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Naked Vietnamese Woman Trippin’and Other Videos of the Day

South African Hijacking

Woman Crashes Car in Pole – Then Drops baby

Saudi Prince Forced to Walk…is Confused By It

Woman Named – Keevonna Wilson – in Artech Condominiums in Aventura – Kicked Her Dog and got Arrested…But Must Die…

Man Revives a Deer – Mouth to Mouth

13 Year old Gets Ambushed So That Other Kids can Steal His Shoes

Samsung Explodes

Dude Tells Door to Door Sales Girl He’s a Pornstar Because of his Big Dick

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Titty Dance and Other Videos of the Day

Guy Pushes Girlfriend out of Window

Truck Takes Out Woman

Racist Jewish Woman in Israel Calling Black Jewish Woman in Israel Stinky on the Bus because Jewish people are Racist even to their own Jewish kind

Dude Uses his CRX as a Skateboard and Fucks it up…

Naked Woman Runs Through London

Violent Sucker Punch

Asian Vagina Whip

The AR-15 Bumfire Chick from CNN of the Day

Man Upset About the Fat Girl he Fucked

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The Chinese Massage Guy is the Hero from the Dark Corner of Youtube of the Day

I was trolling youtube last night and came across a bunch of random shit that I guess is marked educational – but that is actually erotica, fetish shit, pornographic to the right person, which I guess everything is…

But there are videos, countless videos of dudes measuring their dicks before and after using a Penis pump…there are tutorials on how to massage the prostate…there are bikini wax spread pussy videos…and naked yoga videos…all running Google ads…clickbait, porn…anything to generate the views for the publicly traded company.

I’ve been talking about Youtube Porn for years…and find it so ridiculous that I can’t get a google ad on my site, sometimes for posting youtube videos hosted by youtube, because they are too hardcore but ok for them…elitist cunts.

Well, this guy, the street massager or masseuse, I doubt has qualifications gives random girls massages, films it, posts to youtube and no doubt jerks off to it…

And for that…he is a legend..

Here are some of his videos.

Big Titty Girl

Red Bikini Girl…

Some Hot Skinny Girl

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Random Naked Woman in the Street and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Takes Out a Hot Chick…What?

Woman in Heels for the First Time

Lil Kid Robbing

Man on LSD Vs Life

Flying Plank VS Windshield

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Naked and Dancing and Other Videos of the Day

Crazy Mooning

Crazy Neighbors

Naked Pinata

Chav Cause Crash

Dude says Kill Me – To The Vegas Shooter

Man Dresses as Woman to Avoid Arrest

Aggressive Guy on the Plane

Drunk Racist in North Carolina

Man on the Powerlines…

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Alexis Ren Looks Good of the Day

You may not know who Alexis Ren is, because she’s instagram famous, and despite what instagram famous people think, she is not actually famous, but sometimes the instagram famous are able to trick the mainstream companies into thinking they are real famous, getting them high paying jobs, even roles in movies and other nonsense, and then they get picked up by the media – and that a lone makes them real famous…because ultimately, being real famous doesn’t take that much skill or talent, anyone can act average at best in a blockbuster movie, if the directed is into fucking them enough…

The point of the story is not analyzing who or what Alexis Ren is…it’s staring at her hot body and saying…damn that’s a hot body…because in a world full of crazy…a hot body is so critical to stare at…because it exists, it’s real, and with the diet of people these days…a dying art form…

Seriously…this body is magical…


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Naked Lady on the Road and Other VIdeos of the Day

Naked Crackhead in Las Vegas

Iranian Tax Driver VS Wife

Drunk Guy Interviewed About Vegas Shooting

Moose Getting Chased by 3 Dogs

White Trash Chick Fight

Window Cleaning in Bangkok

Bears VS Car

22 Year Old Girl Gets Shot by a Dude after Filming His Fight

Police Get Chased out of Town

Crackwhore Stealing Cigarettes Fail

Bikini Ass Watching Planes of the Day

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Top 20 SFW Cam Girl Clips Part 8 of the Week

Webcams are a magical invention that allow us to go on magical adventures with magical people who offer more to the world than just straight up NSFW behavior.

They are talented, they are funny, they are quirky, they are interesting, they are so much more than what society pegs them as.

They are entrepreneurs, personal brands, are far more exciting than anything on instagram…for so many reasons….

That is why we celebrate these stars, these talents, these skillful young ladies….

And the nice thing is you know you can see them naked if you get as addicted as I am to the cam girl movement….every night of my life…this is what I do…piggy backing off some other sucker’s tips…

Visit MYFREECAMS for more…

We’ve done a bunch more of these bad boys – ALL LEGENDARY – CLICK HERE

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Amber Heard Making Out with Dude of the Day

Amber Heard is filming Aquaman or some shit she doesn’t deserve to be in – because she’s an opportunistic slut who fucked her way to Johnny Depp, threw him under the bus after all he did for her, made him look like a villain, and took a lot of money from him…because that’s what Black Widows who know how to fuck dudes do…

She then went onto Elon Musk billionaire, who I am sure she fucked the autism right out of, because clearly girl knows how to fuck men hard enough to make them sign checks and give into her nonsense…manipulate them…she is an actor..

Well, apparently, she’s got some new dude she fucks to feed her ego, probably a billionaire, and their makeout, intense makeout captured on video by the people next door…and this video may get her MUSK allowance cut off, that’s the only reason I am trying to do my part to get it seen…because it’d be nice to see her life ruined and her working like the hooker that she is…on the street corner..

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Bella Thorne Foot Tattoo of the Day

Bella Thorne showed off her mangled acne ridden face after getting a new lip….because that’s what all the kids are up to and I am sure they have been into it for a long time..as I remember fucking an 18 year old about a decade ago and she used to put cinnamon on her face…even though she already had lips in a weird body dismorphia that has left her looking like a clown thanks to the accessibility of plastic surgery..

That said, she also got her foot tattooed and from what I know about people, they fucking love feet, fucking internet perverts see a foot and go fucking nutty over it…It’s a crazy world we live in…all these feet loving weirdos…and the slutty Disney kids who pander to it….designed to tease that cock…so eat it up…thats what she wants you to do…but not really – because if she met you in person she’d be terrified of you.


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Sex in Public Between Two Cars and Other Videos of the Day

Find this Bird Killing Asshole and Kill Him

Attempted Murder of the Day

Stampede at the Railway

Zombie Found in truck

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Masturbating Burglar and Other Videos of the Day

AirBNB Guest of the Day

Robbers Get Confronted by Guard Chiuahuas

Dog VS Tiger

Gecko Escapes Snake

Dump Truck Hits Height Limit Pole and Kills Oncoming Driver

Woman Who Hates Dogs – Pretends she has Dog Allergy – Gets Taken Off Plane

Woman GIves Birth in Hospital Elevator

Corrections Officier Gets Taken Out By Inmates

Police Gets Shot on the I80

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British Woman Ran Around Bangkok Naked and Other Videos of the Day

Big Guy Goes Down….

Snake in the Toilet

Bus Driver Gets Attacked

One Against Three in a Fight

Poor Nurse Shark Killed Nursding off a Guy

Dude Dressed like a Coke Bottle Robs a Restaurant

Drunk Brawl

Sex in the Parking Lot…

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Top 14 SFW Cam Clips of the Week Part 7 of the Day

We love webcams, they are responsible for 98 percent of our happiness, but not just for the obvious reason, but because these women are creative and amazing, capable of so much more than what you’d expect of them, you know fucking themselves with objects for tip money, you know they have to be engaging, entertaining, funny and weird to keep people locked in and wanting to tip them to do naked and amazing things with objects shoved inside them….and for that reason alone…we must celebrate the SFW moments…EVERY WEEK HERE…sometimes Twice a Week if the Mood is right…and these are a few we pulled this week….all weird…all the time….

If you’re inspired to find your own clips, or to see some of these girls get naked, visit some MyFreeCams – that’s where I go for all my Cam Girl Needs…with account for 98 percent of my happiness…

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Jade Chynoweth Matching Panties of the Day

Her name is Jade Chynoweth . She’s a 19 year old from UTAH who is in a lot of really important things like the Step UP Stomp the Yard TV series you didn’t know exists because why would you know that, it’s not like you’re some kind of pervert who snuck into Step Up stomp the yard when it was in Movie Theaters to see both the girls who were into seeing such a stupid movie and that girls in the movie…dancing around like young harlots set to shitty storylines reminding you of softcore porn you used to jerk off to…enough to make you want to PEE WEE HERMAN up in there…but you don’t because you don’t want to go to Jail again…but you know that there will be decades of spin offs of the franchise that you can revisit going straight to DVD or in our generations case – NETFLIX…

That said, the perverts are watching her, because young and dancing are two things that appeal to perverts…I know because I am a pervert and I have actually fucked a girl who used to dance like this in some weird dance troop and she rode my dick unlike anything I had ever experienced…I just laid back and watched the recital….her musculature and fitness…amazing…..thick in a good way…

This is a social media story she posted of her matching bra and panty set because why wouldn’t she post that…right…RIGHT…..bad girl I KNOW!

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