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Mandy Rose Short Removal of the Day

WWE Icon Mandy Rose is pulling her shorts down…

This will be exciting for the handful of you who jerk off to the WWE because you haven’t grown up, maybe you had some weird accident and your boners are left in the 90s, I don’t fucking know, but stripper looking bitches who wrestle half naked may excite you…and while watching that good old fashioned family programming, you likely thought “if only she was naked”…you know to make the jerking off to clothed wrestlers a little less desperate and pathetic….

Mandy Rose, top G in the WWE realized that WWE gave her a fanbase of credit card holders willing to sign up to her near nudes, and was willing to throw the WWE contract away, to make the real money it provided for her, rather than to fate away after aging out….

Moral of the story, whore work pays more than mainstream work….because mainstream work pays the people at the top and the whores they hire are interchangeable…while whore work makes the whore the CEO, or at least the trash having pennies thrown at her in exchange for her doing shameless, perverted, trashy shit…

HOT…or IS it?

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Mandy Rose is Kinda Nude of the Day

Mandy Rose is the WWE Champion, which is pretty funny to say because it is all scripted, but then again, what sport isn’t scripted really, you fucking suckers….

It’s not to discredit her athleticism or ability to fuck hard…..because I know there’s a level to the sport that got CHYNA and her dick clit addicted to pain killers after the whole career as a wrestler.

What’s important is the lesson that she has taught the girls watching the WWE, which is that even if you’re a champion, the TOP of whatever you do, you’ll make more money selling nudes, so why bother continuing.

Mandy Rose decided that premium content was her calling after doing all she did in WWE, which got her released from her contract because WWE is good old fashioned family programming featuring stripper looking bitches who seem out of their element wrestling clothed. It’s a branding thing, I guess. All WWE bitches look like Florida strippers from decades ago, like the WWE has a type….

Anyway, this is a preview of her new lucrative career, I’m into it…but that’s just because I feel connected to weathered, tanned, strippers living their dream after being taken off course by SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT…

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Mandy Rose Sheer Outfit of the Day

Mandy Rose is a WWE star who was probably underpaid by the WWE because they can get away with working these people to the bone in exchange for all the press they give them….

Because the second she realized her thirsty WWE fans wanted to see her naked, she hopped on that shit, throwing her WWE career away because she didn’t have to tour the world fake wrestling for money and attention….she could just do it from the comfort of home in a sheer one-piece…

I figure all the WWE girls look like strippers or hookers from the 90s, so despite WWE being family entertainment for white trash America, it’s pretty fucking trashy….and selling nudes seems to be a logical next best step….

The rumor is she made 1,000,000 dollars in a matter of weeks back in december, so fuck yeah, she’s likely made a few million more and that’s a fucking hustle I wish I was getting a commission off of…HOLY shit.

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Mandy Rose is Racy of the Day

I don’t watch wrestling, I don’t think I really need to go into why I don’t partake in that weirdness, but to remind you weird wrestling bros out there, it’s cheap, fake, bullshit entertainment for retards and children.

Then there’s the whole not being interested in grown men play wrestling half naked, it is pretty fucking gay…

Even when they integrated the big clit CHYNA and other girls, even the one HOT one Stacy Keibler, I had no interest in their clickbait. The girls looked like porn trash, or like Florida strippers and bar tenders and seeing them play wrestle, was zero erotic…

Well, wrestling continues to exist, there’s still big money in it, weird stunted men like it, and the trashy porn chicks they use still get dudes hot and bothered…

One of their big stars, Mandy Rose, was fired last year for having a LEWD content site for the lame ass fans of Women who Wrestle..because it reminds them of the one time they got action as a teen, back when they play wrestled their cousin and got hard and embarrassed one Thanksgiving. A spank bank memory of human touch.

Anyway, Mandy Rose realize she makes more money producing smut, she probably gets off producing the smut, and really she looks like that was probably her career calling before wrestling came along and now she makes millions doing this shit, thanks to being built up by the WWE….

This is apparently some of her content and it’s pretty racy…clothed but definitely not family friendly entertainment which I’d argue Wrestling isn’t, but for some reason pretends to be….

All this to say, I like her career trajectory.

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Mandy Rose Gives Herself a Breast Exam of the Day

Just like I tell all the busty ladies in the grocery store when trying to recruit them into letting me fondle their tits, you can never be too safe when it comes to breast cancer, I mean our whole society is throwing carcinogens our way, and really from Birth Control Pills, to Birth Control Pills in the water, the SOYBOY generation is just bound to get breast cancer….

SO it’s nice to see Mandy Rose, a WWE wrestler who was let go, or not RE-SIGNED, thanks to discovering more money is made on exclusive content, plus it feels so sexy and fun to do….Especially when the WWE typical fan is some stunted, incel, man-child, weirdo who watches wrestling, I mean turning them into paypigs seems easy and apparently it is because the rumor was Mandy Rose made over 1,000,000 dollars in 2-3 weeks when the WWE didn’t re-sign the contract….

Not to mention, WWE wrestler chicks all look like Florida strippers to me, so the selling of nudes seems to be their birthright,….or at least their calling in life.

Point of the story…she’s giving herself a breast exam to inspire the future generation on how to make money on the internet while putting your health first.

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Mandy Rose Pussy Through Her Panties of the Day

I don’t know anything about the WWE, other than that Paul Hayman is a homie who didn’t make me a famous luchador, but who probably should have…

I also know that the WWE fanboys are giant man-childs who are obsessed with something they watched as kids and just never grew out of it, probably because they were molested and thus stunted, remembering the good times before the molestation, or using the WWE to disassociate from being molested, either way, it’s a weird bunch of people into watching man on man play fighting….for the storylines…or for whatever reason…it’s weird.

I guess the girl on girl play fighting can be semi-erotic, especially since all the WWE girls look like weird porn chicks, or strippers from Florida….and I guess at their core they are just that….because one of their stars Mandy Rose was just fired for selling racy content on the internet….which is not wholesome family programming, or very good to the WWE’s biggest market in the Middle East…

So the star decided to continue selling nudes, quitting the WWE, or not having her contract renewed since the state of the world is “SELL NUDES GET PAID”….fuck dignity or anything else…it’s about the cash motherfucker.

Apparently, she made 1,000,000 dollars in 2 weeks in december, huge money for anyone, so obviously she’s continued and in continuing, she’s now in sheer panties that show off her strong man pussy….ENJOY.

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Mandy Rose Bikini Photoshoot of the Day

Mandy Rose Bikini Photoshoot

I think the WWE run like a porn company…and really targets the same lame dude who falls into man on man soap operas…fighting with each other….

It’s trashy, it’s American, it’s blue collar and the people into it…are fucking into it…

They figured out if they invest money into some dumb twat that looks like a porn chick, that is totally replaceable, and who historically, based on all the other sluts before her, will let her “celebrity” get to her head and fuck off on contract re-negotiations to go do her own thing…cuz she forgets what the power of her owners actually is….they can make the WWE less gay….

So even when she gets used to her place, and forgets the day they first hired her where she screamed at herself in the mirror saying “OMG OMG OMG THIS IS IT”….you know before the pro athlete and rich guy boyfriends…back when her other option was to be a cocktail waitress…..or stripper…or porn chick…..they’ll have other trashy all Americans to move in…and she’ll end up dying like Chyna….

I guess what I am saying is that we’ve seen this kind of person before, and where’s the fucking sex tape….live up to your tits girl…

Mandy Rose Bikini Photoshoot


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Mandy Rose Bikini of the Day

Mandy Rose WWE Tits and Ass in A Red Bikini

Mandy Rose is a WWE Wrestler with tits, but you already know that….

I feel like 90 percent of my 1 reader is a WWE fan…because that’s just the kind of low hanging fruit trash I attract with the tit pics I post…and the jokes that I write….

I have known WWE people, and they do exist, they are everywhere, and they are some of the most simplistic, bad taste motherfuckers around.

I have gone to WWE events, thanks to Paul Heyman trying to seduce me into linking his website with front row tickets to a local event and I have seen the WWE fans in action…they are a crazy bunch of hicks….

I know the women in the WWE, used to make the experience less gay look like white trash Hooters girls or strippers, which is pretty on brand…

So this Mandy Rose and her tits, with fake blonde hair like it was the 90s…is pretty on brand…for me, for them, for her, for everyone….

You love it…admit it.

Mandy Rose WWE Tits and Ass in A Red Bikini

Heres her titty selfie

Mandy Rose WWE Big TIts

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