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Topless Woman Protesting White Lives Mattering and Other Videos of the DAy

LOOK MA – NO HANDS – at 170 KM/ Hour (dude died)

Cops Handing Out Ice Cream to Black People

Truck VS Bikers

Bar Fight in Texas

Golf Fight

Tornado Rips Through Vietnam

Tiger VS Car Bumper

Craziest Spinning Car

Dude Gets Run Over by a Car

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Sex in the Park and Other Videos of the Day

Funeral Strippers

Drunk Lady VS the Police LADA

Terrifying – Guy Chops off a Random Woman’s Hands in Costa Rica

Boston Zoo Gorilla Attacks

Costco Shooting by an Off Duty Cop

Idiot Protestor Almost Kills Himself

Crossing the Street Fail

Woman Trying the Insurance Scam

Suit VS Corporate Fountain

Flash Robbery

Butt Implant Gone Wrong

Big Rig on Fire

Haitian Band Entertains

Big Booty Bait Prank of the Day

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Man Fucks a Car and Other Videos of the Day

Man VS Woman at the Salon – With a Hilarious Canadian Accent…

Idiot on the Sidewalk Picks Up Girl and Falls on his Face

Elephant Throws Rock – Kills Girl

Wing Suit Pilot Hits a Target

Girl With Long Tongue – We Call Her PUG MOUTH

Snake Bites Dog Dick

Humvee Delivery

Don’t Watch this Video – of a Guy Killing Himself on a Train – Nice Way to Traumatize Everyone for Life…

Dude in Romania – Had Fight with Girlfriend – Jumped In Front of Car

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Chick Fight at Taco Bell – While Dude Orders…and Other Videos of the Day

Vegas Chick Fight – White Girls…

Couple Fuck at the Cafe

Hot Couple of the Day

Passenger Throws Coffee on Bus Driver

Local Pepper Sprays Naked Guy

First Time Shooter – One of Trump’s GIrls…

Jay Walking Fail

Rare Wolverine in California – Far Less Gay than Hugh Jackman

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Clothing Store Boss Fucks Employee Behind Counter and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Shits in the Elevator

Kid Who Feeds on Dog Milk…

Women VS Liquor Store Owner

Bull Dogs Acting like Old Couple on Couch

Vegetables Washed in Sewage

Zombies in Rhode Island….Pokemon….

Shark VS Hammerhead…


Natural Gas Fire in VEgas…

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New York Park Bench Star and Other Videos of the Day

Terrifyuing Truck Accident…

This is What Happens When You Cheat on your Husband in China

Classy Topless Chick Fight

Kit Hit by Car – Hard

Classy Rochester New York

Bull VS Person…in Mexico

Tiger VS Woman in China who Gets Out of Car in a Nature Reserve like an Idiot

Rio Training for Terrorist Attack

Man Tried to Kill a Guy Getting Dialysis in ALbania – Ends Up Killing Two Other Women

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Couple Have Sex Under the Bridge and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Shoots Cheek Pretty Sure This is a Fake

Tiger Vs People

Olympic Torch Grab

Olympic Torch Fall

Phone Thief Raps

Terrifying Motorbike Accident

Car VS Shrine

Bear VS Fake Dear

Dog Riding Horse

Pokemon – Fuck Her Right in the Pussy

Tourists VS Falling Rocks

Worst Drunk at the Party

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Korean Banana Smoothie and Other Videos of the Day

Cops Throwing Around a Woman in 2015

Interesting Builders of the Day

Japanese Carnival

Police Dog VS Trainer

Olympic Torch Fail

Tire VS Mechanic

Fishing Girl of the DAy

Swimming with a Python….what…

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Couple on the BEach and Other Videos of the Day

Guy Watching 9/11 Video on Plane –

Russian KFC Knockout

Car Waiting for Owner in the Most Annoying Way Ever

Dude Chokes Out a drunk Guy – Unprovoked

Girls Taken Out

Keepin’ Warm – By Cathing Yourself on Fire

Scooter Fail of the Day

Parent with baby Escalator Fail of the Day

Dude Shot on Venezuelan Bus -WTF

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Armless Man Rages and Other Videos of the Da

Bus Cruises Through Traffic

65 Year Old Knocked Out in Unprovoked Attack

Woman Stripped Bottomless

Drunk Guy Thrown in Kiddie Pool

Cop SHot By Thug

Cop Does Not Shoot Suspect Because He’s Not Black

Pokemon Player Hits Cop Car

Man Shoots Wife With Toy Gun – Over and Over again…


Naked Women Protest

Bar Man’s Jagerbomb Record Breaking Trick Pour….It’s actually pretty good…

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Transfeminine Canadians and Other Videos of the DAy

KO at Walmart

Bride Faceplant

Runner Nuts VS Pole

Garbage Day in Taiwan

Clever Thieves

Stripped for Sleeping with Married Man

Husband Interrogates Naked Wife with a KNife

Punished for Sleeping with Married Man

Woman Tries to Breast Feed Co-Worker

India Wipers

Hot in Saudi Arabia

French Ppl Throw Trash where Killer Died

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Old Man Getting a Double Blowjob on the Balcony at the Waldorf Astoria – a Hilton Hotel and Other Videos of the Day

Casual Public Oral Sex

Horrible Fight

Dancing in the Street…

Dog Attacks Man – Crazy

Cat on the Back of a Scooter

Sewage Pipe Bursts at a Family BBQ

Man Eating Baby Mice

Man Not Scared of Bear

Look at this Racist Donald Trump Supporter Going Crazy

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Top Gets Ripped Off and Other Videos of the Day

Angry Wife Catches Cheating Husband…

Crazed Guy Shot by Cops

Cop Beats a Dude in Calgary

Cop Dragged at Traffic Stop

Firefighter Caught Under the Bridge

Asian Escalator of the Day

Police Chase of the Day

Nice Cops – Nice

Guy Gets Beat

Spencer Tunick’s Naked Blue People….

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Woman Takes Shit in Broad Daylight and Other Videos of the Day

Husband with Knife Intrrogates Naked Wife

Made in China – Motorcycle

Japanese Police VS Biker Gang

Cat Watching Rats Fight

Fan Tries to Extinguish Olympic Torch

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Tom Greene Made a Donald Trump Rap…I hate funny or die, but I’ll post it anyway….

The masses are clearly misguided, and it’s not their fault, just understand his patriotic claims and banter even if they are empty statements and just words…sensationalized words that the media pushes on people because they are competing for ratings…

Trying to get people to think logically or critically, when they can barely tie their shoes, and the ignorant life is more a want for a wholesome America, not the commercial noise and fear mongering….

Freedom when we aren’t as free as other countries but we will say it over and over again until we believe it…there are just a lot of people who don’t understand. If you breed a nation of idiots through overpriced higher education, shitty media, constant barrage of corporate interest and commercialization of content – all content – you’re going to have a nation of idiots.

If you feed those idiots garbage rhetoric they are going to perpetuate and contort that garbage into bigger and stinkier garbage. The idea is keep people dumb to control them in the land of the free but the objective should be to create the smartest and thus most powerful nation.

Instead the goal is to sell sugary drinks and reality tv to people. Everyone knows true freedom comes with knowledge.

I am not a liberal or a conservative, I just find things going on absolutely insane as a logical thinking human…everything doesn’t need to be junk food, or reality TV, or media manipulation for followers or rating or fame, and negativity shouldn’t be what everyone talks about, the trolls, like me should be ignored, because there’s no substance and garbage…people are misguided….and shock culture is going to kill your culture…because people want hits and anger / racism and frustration keeps us divided.

Why can’t we be good humans, I hate people, but I keep to myself and I’m still a good person. There’s no need for any of this bullshit.

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