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Sex in Public and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Protestor with Awesome Tits

Couple Fuck in Parking Lot in Atlanta

Dog Steals Scooter

Cocaine Packing Machine

Russian Snake Handler Dies After Getting Bit by Snake

Texan University Brawl

Parent Runs Over Teacher

Two Women – One Sewer

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Erica Badu for the Dick of the Day

Erykah Badu….Andre 3000s baby momma…and star from a long time ago…put out a freestyle about the dick…and people are liking it…probably because it’s not Nicki Minaj…who is the fucking worst..

I don’t remember thinking I wanted to fuck Erykah Badu when she had that hit song…but I guess somethings aren’t about fucking or wanting to fuck…and I’d want to fuck anything in theory…even those I’ve never done bullshit nonsense posts one….

Listening to a girl putting out a video all girls can relate to…because they are all dickmatized….even the lesbians…they just don’t realize it because they are trying to be on trend.

Stay Woke for the Dick.

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Mattress Shopping Sex and Other Videos of the Day

Cop VS Tranny

Waiter Slips and Spills Boiling water on kid…

Fatal Airshow Crash

Man Attacks Woman – Not Hard Enough

Crackhead of the Day

Wake up Prank

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Kendall Jenner for Fergie of the Day

Fergie is out of touch. Old meth head got that meth brain….a little ICE In Paradise…the scammer edition…but she’s trying so hard to make this comeback…so hard she cast a Karadashian…the Kendall Jenner Daughter of that Bitch Bruce with the tight new pussy…to try to appeal to the kids…without coming across as an old washed up crackhead…or maybe she’s just friends with Bruce and doing his daughter a favor as they met at the DICK CHOP clinic…you know cuz FERGIE is hard faced right….

I don’t know if it is working, because she’s also releasing stories of her divorce to get into the media and that shit is trending on google because people still care about Fergie I guess…it’s her masculinity…can’t take her town…bitch will overcome….while you dream about coming all over her…

Here’s Fergie on the Today Show being old as fuck….

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Help Find the Pooping Jogger of the Day

I figure if I can use the sheer size and influence of this site for good, I might as well..

You know all these fans and followers sitting on the end of their ergonomic chair at their shitty job, or sinking into their soiled couch like me, waiting for my next post – like it is the message of the messiah and it could be….

So why just post celebrity garbage that doesn’t matter – when I can try to do some social justice, or find some criminals and make the world a better place

ANd that is why I am posting this video of the Pooping Jogger who poops on the sidewalk outside of some woman’s house for whatever reason…ultimately because she’s a star.

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Woman Sucking Man’s Fingers in Subway and Other Videos of the Day

18 Year Old Gets Caught Getting Head from a Girl’s Mom…This is Her Busting him…

Cat Won’t Leave Owner’s Grave

Car with Body Found Underwater after 18 Years

1950s Beauty Pageant

Angry Homeless Guy VS Cops

Really Fucked Up Burn Out

Glass Falling During Mexico Earthquake

Playing with Lady Boy’s Breasts

Stripclub does a Topless Car Wash

Weird Chinese Prank

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Ashley Graham is a Pig Bitch Testing Out the Power of Hotel Furniture and Mattresses of the Day

I don’t believe anyone finds a pig in make-up, you know a fat bitch, who is married to big black cock who like fat bitches, but who don’t account for the target demo of the fat bitch clothing she sells, or the noise she makes whining to get into mainstream magazines that normally don’t fall for the mid 30s fat bitch wife, or give her the gig, because they would just ignore her incessant fan letters she’d send daily when husband was at work, kids were at school, or she was at home unable to have kids, because she was so fat she couldn’t get her period and breed…so she’s just watch soap operas and get fatter.

I know for a fact – NO ONE LIKES FAT BITCHES…not publicly, at 3 am drunk maybe, but never something you’d admit…and if you did we’d laugh, but not judge because collectively we re fascinated by fat tits…..

I know fat chicks don’t like fat chicks, they can pretend they do, but if they did, they wouldn’t hate themselves and eat their feelings..

I know a fat chick scamming, who wishes she wasn’t a fat chick, but loves eating too much to not be a fat chick….

I know she plays the “Fuck the haters card” but just saying that means you care about the haters, and I have a feeling this bitch keeps eating because she’s found an angel..

You know how not to get made fun of for being fat…by not being fat…or saying fat is healthy..when it’s fucking not…

But why not be fat when you get fucking paid…fat bitch in a fat fucking movement…pigging out to have a fat fucking bowel movement..

These monsters are fucking vile…fat fucking vile fucking pig bitches no one wants to see, yet they get naked on social media for the BBW porn lovers

YES we get it – fat fetishes exist and always have, we’ve seen the magazines…stop fucking shoving fat down all our throats…we collectively hate it

AND put some damn pants on your tranny monster…or did you EAT THOSE TOO….


I hate you.

I also hate that she didn’t fucking make that bed collapse with her big disgusting body that makes a King look like a single…

I also hate that the caption on the fat cellulite pic is “Me #sorry not sorry” or something with a princess EMOJI….so empowering…you fucking scammer….all the fat sloppy bitches unite…in a You Go White girl….that said CELLULITE POWER is a real thing if you cut off all the fat you can use it as fuel…i’ve seen Eskimo do it with dead whales…

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Vivid’s Dark Knight Porn Parody to Prepare You For Justice League of the Day

My FRIENDS THE LEGENDARY VIVID are famous for their award winning Super Hero porn parody movies. They remind me that porn is still what porn was meant to be…fun, with story, mocking the mainstream, in a clever and amazing way…and I am not just saying that…CHECK OUT VIVID.COM to see what I mean…

If you read the site you will know that I hate the state of porn, I hate that these sleazy internet assholes are focused only graphic throat fucking clips, instead of good old fashioned porn actresses, playing the part of what could be a B-Movie role, parodying classic characters…artistry..I miss the artistry…

Porn used to be something you could sit and watch beginning to end…because it was a movie…with hardcore sex in in to break up the boring parts of mainstream movies…with sex…and we all like sex…

It’d be funny, it’d make fun of itself, it knew it was low budget…but it was a good time…

So seeing people like Vivid still making movies, parody movies, means there’s still a market of that…but maybe that’s just because super hero everything sells…

I don’t personally give a fuck about super heroes, or comic books, I never read the shit, but assume all you perverts love that shit, I mean you’re just that socially awkward…virgin losers who had not friends besides your comic books growing up…back when comic books weren’t every single movie ever made in Hollywood…

Now it’s all this CGI superhero crap people love…but it’s missing one important thing…the PORN….you know seeing people like Ben Affleck in tights get sodomized…

But VIVID…the real hero comes in to save the day….because , as a build up to the release of the MAINSTREAM Justice League movie on November 17, I decided to post an exclusive VIVID clip a week (FOR THREE WEEKS) and they feature three of the same characters from Justice League…because why not..

This week, we have Dark Knight XXX – a Porn Parody…amazing I know….this is the SFW clip, but you can head over to STEPSMUT to see the hardcore version…because that’s really what you’re interested in…

Director Axel Braun cast Giovanni Francesco as the Gotham vigilante. For the three female leads he cast Aiden Ashley as Catwoman, Andy San Dimas at Kathy Kane and Penny Pax at Batgirl.

Porn Lives. Thank you VIVID for existing and still bringing the classics, and the future classics. I’m really not just saying that. Supporting actual porn movies is so important. Don’t let the art of porn, what we love about porn EVER die…

CHECK OUT stepSMUT to see the XXX clip..

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New Vagina and Other Youtube Porn of the Day

So I have had countless videos, photos, content deleted off social media since the dawn of social media…

I’ve had accounts deleted on every platform from a weird rave social network in the last 90s….to forums in the Y2k….to Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter…and YOUTUBE…to the point where I pretty much gave up on social media, even though that’s where the eyeballs are, knowing I can’t control the shit…

Just a couple weeks ago my SFW Cam Girls of the Week video got deleted…for having censored nudity…

Yet…there’s videos like NUDE YOGA…so much nude yoga – because it’s spiritual…or some shit..I can go on an on about the injustice of social media, google, advertising, etc….but I won’t….I’ve been bitching about this since 2004….seriously…and I used to find youtube porn videos and post them to call it out…back in 2007 or some shit..

Here’s that nude yoga…erotica that is Safe for Youtube…but cam girls in THONGS aren’t…

Even though clearly it’s a pervert’s doing….paying Eastern Euro chicks to go to Ibiza with him to fuck, and film nude yoga videos…because he’s a pervert….

Or then there’s the new vagina videos of a plastic surgeon in Singapore who gives discount operations because he’s a pervert…showing off new pussy…like CLOSE UP Pussy…in what is not educational at all…and that you’ll know is not educational at all…when he says the new vagina he made looks YUMMY..

LOOKS YUMMY…the world is fucking crazy…and Youtube is a publicly traded porn site worth 200 billion dollars…

Fucking nuts…

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Public Sex with a Fat Chick and Other Videos of the Day

Wife VS Mistress

Flying Sex Doll of the Day

Phone Stolen of the Day

Suntanning Man Gets Run Over

Bus Driver KIlled By His Own Bus

Old Man on his Scooter Driving Down Middle of Road

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Alexis Ren’s Cultural Journey to Japan of the Day

Alexis Ren oral fixation in japan

I guess some rich people, or some Japanese brand, or some sugar daddy has booked Alexis Ren a first class ticket to Tokyo to do some very important marketing campaigns, because Japan like white American in their ads, especially when they are so popular even before their bolt on tits…

I don’t really follow what Alexis Ren’s journey is, I just think the content that she produces is so basic, shameless, like all these instagrammers, them half naked in some nice or expensive place, like I fucking care to see them anywhere….

All these uneducated fucks with nothing to offer the world but promo modeling / glamour modeling…no skills, no substance, no thoughtfulness, or provocative or edgy things that make us think, or that improve or inspire..

It’s just gross, gluttony, excess, just mooching off the system and not even doing anything of purpose in life….she’s a titty entity who lives and gets clicks…in her own bubble of consumption….vile fucking humans…

She’s just tits half naked, mindless fucking clickbait bottom feeding shit people are into..

It’d be a good time for a North Korean Bomb to hit wherever the fuck this bitch is standing…rid the world of another vapid twat living the sex worker life pretending to not be a sex worker..

I don’t know why I am so offended by her doing a porny fetish pic in Toyok sucking a lollipop with her blowjob eyes, doing some Japanese porno fucking moves…I really don’t know why I hate this shit so much…you know her posing shamelessly doing this in the middle of the street unaware of what’s around her – for an IG pic…

It’s fucking awful to me on all levels, except the porn level, which a decent level, if the girl is getting paid porn rates, not relevant mainstream models who tricked the system rates….

YOU KNOW…know your worth or get paid your actual worth…why inflate this shit to be more than just porn shit…makes no sense to me…what makes less sense is that I know who the fuck this bitch is…

But at least she’s skinny behind all that face injection…


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Police Fear Naked Spanking Man and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Pisses in the Fountain

Sex Swing Fail

Toronto Stabbing…

Flies Fucking

Nanny VS Baby – WAHT

Woman VS PTSD Dog

Russian Car of the Day

Man Steals Lobster from Store

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Old Dude Puts PUbic Hair on Random Girl.. and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Woman on Campus

Same Naked Woman

Spear Attack at the Internet Cafe – What the Hell

Dusty Weather in Saudi Arabia

Husband Shooting Wife with Fireworks

Brutal Knockout on Hollywood BLVD

Conjoined Twins of the Day

Woman Driver Drives Over Dude By Accident – TWICE

Boyfriend Kicks Pregnant Girlfriend in the Stomach – Causes Miscarriage – Gets Arrested – Bad Contraception

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Top 19 SFW Cam Girl Clips of the Week Part 6 of the Day

We attempt to capture some of the best SFW moments of these brilliant cam girls every week….because we appreciate power women, taking their careers into their own hands, being their own boss, being creative, fun and interesting….rather than the vapid content we see on Instagram where girls are getting naked for social acceptance…that’s just weird….

I like girls who get naked for free, but who get tipped out by other suckers trying to be the whale in the room, the one we all like because thanks to him girl’s about to put dildos inside her…so many DILDOS….

I watch this shit for hours every week – on MYFREECAMS where you’ll see all these SFW girls get pretty hardcore..

This is the future as far as I’m concerned, work from home, be an idiot, let weirdos watch and tip you…while being creative, interesting and weird in the process..

It is fascinating…









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Brazilan Babe and her Flash – I Wonder if Victoria’s Secret is Hiring Her….and Other Videos of the Day

The Naked Berkley Protestor Fighting for Naked Rights…

An Asshole Left his Dog on the Side of the Road in Dallas – FIND HIM KILL HIM

Drunk Fight

Mother Goat Still Loves her Mutant Goat

The Woman Who Wants to Give her PUMPUM a Break

Man Trying to Rescue Shark

Woman Gets Taken Out by Car Because She’s Not Good at Crossing the Street

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