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Mandy Rose Bikini of the Day

Mandy Rose WWE Tits and Ass in A Red Bikini

Mandy Rose is a WWE Wrestler with tits, but you already know that….

I feel like 90 percent of my 1 reader is a WWE fan…because that’s just the kind of low hanging fruit trash I attract with the tit pics I post…and the jokes that I write….

I have known WWE people, and they do exist, they are everywhere, and they are some of the most simplistic, bad taste motherfuckers around.

I have gone to WWE events, thanks to Paul Heyman trying to seduce me into linking his website with front row tickets to a local event and I have seen the WWE fans in action…they are a crazy bunch of hicks….

I know the women in the WWE, used to make the experience less gay look like white trash Hooters girls or strippers, which is pretty on brand…

So this Mandy Rose and her tits, with fake blonde hair like it was the 90s…is pretty on brand…for me, for them, for her, for everyone….

You love it…admit it.

Mandy Rose WWE Tits and Ass in A Red Bikini

Heres her titty selfie

Mandy Rose WWE Big TIts

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