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Jennifer Garner Bathing of the Day

I’ve never found Jennifer Garner hot, she’s just been the victim of Affleck abuse because you know that dude’s a giant asshole drunk child…and she’s been the average and relatable all american looking bitch in movies…not the kind of celebrity that makes you cum yourself when you see her tits on the big screen…

Anyway, You know the age old expression that women age like bread not wine…getting all mouldy and shit….that I think was first documented in the 1700s by Albert Einstein or some shit….is obviously fact….that’s not to say men don’t age like shit, I am sure my organs are on their last legs….and I look like shit, but I’ve always looked like shit…not to mention, this isn’t about me, I’m not the celebrity in question or a celebrity at all…but Jennifer Garner is….

Now I typically point and laugh at old looking bitches with their old looking mom bods….at least historically I have…you know KICK THEM WHILE THEY ARE DONE has been my lifelong philosophy, it was even my Yearbook quote in High School.

BUT in this era of everyone turning themselves into the Kardashians, I am forced to celebrate a mom mid section…you know the mom gunt in a one piece bathing suit looking like a mom, instead of some freak who looks like she had her ribs torn out, and her belly fat injected in her ass, while her muppet face tries to smile….

So here’s Jennifer Garner a celebrity mom who looks like a mom….for those of you into moms because you never had a mom…or never made a mom because girls don’t let you fuck them.

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