make people sick….but yeah, she made a face mask part of her show….and it gives me the fucking creeps…an that is why I had to post it…

Agenda pushers…THAT IS HER FUCKING JOB….all to manipulate the people…FUCKING MONSTERS…

Where the TITS at?!

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Katy Perry Side Tit of the Day

I’ve traditionally hated on Katy Perry for being a dumpy and awkward scam that happens to print fucking money because the public are easy to manipulate….

I’ve found her a terrible dancer, her music fucking bad, the idea that she was ever a Christian performer a bit of a joke, since she’s the queen of the Satanic symbolism, and evil pushing on the fans who don’t realize they are dealing with someone who clearly sold their soul for fame and fortune and ORLANDO BLOOM…what I win…

It’s just too bad that with the level of celebrity she’s got, she doesn’t even do good music, meaningful music, inspiring music…just noise that triggers the retards and sends them to the cull….like the SHEEP at the slaughter house they are.

I’ve also traditionally, because I’ve been doing this site longer than she’s been doing POP, so I saw her happen….so it’s TRADITIONALLY at this fucking time….but yeah…I’ve traditionally down to look at her tits, since they are big by my standards…

I guess she’s been eating her STEM CELLS from her baby placenta…because she’s not as big as she normally is….and thus her big tits look better…becasue when she is big…the big tits are just something to look at that doesn’t make me want to puke..

So here’s to old lady Katy Perry not making me want to puke. It MAY be a first….


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Katy Perry Launches her Vegas Residency of the Day

I don’t know why I’ve always got weird vibes from Katy Perry, she just always seemed like a bit of a hack or a scam, someone not talented enough to have all that success, but who managed to get all that success anyway….she has made STUPID fucking money…but watcher her on stage has always been so clunky….

I am sure my analysis of Katy Perry’s talent really has an impact on her winning at fucking life, I am insignificant…but I am still allowed to have an opinion…even if no one reads it.

I have always just reduced Katy Perry to her big tits, because despite loving all tits, tits of ALL sized, I don’t discriminate tits…and I am sure other people have too…because you have to be a weirdo to be into Katy Perry music.

I was in an UBER once on the day Katy Perry was dropping her new album, it was a bunch of years ago, but the UBER driver was a chick and she was so fucking happy, EAGER to hear the new album and my luck meant I got in the car 2 minutes before it dropped…meaning for 20 minutes I had to listen to the shit while realizing this bitch has legit psycho fans…what a fucking weird fucking world…this celeb worship over lame fucking music…but good for Katy Perry pulling the scam…

Now that you know where I am coming from, thinking Katy Perry is a clunky, awkward scam of a celebrity with shitty music that people love….I will say…

Shit, she must be eating stem cells from the fucking placenta of her birth, because she’s looking 10 years younger than she looked 5 years ago….HOW does that happen.

I will also say that if you go to VEGAS, and you don’t dress in an ELVIS jumpsuit, then you are shit…

So I love that she’s made her own version of it, even if I think everything else she does is the worst…BECAUSE…I am an Elvis fan…and a titty fan….just not a Katy Perry fan…

Photos by Legendary Rony’s Photobooth

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Katy Perry’s School Bus Driver Body in a Swimsuit of the Day

This is not some kind of Grimace sighting on the beaches of Hawaii…it’s not purple Volcano that is about to errupt…but her thighs may make her mom pussy burst if she tried to close her legs…

It is Katy Perry’s post pregnancy body, where her pre-pregnancy body looked like a post pregnancy body, so her post pregnancy body never stood a fucking chance of looking like anything but a 45 year old mom at the public pool trying to burn some calories to justify the entire cake she ate the night before…

Jut way too middle of the road, old as shit mom body for me…and hopefully anyone else out there who can see beyond big tits, cuz I know some of you are staring at the tits and into this lunch lady who sneaks one too many fries when plating the lunches than she should….and that’s disgusting…you are disgusting but most importantly…KATY PERRY is disgusting….

She has money, teams of people, the ability to not be a monster…yet she chooses this look…and that’s the fucking issue…those thighs…terrifying.

This is woman who is not trying very fucking hard to live that FIT life…doesn’t she scroll instagram or watch the youtube pre-roll ads…I mean get it together you demon cunt with those demon thighs!


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Katy Perry Mom Tits of the Day

Katy Perry is disgusting, she has always been disgusting and knowing that a creature recently ripped out of her already disgusting cunt after growing inside her slime filled cunt for what I would assume is the last 24 months makes her even more disgusting. Then there’s the whole slime filled tits, tits that in Katy Perry’s defence allowed her to confuse men into thinking she wasn’t the slimy acne ridden hipster goth genderless weirdo who stank of onion soup in the back of your high school class……tits she used to DUPE the whole system into thinking “I Kissed a Girl” was the more than just a viral video like Rebecca Black’s Friday, but instead worthy of this superstar career. I do not get it, but I know the record industry is very corrupt so that’s likely why…

So yeah, her tits that were her only redeeming quality, are bigger now that they are milk filled and she’s showing them off looking all 45 and geriatric, because I guess she knows she’s disgusting and wants some of that big tit energy feedback she gets…however she is still and will always be…digusting.

am sure is more parasitic and alien, makes her more disgusting….


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Katy Perry Post Pregnancy Fatty of the Day

I thought Katy Perry already had her kid…..but her thighs are telling me a whole other story…one that involves her being in her 12th month of gestation because bitch is a fucking elephant…

Oh that new mom weight thanks to a pregancy that opened the door to being your true self, without the pressures of being a 35 year old trying to be hot popstar, where you can finally dive in an eat the fuck out of everything….plus with all that money in the bank…there’s not limitations to all the cake….I mean we’ve seen it all before, a chick on the cusp of fatness get knocked up only to never return, but never have those compulsive eaters had the kind of food budget this bitch has.

I have always said Katy Perry is a sloppy, pile of shit, and not just because of the way she awkwardly dances…a viral video that pulled some weird scam to exist beyond that viral video of Kissing a Girl and liking it…but instead becoming a hit making machine….all while sucking so hard….but not hard enough to make Orlando bust on her face instead of in her womb to produce what we can all assume is a shitty baby, one that the mom doesn’t even want to hang so instead she goes on walks with her paid helpers she calls “friend”…maybe she should look into brisk walks with personal trainers….lean up you knobby kneed pigeon toed freak.


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