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Kristin Cavallari’s Bikini Butt Shot of the Day

Kristin Cavallari posted this picture of her ass behind a thong in a bikini while laying out by the pool on some clickbait vacation to either prove she’s still hot despite having 12 kids, I mean the fact her bikini bottoms even cover that blown out mom pussy is impressive, which is more than we can say about Kristin Cavallari…

She’s a recently divorced, found new dick, getting dick in Mexico when the kids were left at home…ego who thought she was too good to be in THE HILLS because she let her LAGUNA BEACH fame get to her head, thinking it would lead to legit acting work and it didn’t, so she decided to be a cum rag to athletes…where some of the cum got stuck up inside her to guarantee high monthly child support payments….

She’s trying to have a second life, but not in the gamer way, in REAL life….and is likely on The New Hills that I am sure no one watches…and this is all marketing hype cuz she’s into the way her ass looks now that she’s getting fucked and feeling herself…

It’s a few days old, but who gives a fuck.

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