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Kristen Cavallari Slut Shoot of the Day

Kristen Cavallari, the Anti-Vaxer has a fucking dick up her ass in the form of vaccinnes give her NFL rich as fuck spoiled brat garbage kids Autism, so instead she’ll cause a total fucking destruction by bringing back diseases we’ve eradicated like the mumps, black plague, etc, all because some dumb cunt who wasn’t even smart enough to stay on The Hills to get paid, and who instead had to get an NFL husband to pay her good life spoiled brat way…knows more than fucking science…fucking retard.

Well, she’s brought her old lady nipple out in some shoot cuz I guess she’s getting work, which doesn’t matter since thanks to her, we are all going to die.



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Kristin Cavallari in a Bikinis of the Day

Kristin Cavallari is some sugar baby, athlete fucking, lucky she was on a reality show early in her life and when reality shows really matter because it brought her to places where athletes were, where she could seduce them, get knocked up by them, and live the good life without having to actually work that much….something she’s good at…

Living the American Dream. Having some level of celebrity, followers, and an Athlete Husband and Athlete family…even though athletes are notorious cheaters, who cares, look how big the house is and how nice the trips they go on are…perfect settings for her to launch a personal brand or lifestyle site that will end up making her money…because people are morons, into groupie-ing people they are familiar with, even if that person is Kristin Cavallari….someone who was on TV for 5 minutes…

I’m not complaining, I mean what better way to start a day than looking at a 4 day old pic of some 30 something mom sprawling out seductively now that she’s got tits…living the California Dream the Mommas and the Poppas once sang about….

All I see is a failed actress, because she tried to be an actress after Laguna Beach and failed at it…but also a mom in a bikini And some nipples in some outfits…

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Kristin Cavallari Bikini of the Day

kristin cavallari tits and ass in a bikini

Kristin Cavallari was a low level reality show starlet – who didn’t make the move to the actual reality show that made all those laguna beach rich kids really matter…not that they matter now….but Kristin Cavallari really didn’t matter…is in a BIKINI celebrating her Athlete wife with two kids body in her bikini and it’s not as offensive as you’d think it was being that she’s a mom in a bikini…vagina probably shattered…but we’ll never know thanks to smoke and mirrors….

Because she’s some RICH, once reality show star, who lives that fake LA life, and everything about these people are fucking lies…self indulgent, think they matter, rich people who live the good life, while you perverts who remember her don’t…thanks to being failures…who missed the mark and didn’t find a way to get rich, to find pussy like this to fuck, who bounce back from the baby making cuz it’s the only thing they really need to do…

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Kristin Cavallari Bikini Top of the Day

Kristen Cavallari Bikini

Kristin Cavallari in a bikini top is about as hot as you’d expect an ex reality star who married a rich athlete and who is living the rich life to be…

I mean, not quite as hot as I’d expect it to be, because I’m more into reality stars realizing that they are useless and feeling depressed when they realize they are useless, and that they were just pawns used by the media company that produced their show, leaving them dejected, ignored, irrelevant and suicidal…forcing them to film porn videos hoping it brings them to that Kardashian level…allowing us all to see them get fucked…

But with the rich, come ego, come security, come comfort, come no cumming from watching dick in them….but shameless bikini top pics for attention on social media works too, just not as well…

kristin cavallari ass in a white bikini

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Kristin Cavallari in a Bikini of the Day

Kristin Cavallari in a Bikini

The age old question has been brought to our attention again..

If a reality star from 5 years ago, who ultimately doesn’t matter, puts on a bikini, does she make a sound.

Well apparently, yes.

Kristin Cavallari from Laguna Beach, who had an ego to turn down The Hills cuz she was going to become a big acting star, without being informed that she had no talent, and didn’t deserve mainstream success from being on a reality show…Luckily she found a rich athlete to carry her through life..

She is in a bikini…a mom of a few kids and despite being in her 30s, looks pretty ripped…

I guess it’s not a sex tape…you’d expect but it’s something….

The most interesting Orange County Gossip on this girl, not that you care, is that she was a slutty girl who locked the sugar baby hustle down, and apparently her famous NFL husband broke up with her and she fucked him, got pregnant and doesn’t need that acting money or regrets of THE HILLS money she never made..because she was trying to get famous…


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Kristin Cavallari is Selfie-ing herself in a Bikini Because She’s a Self Indulgent Cunt of the Day

KC (1)

I get that when you’re a low level reality show starlet – who didn’t make the move to the actual reality show that made all those laguna beach rich kids really matter – despite all being totally irrelevant today – you see because this one quit The Hills after doing Laguna Beach thinking she had a shot at acting….LOL….

Probably already rich, spoiled and annoying…go to Laguna Beach and see for yourself…not to mention she was able to get herself a pro athlete to maintain that lifestyle…that you have to take show off to your social following who remember you from TV…so that you can monetize too…

So you gotta take that bikini selfie…mom in a bikini…vagina probably shattered…but we’ll never know thanks to smoke and mirrors….as she lives the life a bunch of lonely 35 year olds who remember her…envy…if only they could be as useless and self indulgent as this…if only they had a following they maintain…to get paid…for bullshit…thanks to the world being bullshit…

Well…it was her 30th birthday, her husband surprised her with mexico..where she had bikini opportunities to share…and it is all so dull..but happened…and her body looks good…but you can still hate her…I do…


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Kristin Cavallari Bikini Paddleboard of the Day

The amazing thing with Kristin Cavallari is that a decade after her show ended – and she decided she was too cool for the sequel – because celebrity got to her head…a sequel that was unfortunately a bigger deal than the original show that she was on…leaving her not establishing an acting career she wanted…

Yes…I know too much about Kristin Cavallari …and amazingly…the paparazzi that she called still care enough about her to take pictures of her and her mom of 3 with some NFL star named Jay Cutler..her body looks pretty good and I guess should be celebrated by anyone willing to watch her in a bikini, an audience that always exists even if it shouldn’t exist – thanks to dudes being stuck in the past perverts…

She looks ok, her vagina may tell a different story, and I guess when you’re an ex reality star who leveraged that fame to get a pro athlete – where you get to be the athlete wife – your sole task is to maintain your body so that he still fucks you instead of all the other girls who want to fuck him cuz he’s rich and a sports star…


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