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Kristin Cavallari’s Bikini Butt Shot of the Day

Kristin Cavallari posted this picture of her ass behind a thong in a bikini while laying out by the pool on some clickbait vacation to either prove she’s still hot despite having 12 kids, I mean the fact her bikini bottoms even cover that blown out mom pussy is impressive, which is more than we can say about Kristin Cavallari…

She’s a recently divorced, found new dick, getting dick in Mexico when the kids were left at home…ego who thought she was too good to be in THE HILLS because she let her LAGUNA BEACH fame get to her head, thinking it would lead to legit acting work and it didn’t, so she decided to be a cum rag to athletes…where some of the cum got stuck up inside her to guarantee high monthly child support payments….

She’s trying to have a second life, but not in the gamer way, in REAL life….and is likely on The New Hills that I am sure no one watches…and this is all marketing hype cuz she’s into the way her ass looks now that she’s getting fucked and feeling herself…

It’s a few days old, but who gives a fuck.

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Jennifer Garner Bathing of the Day

I’ve never found Jennifer Garner hot, she’s just been the victim of Affleck abuse because you know that dude’s a giant asshole drunk child…and she’s been the average and relatable all american looking bitch in movies…not the kind of celebrity that makes you cum yourself when you see her tits on the big screen…

Anyway, You know the age old expression that women age like bread not wine…getting all mouldy and shit….that I think was first documented in the 1700s by Albert Einstein or some shit….is obviously fact….that’s not to say men don’t age like shit, I am sure my organs are on their last legs….and I look like shit, but I’ve always looked like shit…not to mention, this isn’t about me, I’m not the celebrity in question or a celebrity at all…but Jennifer Garner is….

Now I typically point and laugh at old looking bitches with their old looking mom bods….at least historically I have…you know KICK THEM WHILE THEY ARE DONE has been my lifelong philosophy, it was even my Yearbook quote in High School.

BUT in this era of everyone turning themselves into the Kardashians, I am forced to celebrate a mom mid section…you know the mom gunt in a one piece bathing suit looking like a mom, instead of some freak who looks like she had her ribs torn out, and her belly fat injected in her ass, while her muppet face tries to smile….

So here’s Jennifer Garner a celebrity mom who looks like a mom….for those of you into moms because you never had a mom…or never made a mom because girls don’t let you fuck them.

To See the Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Kylie Jenner Smut of the Day

Here’s some pics that Kylie Jenner just posted and I happened to come across and laugh at because if there’s one thing we can learn from Kylie Jenner, it’s that no matter how much money you’ve scammed out of the system with your shitty beauty line that is more show than actual quality, but that still sells because people are fame whore idiots who like to do what they are told, they’ll buy basically anything and think it’s amazing, even from some fat chick, nasty looking chick, who has fully rebuilt her ugly into sex doll, while rocking black face despite being a pasty fuck, to fit in with her shitty sisters….thanks to being exploited by her mom her entire life…

But yeah, no matter how much money you have, no matter how big your castle is, thanks to all that money you have, you’ll still produce photoshopped pics of you grabbing your own tits to keep people talking about you and to keep you relevant because fame is addictive….and these people are famous for nothing, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get paid…

If you’re into dump midgets who look like they are wearing diapers…and clearly people are since every bitch LOOKS like this now….here’s some KYLIE leading the way, influencing if you will, despite her influencing being more of a cash grab scam…

I don’t know about you, but here’s her nasty tease…

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Elsa Hosk is Still Hot of the Day

I am glad that Elsa Hosk made the cut before Victoria’s Secret imploded for being misogynistic women abusing assholes who make far too much money off their made in China panties, because they were masterful marketers that tricked the retard mainstream into thinking they were hot, or quality or whatever….mall brand shit…for mall brand people….

Because now that the brand is basically dead in the water, struggling to survive during covid, and really before covid, because no one gave a fuck about Victoria’s Secret or even their models or infomercial fashion show…..especially after they discovered the brand funded Epstein’s human trafficking island….just a lot of fucking fails because you can’t stay on top forever…..unless you’re a sugar baby working it for that rent money…which I guess Victoria’s Secret wasn’t….they were more the sugar daddies..

Anyway, the Swedish pro basketball player got in, replaced Swanepoel, looked better than Swanepoel, supported the Swedish approach to COVID…Ikea, Volvo and whatever the fuck else Swedes do besides hot women and good design..

So she got that VS hype that women crave and now she’s just some hot bitch that miked all the press that came from the brand…ready to take slutty pics to keep the momentum going…and the best thing about her is that she’s like 30 years old and still killing it…so don’t give up on your dreams girls we’ll always be here to stare at your titties.

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Jessica Chastain’s Slutty Selfie of the Day

Jessica Chastain, who I always confuse for Christine Hendricks, but who is not as fat or busty from being fat as Christine Hendricks, has reduced herself to the slutty selfie…which is hilarious to me.

I am definitely not from the era of the “Golden or Gilded Age of Hollywood”…where all these degenerates were playing this rich and Glamorous life in their exclusive club of giving each other high fives, not that high fives were invented back then, maybe it was more a pat on the back old boy, for pulling off the scam…manipulating the media through tabloid stories…as they faked not being gay, lesbian, drug addicts, pedophiles and killers….their celebrity carried them…

Sure, some of that still goes on to this day, TMZ arguably the biggest gossip site is owned by Warner Bros, who own basically everything from Ellen to a bunch of other shit they’d never drag through the mud….and I’ve seen both TMZ and Disney first handedly cancel me for stories I’ve put out…the first on Jake Gyllenhall during “Prince of Persia” when I had an altercation with him and he pushed the girl I was with…and the Disney Lawyers aggressively came at me, made other media outlets report their version of the story, where I was not named because why give me press….and the other was when I had a traffic trading relationship with TMZ and said Paul Walker was a sex offender because he was publicly dating his girlfriend at his time of death when she was 16….their relationship started at 16, not that she was 16 at the time of death…but WARNER BROS owned Fast and the Furious Frnachise…CAN”T FUCK WITH THAT…

So it’s all fucking bullshit…

Anyway, I am from an era where the celebrities were still enough of thirsty degenerates to have some “realness” to them, so they weren’t this fantasy version, they were real and they were shit, but they were definitely too good for fans, not on social media with a real account, I mean even when I was FB friends with LOHAN it was under some bullshit name…..

Then the money went to social and all these idiots who would be too good to be part of the movement 2-3 years earlier…are taking slutty mirror selfies, which I am sure they were taking for producers they sext, but not for the people…

So it’s fun to seen 43 year old high paid “stars” bottom feeding…and by fun I mean these people are all fucking pathetic.

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Britney Spears Human Trafficking Looking Instagram of the Day

An hour ago, Britney Spears handlers posted another picture from a “photo” series she first released of her against a white wall in what looks like some random badly lit institution, in what I’ve said looks like an Isis beheading video, but that is probably more in line with a Russian Cam Girl in a prison cell made to look like a girl’s bedroom where she’s forced to piss on command for the paying customers as their guard supervises off camera…so they don’t stray.

It’s no secret that she’s been held in captivity for the majority of her adult life because she’s a product for the family and they won’t let that get taken out when she goes out and lives her own life…so they present her as a crazy person, no one tries to save her because she’s just medicated and going along with it…in her song and dancing for money way – it’s what she knows…

She’s been a hostage screaming for help in what I’ve always thought was weird, but no one else seemed to notice until recently…maybe they are too busy taking selfies….

I know she definitely doesn’t have access to her social media and never did, most celebs don’t, otherwise all posts would be a cry for help, or at least more interesting, begging to be saved from her rich white trash family that exploits her, but I do know when I saw this pic from the same day that first popped up June 17 or 18….a month ago…I’m thinking they banked some content and have her in some fucking cell somewhere being brainwashed or whatever they do….it’s fucked…but some of you may find it hot…


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Dua Lipa’s Still Got a Bikini On of the Day

Dua Lipa’s Still Got a Bikini On of the Day

Dua Lipa is respecting this whole COVID thing with her boyfriend who may or may not be Bella Hadid when he’s not in his drag queen outfit like RuPaul, only unlike RuPaul he pretends he’s the woman, commits to the fucking cause, but that HARD fucking face won’t fool me…

So Dua Lipa, the UK based You-CHUBER who became a popstar because celebrity is pretty meaningless these days, flimsy at best, and these idiots who go viral once can last a fucking lifetime….the TRON GUY is jealous of where the internet has gone as he is out there with the first VIRAL video ever…not making the 100 of millions of dollars from YOUTUBE that these idiots are….

So Dua Lipa, who claims she was a teen model at 16 doing catalog work, but was told she was too fat to model, so she took a stand for the rights of fat people everywhere and decided she doesn’t need an agency or this model thing, she can just show her tits on youtube, and guess what, the fatter the bigger the cleavage she can push, the more views she gets, the bigger scam she can pull off, the higher paying record deal for music she probably doesn’t even sing naturally, but straight through a computer….she can secure….and with that fame she can affiliate with the top scammers of the internet / social media ‘ like the Hadids….through her vagina that one of them sticks his dick into….not Gigi, she’s faking a pregnancy now, even though her voice is so deep you know that uterus hasn’t seen estrogen since she pretty much ever…..

So trash fucking trash….IN SAINT LUCIA…because that’s what rich do….good bikini angle though.

Dua Lipa

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Dua Lipa’s Rocking a Bikini of the Day

Dua Lipa is now an official trending popstar that the world has decided that they love….and by world, I mean the mainstream Top 40 losers who have and always will dictate the overall vibe of society….unfortunately….because there is zero cool and they typically always suck.

Now more than ever, because it all just comes down to digital marketing efforts and not raw talent, because the world is fucking ridiculous and real life merit doesn’t mean shit to anyone. It’s all about likes and follows and views…that’s all you need to get that record deal you always wanted….you don’t even need to know how to sing.

The whole “It’s just the internet” has become “Internet is fucking life”….and that in and of itself is some DUMB shit…because a virtual existence on a series of websites is by definition not a fucking life….as someone who has chosen the internet as a place to spend all his time for over 25 years…I know first had just how shit the internet is…yet all these idiots just keep taking it seriously….

Not to say Dua Lipa is an idiot, she’s got rich off the internet, giving hope to others on the internet that they too will be rich….and as a youtuber who got a record deal because of using her titties and popular songs to get views…she really understood the way to digital market herself to a level of views she needed to actually win….so this is just her maintaining that I guess….maintaining the lie that is her career, even if it is a reality now, the foundation is flimsy from views from perverts more than views from actual fans because the internet is one giant porn feed of filth and we’re all swimming in it.

I am not hating her bikini, bring it and encourage all the fans to show off their asses too….

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Halle Berry in a Bikini Top of the Day

Halle Berry posted this picture of her tits in a a bikini that is barely even interesting, you’d have to be a real weirdo Halle Berry fan to get off to this, you know because you crave the new content so badly that you’ll take what you can get, since you’ve basically burned out all her titty scenes from the movies….

I do find it semi interesting only because the whole celebrity thing is a farce now that everyone is striving for their 15 minutes of attention by doing dumb thirsty attention seeking things….it’s like we don’t need the old guard of exclusive, hard to reach or connect with, because all we had of them was paparazzi, media tours and other contrived shit….rather than their true self..

I have always assumed Halle Berry who was raised white, but milked the BLACK thing hard, despite being raised white, as she could BLACK FACE without getting in trouble and pretend to be black or understand the black plight, like Drake…she’d put a twang on her white speak to push forward for herself not the movement of black power….but I’ve always assumed she sucked producer dick to exist as the default “black enough to play a black person and white enough for us to deal with her”…so seeing her doing smutty shit for likes and follows is exactly how I assume her celebrity was created or existed…

So with that being said, she could have done a little bit sluttier, even at 50….let’s see the damage that pussy has been through all these years of “CELEBRITY”…

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Camila Mendes Ass in Leggings of the Day

My friend Steve is an obsessive Riverdale Fan, all he ever does is talk to me incessantly about Riverdale, I think he even got the Archie Comics logo tattooed on his chest…..

He gives me all the Riverdale updates and apparently, the entire cast of Riverdale is going down for “Sexual Assault”….because either they were as surprised with the success of the show based on how absolute shit it is, so they took their inflated egos out there to do some raping….or they are doing the mass diversion of “if we have the whole cast accused of sexual assault, it will deflate the actual sexual assault case against an actual sexual assaulter, because the masses will just assume it was all an elaborate prank….there is strength in solidarity, so if one of the team goes down, take down the entire team, so that the one who actually did the crime, is eclipsed by the whole group going down…..clever way to save an entitled rich fuck but more importantly to save their whow….this #metoo shit is real…..annoying…but not as annoying as Riverdale…

THAT SAID, the stars of the show are all dogpound ugly, I haven’t galled a girl a dog in a while, I haven’t “Woofed” at an ugly bitch walking by me in at least 20 years, I usually just default to calling them “CUNTS”….but the cast of the show, real unattractive, which makes a shit show even worse and this dumpy ass midge is Veronica…or at least there to ruin the memory of the Veronica you grew up reading and fantasizing about….there is nothing hot about her, not even in THICK ass leggings…designed to give her ass some more shape….


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