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Mandy Rose is Racy of the Day

I don’t watch wrestling, I don’t think I really need to go into why I don’t partake in that weirdness, but to remind you weird wrestling bros out there, it’s cheap, fake, bullshit entertainment for retards and children.

Then there’s the whole not being interested in grown men play wrestling half naked, it is pretty fucking gay…

Even when they integrated the big clit CHYNA and other girls, even the one HOT one Stacy Keibler, I had no interest in their clickbait. The girls looked like porn trash, or like Florida strippers and bar tenders and seeing them play wrestle, was zero erotic…

Well, wrestling continues to exist, there’s still big money in it, weird stunted men like it, and the trashy porn chicks they use still get dudes hot and bothered…

One of their big stars, Mandy Rose, was fired last year for having a LEWD content site for the lame ass fans of Women who Wrestle..because it reminds them of the one time they got action as a teen, back when they play wrestled their cousin and got hard and embarrassed one Thanksgiving. A spank bank memory of human touch.

Anyway, Mandy Rose realize she makes more money producing smut, she probably gets off producing the smut, and really she looks like that was probably her career calling before wrestling came along and now she makes millions doing this shit, thanks to being built up by the WWE….

This is apparently some of her content and it’s pretty racy…clothed but definitely not family friendly entertainment which I’d argue Wrestling isn’t, but for some reason pretends to be….

All this to say, I like her career trajectory.

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