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Pervert Does his California Beach Walk of the Day

This video was posted on Youtube a month ago. It was actually shown to me over the last few days as a recommendation and not because I was talking about placing creeper cams in public bathrooms as a joke, or even because I read a story about the family suing an airline because the flight waitress put a camera in the first class bathroom to watch their 15 year old daughter shit….

This video was being promoted to me because the Youtube machine things creeper cam content on the beach is totally fine…

So when you and your friends text each other those upskirts and cameltoes you see along the way, the unsuspecting girls, know that google will let you monetize that.

They won’t let me monetize any site I’ve wanted to, but if I walk the beach with a hidden cam and stop in front of hot chicks, to give the disabled loser at home who can’t walk the beach a cosplay or virtual experience….they’ll run ads to Club Med on the shit….

Crazy world….where creepers are rewarded…JUST NOT THIS CREEPER….

Oh….life as a cancelled before cancelled meant something loser…

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