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Kate Beckinsale Asscrack of the Day

kate beckinsale asscrack black backless dress

Kate Beckinsale has really fucking weird fans, who write really creepy comments about her…

I don’t know where she found them all, or why she got dialed right into the virgin loser nerd crowd that never give up on her…

I do know why she’s posting up these moments in her life, where she has her ass crack out, in a playful and silly way….and that is because despite being 100 and having a 20 year old kid because that’s how old she is…she’s still a slutty rich girl..with an awesome body despite being 100 years old and having a 20 year old daughter…she barely ages..which helps the virgin loser nerd crown into her stay focused on the task at hand…jerking off to her like they jerked off to her in the late 90s…

Some of the comments on this pic on her social media that make me feel creeped out, cuz people are slimey as fuck…

“For a second I thought this was porntube. lol…. unzip”

“My God girl, it is almost too much to be able to see this.”

“Dream wife @katebeckinsale!! Watched everything you have ever done and will continue to watch anything you do. Fell in love with you on Serendipity! How Serendipitous is that ”

“The sleek curve of your back is what teenage girls pray to look like when they grow up! ???? You’re a blessed woman.”

“Ooops, just a teeny bit of booty crack…lol”

“You’re posts crack me up – love em”

“The view is great from here ”

“can’t forget about the sack ”

“You look more amazing each day, somehow. Those Dimples of Venus make me ahhhhhhh. ”

” Oh my God I’m So Excited I Can’t Believe Herbs Could Cure Herpes I had for 5 years! This worked like magic to me. I’m forever grateful.”

“We need to duplicate you for every guy. Everyone would be happy”

“You are just an ideal actress for the horror and action movies”

“Happy Thursday Kate and hope it was fun and beautiful and have a great and Beautiful night”

“OMG Kate! There’s that incredible back!!! ”

Why not just write something that makes sense like “I’d rip those pants more so that I can shove my face up there so far I can taste what you ate for your last meal”…

The internet is weird…..


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Lia Marie Johnson is Naked of the Day

Lia Marie Johnson Naked in the Mirror

Remember Lia Marie Johnson? she was kissing girls HERE

I guess Lia Marie Johnson is on a fucking mission to get seen, because I’ve done other posts on her being slutty this week, and here she is continuing the slutty, because I guess the first round of slutty paid off for her and worked out for her and made sense for her….got her views…and she’s back at it…

You don’t know who she is, but she could be Dwayne the Rock Johnson’s daughter or wife, at 21 it’s not that creepy….she could also be Don Johnson’s wife or daughter….or President Lyndon Johnson’s grand daughter…or maybe she’s just a 21 year old, who 11 years ago when she was 8 years old, started a youtube thanks to her mom who uploaded videos of her, to stage parent her, and live the Bieber dream….because that’s what narcissistic parents do….to steal their kids’ earnings so they don’t have to work.

She amassed a big audience, now makes music, hosts bullshit, does webseries content, and is getting paid…

who knows, who can tell, she’s an internet sensation though…probably broken on many levels but not on the level of “how to get views”…she’s got this, been doing it her whole life…getting views equals money…

Here she is getting her tits tattooed


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Miley Cyrus Pussy Print Bodysuit of the Day

Miley Cyrus Bodysuit Pussy Print

Miley Cyrus is out there in an outfit that hugs her pussy so tightly, it’s like she’s it’s mom and sending it off to the vietnam war, knowing it will likely ever come back, or maybe it’s like a wife during the Civil War, hugging her husband goodbye after she just packed up some freshly made bread for her husband to eat when he marches out to die….leaving her with their thirteen kids on their farm….

What I am saying is that shit is tight, suffocating, the kind of pants a tranny would wear to try to kill off it’s dick the ethical way, rather than having it surgically split open and turned into a pussy….

The nice thing about Miley’s tight outfit, is knowing hat her actual pussy looks like then cross referencing it with her tight pants…it’s like a parlor trick….a “What pussy matches what pussy definition” the game show game…



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Demi Rose Mawby Slutty Photoshoot of the Day

Demi Rose Mawby Big TIts Slutty Photoshoot 2

This Demi shares more than just a name with Demi Moore….she shares a lifestyle choice…

Demi Moore paved the way for women everywhere, women like this DEMI, to get a lot of fucking plastic surgery so that they don’t look their true 60 fucking years old when they turn 60 fucking years old…or in this DEMI’s case look 40 years old when they are in their early 20s…cuz those face injections jack you the fuck up…and age you until you’re old and it turns you into some kind of muppet…for personal gain..

But who like Demi Moore, is pretty much HALF, which is what DEMI means in french, HALF…real…because the rest of them is filler and injections used to craft whatever the fuck it is we’re looking at….

I find it repulsive to celebrate any woman who has jacked herself up this much with science and surgeries….I find it offensive, it fucks with young people, who are out there getting all kinds of procedures to look like the muppets of instagram….

But when they do it, like this DEMI did it, to promote her sex work and hooking, I get it…I mean rich people like to fuck weird things, so you might as well become that weird thing, to get that rich person money.

This is not hot to me.


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Candice Swanepoel Model Booty of the Day

candice swanepoel Ass in Tiny bikini

Candice Swanepoel is getting ready for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show comeback tour, despite having had 3-6 babies in the last 2 years, preventing her from being that Victoria’s Secret girl she has loyally worked for consistently for her entire career.

I find models really uninteresting once they have kids. It’s just fucking gross to think about a creature growing inside them before being shat out of their womb. We save that shit for our real lives, with our wives who forced us to breed, not that I have kids, or will have kids, end of the DNA genetic line here, but that’s just me doing my part for the world….something more people should take my lead on….

But you get what I am saying, and that is that if we want to jerk off, or JACQUES off if you’re in France, to some model bitches, let’s focus on the ones who are young and hot and tight bodied and not out there breeding….

So even when people like Candice Swanepoel are out there naked with their assholes out, promoting themselves and the brand they’ve always worked for, the brand that created them, that they got naked for early on…she’s still an old weathered mom of too many and she should keep it in her damn pants…there are enough hot chicks not breeding for us to focus on.

How about her breast feeding pic:


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Bebe Rexha Fitness Titty Bounce of the Day

Bebe Rexha Titty Bouncing Workout Erotica

The amazing thing about social media – is that we get to experience every thought and activity that a mother fucker does in a day / hour…

Instagram stories are the most fucking irritating, all these egos who think we care, are out there documenting everything like they are their own reality show…They are tweeting and talking about nonsense that doesn’t matter….but yet people can’t help themselves…

They call themselves content creators, it’s where the money comes from, but they don’t realize, because they are egos that we don’t care and just want them to shut the fuck up.

It’s a huge distraction from our life, it takes brain power we could use on other things, but instead we’re watching someone we don’t know doing menial shit…

Like this Bebe Rexha, fat chick, turned pop star, who I’ve seen perform on TV an is fuckign terrible, yet people are into it, and into seeing her fat ass work out, cuz she’s found fitness, thank god, she’s a pig, and wants to announce it to everyone, cuz she’s just that person.

We all went to High Shool, we all had that asshole in the class who loved talking about themselves and what they are up to, Instagram has been able to find all those assholes, two or three from every graduating class between the ages of 15 and 45, and give them a place to fucking annoy me

The only salvation, is they do it with their tits out, to compensate for their busted face, fat ass, and annoying content…so at least there’s some value to listening to them and their bullshit….

Bebe Rexha Titty Bouncing Workout EroticaBebe Rexha Titty Bouncing Workout Erotica

She does big girl YOGA too…

Bebe Rexha Big Girl Yoga Tight LEggings

And she goes to events…

Bebe Rexha Big Tits Ass Tight Dress


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Christina Aguilera Nipple Pasties of the Day

christina aguilera tits nipple pasties

Fat Christina Aguilera is getting edgier in her old age, I guess when people start approaching 40 they realize it’s now or never. I am sure if you leave your house or know women turning 40, it’s probably a rough time for them. They spend their early 20s when they are their hottest figuring out and getting the confident to be as hot as they can. By 30 they are married with kids….by 40 they realize that they lost 10-15 years of life being married with kids…and that there’s only a small window of time left for them to be the slut they wanted to be back when they were 20 but too shy to be that slut…

I am sure it’s weird time for all people, aging, terrifying, closer to death, further from your hopes and dreams, clearly forced to accept that your procrastination has finally caught up with you and tomorrow is long in the past….not worth your time to try to have another hit…

In Christina Aguilera’s case, or X-Tina of you’re more into her edgier name is old as fuck, fat as fuck, but at 20 was slutty as fuck, made tons of money being slutty as fuck, stayed out of the limelight because she already did so much…and is now back…titties taped up like some EMO TUMBLR chick on tumblr when tumblr mattered cuz I guess she wants money…and knows it’s not too late to get out there tits first to get paid by her weird fans to sing and dance..

It’s the 90s revivial people…older, tired, fatter, but titty-taped…


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