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Fat Katy Perry Big TIts in a Cat Suit of the Day

Fat Katy Perry brought her big tits out in a cat suit that she’s pretty much busting out of at the seams – as stretchy fabric may be good for fat people – it allows them to wear jeans in a reasonable size – so they can live in fat denial – but eventually the elastic gives out – there is only so much pressure and abuse it can take….

Based on her gunt and cankles that we’ve seen for years, there’s no surprise in her having big tits. We are all aware and not impressed by her tits – since tits on a fat chick are pretty standard practice unless you’re really failing at life…

But those tits are the only redeeming quality she has, her fame will forever be very confusing as fuck to me. She’s got no talent, she can’t dance, yet she’s a huge star…all from a viral song…it’s fucking weird…and even an act of terrorism as I don’t consent to hear her songs – yet I have heard her songs due to radio play….which is what the extreme left should be fighting…the right to not be exposed to dog shit music like Katy Perry music when I’m at the drug store buying AIDS medication….FREEDOM isn’t real based on the fact that I know her lyrics alone…because TRUST me…it was not intentional or a guilty pleasure or any of that…it’s was MEDIA manipulation…Fake News the music version.

Tits though…She’s 40 though…Why is she dressed like this? I don’t get it.


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Katy Perry Tits Gut and Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Katy Perry Tits Gut and Ass in a Bikini

Katy Perry in a bikini reminds me of seeing most 45 year olds who try to eat well, try to workout, but don’t quite succeed because they can’t resist the cake….or the fries…but hit the gym harder the next day…which means she’s not overly fat, but still gross.

She’s got a mom body, without being a mom, and has since she started and that makes little to no sense to anyone…but then again, Katy Perry, sent from hell to terrorize us, doesn’t make sense to me. Her limited song and dance talent just doesn’t make any fucking sense…and her success with one viral song turning into a career and super stardom also makes no sense…but it happened and it could be because of her tits…but I’ll say it’s devil dealings…her dad is a preacher you know…so he’s got that direct line to figure out ways to whore his daughter out to make her become THIS….whatever THIS sloppy mess may be…

Katy Perry Tits Gut and Ass in a Bikini


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Katy Perry Still Exists in a Bikini of the Day

Katy Perry Bikini

If you’re still looking for who Killed XXXTENTATCION…it was Katy Perry…because he put on her new album, and someone with some sense couldn’t take it and now he’s dead…

If you’re wondering why all those mexican kids are being taken from their parents, it was Katy Perry…they asked for the Katy Perry Album for Cinco de Mayo…and the parents were wise enough to say “get the fuck out”…

If you’re wondering why all the plastic in the ocean is killing the eco system…and the ocean life…it’s Katy Perry from all the CDs she bought of herself to trick the billboard charts to think she matters….then throwing it in the trash to get rid of the evidence.

She’s garbage…I believe all things wrong with the world stem from this monster…this pig..this fucking scam…

I don’t think her big tits are worth looking at or celebrating because she’s that disgusting of a person…

Her entire career, even when she was starting up was a rip off scam, with zero originality or talent. Her dancing was bulky at best…

There are more pics of her in a bikini. I refuse to post them. Find them somewhere else – you sick fucks

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Katy Perry Nasty Bathing Suit of the Day

Katy Perry grabbing her pussy in a gross bathingsuit

Katy Perry, a nun hating demon sent from the depths of hell to rape our minds with shitty music we all know the lyrics of thanks to evil BRAIN WASHING….

She scares me…..clothed or not, bathing suit or not, even if I appreciate her wearing her a one piece cuz she knows she’s gross, when most women think two piece is the standard for all…

She is out there scratching her Crotch, probably a rash, being suffocated by her fat thighs, because she’s fat…and disgusting like she’s some kind of hot bitch who people adorn and want to see her fat gunt getting choked out like a wrestler…

I’m glad these are from a distance….spy creeper cam…because she’s far from good…and not good from far…

To See The Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Katy Perry Sexual Assaulter of the Day

Katy Perry just pulled the rapiest move of all time, but because she’s Katy Perry, it’s gone unnoticed, or maybe that’s because no one is watching American Idol, where this idiot would host..or judge or whatever it is that she does that I can assume is so fucking annoying because she’s the fucking worst. I can’t even handle her when she’s not talking on TV like people care, playing it up like she matters, to me she will always be the right place / right time / hipster with a viral song when people thought you give every viral act a record deal…

If this was Weinstein, or really any dude doing it to a girl coming to a casting, audition, or whatever this is…

I am offended she didn’t get arrested for this. It’s fucking gross and likely, has herpes.

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Katy Perry is Disgusting of the Day

Katy Perry is seen signing autographs in Los Angeles, California

Katy Perry attended some MINNIE MOUSE event, who she refers to as Minerva Mouse, because she’s just on such good terms with the secret society at Disney who basically run Hollywood, from pedophile rings to deciding which shitty puppet they will use for their propaganda…because the only explanation that Katy Perry has such a lucrative and prolific career being an ugly monster of a woman, with no good song, nothing interesting to say, no great stage presence…or talent…is she’s a pawn in some bigger picture….

That said, it was Minnie’s 90th Birthday of giving women Unrealistic body expectations, you know they have to grow up knowing they’ll never grow ears as big, and it’s too bad that it’s not Katy Perry’s 90th birthday, because the liklihood of her dying would be far greater than they are…instead, we’re going to be stuck with this fat ass cankle pile of shit and her smut for years to come thanks to her constant self promotion. Yay.


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Katy Perry Unfortunate Crotch Shot of the Day

Katy Perry is disgusting flashing her crotch

This is the worst way to go into Christmas…

Katy Perry, a demon sent from the depths of hell to rape our minds with shitty music we all know the lyrics of thanks to evil BRAIN WASHING….

Out there showing her Crotch being suffocated by her fat thighs, because she’s fat…like she’s some kind of hot bitch who people adorn and want to see her fat gunt getting choked out like a wrestler…

I’ll always look at pussy definition…but that doesn’t mean the pussy definition is worth looking at..

This Girl is a Monster…and her tits aren’t even that great.


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