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Kylie Jenner Ass Injections of the Day

Kylie Jenner Ass Injections

Kylie Jenner is ridiculous looking, self made billionaire, who hasn’t worked a day in her life or not, she’s on some circus freak, looking like a facetuned picture on instagram done terribly, but in real life…and it’s

It is no shock that the Kardashians bought their looks, that are silly looks, even if the whole world is imitating their look….

So clearly her ass is fake, she got it where her dad bought his pussy, not at the brothel from a madam, but from the place where he paid to get his dick cut off….

Kylie Jenner Ass Injections

Here is her half sister (OJ’s kid) with her tits out in some see through shit
Khloe Kardashian See Through


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Kylie Jenner Black Face Tits of the Day

Kylie Jenner Big Fake Tits in Black Face

What the world needs less of is Kylie Jenner. I mean all Kardashians, but Kylie Jenner the most…only because they’ve managed to make her into this billionaire Kardashian, which may or may not be bullshit, but her cosmetic company sells billions of bullshit product..and it is all your fault for buying…whoever you are who looks at this trash and thinks “her dad must have cut his own dick off”….

The fact that she pushes cosmetics, when her whole fucking face is rebuilt from surgery…she’s a white girl who looks like she’s about to release a rap album…her excess and luxury items cuz she’s rich…disgusting…and the message she leaves the world with her zero personality…pretty fucking negative, evil, empty and useless…

But she’s got some mom tits out…and her liposuctioned waist to hip ration and if that doesn’t excite you….let’s hope it inspires you to eliminate this from society in 2019…if you know what I mean…


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Kylie Jenner Degenerate Calendar of the Day

Kylie Jenner Calendar 2019 Ass Thong Bodysuit

Kylie Jenner is in some pin-up style calendar for her fans…

The idea that people still buy pin-up style calendars seem hilarious. It’s old technology and it would take a real fucking pervert to go out there and buy a calendar, yet all these girls put out Calendars, and all these girls are money grubbing perverts, so I assume they actually sell enough of them to make it worth their time, which is insane to me..

I mean I’ve seen calendars in garages and other places where old European dudes work, you know the kind of blue collar dude who doesn’t have a smart phone…but Miley’s demographic is more the Black Twitter group that clearly doesn’t know how to read or write, and the idea they’d buy this shit is fucking odd to me…

A post pregnant muppet looking bitch half naked is the last thing I’d want to reference every day of the year to remind me of the scam she’s pulled off as the terrorist she clearly is – destroying society as a whole…one face injection at a time…

Disgusting people doing disgusting things.


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Fat Kylie Jenner and her Super Car of the Day

Fat Kylie Jenner squeezed into some spandex to look like she’s got a hot body for the hip hop community that is into this kind of body, now that her pussy’s been officially banged out hard enough to welcome all the black cock that can be thrown at her, to fill the void that was left in her soul when her mother monetized her at the age of 3, and continued to monetize her through her adult years, while her dad was out cutting his dick off, and her sisters were forcing her to look the part of the instagram whore the hip hop community would appreciate, with fat injected into her ass from her gut, her face rebuilt to sell cosmetics, all while breeding because she either had too many abortions or felt it’d be a fun accessory for her life…I don’t have the answers, but I blame OJ.

Girls don’t naturally carry their weight like this, they don’t ave flat stomachs and hip to waist ratio when they are this size, it’s all created in a lab, or the family’s plastic surgery ward of their house, and it’s been really fucking terrible for impressionable young girls, who look up to these people and by what they are influenced to buy, and do what they do, because everything about them, besides the ability to sell merchandise, is fucking awful.

The fact they still exist and are a thing is insane, but when you’re billionaires, I guess it’s easy to be trashy and visible to the world who should stone you to death, but instead pay attention to you and your fat asses…

The whole thing, disturbing. I mean the fact the ugly girls can make it as hot girls…crazy….but then again her dad is making it as a woman…so I guess the world is your oyster when you’re rich and disgusting and shameless.

So fucking gross.


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Kim Kardashian’s Ant Body of the Day

Kim Kardashian Ant Body Fake Ass Bikini on the Beach

What the hell is Kim Kardashian….

Sure, she is an amazing marketer or sales person. The family has been able to really hire a solid team of social media marketers after they polarized her porn career into some social experiment of a show that proves how fucking dumb america is, because even if they ignore the show, the family, the sex tape, Ryan Seacrest’s pile of money from the show, they still buy whatever they are shamelessly selling.

The best is that they are trying to push inclusivity, for all body types, while they are all made in a fucking lab in their basement…and don’t look fucking human…at 40…yet all the girls are running to be just like her…

It’s definitely the weirdest thing that’s happened in the last 8 years in pop culture and it’s had a really weird wake with the people who are influenced by them….which is everyone…

The sick thing in all this, is that I like this bikini pic of her and her ant shaped body…PUT IT IN THE THORAX BEFORE THE HEAD.

Here’s Kylie Jenner walkin around like a Bugs Life extra
Kylie Jenner Big Fake ASs Tight Black Shorts


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Kylie Jenner’s Massive Cameltoe of the Day

Kylie Jenner Cameltoe Tight Leggings and Sports BRa 1

Wanna know what’s disgusting?

Kylie Jenner’s mom pussy eating a pair of pants, because being a fat chick, who despite the liposuction is still a fat chick, coupled with being a mom, who has had multiple black dicks tear her apart before having a baby slip out of her unnoticed, is the perfect breeding ground for a mangled pussy, that just can’t be filled hard enough, to fill that void in her soul that comes from a mom who exploits her and a dad who cut his dick off..

These Jenner’s when things get rough, they attack their fucking genitals.

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Kendall Jenner Topless Selfie of the Day

Kendall Jenner Topless Selfie

In the single most important news, Kendall Jenner, who has more than just daddy issues thanks to her daddy becoming her mommy…but also deeper rooted issues thanks to her actual mom managing her at a young age, exploiting her, putting her on TV, and earning money off her, turning her into some kind of marketing hook, that she was able to spin into being a fashion model while the rest of the family was just gutter trash with large social media reach, but not built for fashion, more built for hip hop music videos, which I guess didn’t work against them in any fucking way….especially the RAY J music video Kim K starred in…

Kendall Jenner…posted a topless fashionable instagrammy selfie…and you may or may not be excited by it…because she had the audacity to censor out her tits…rude.

Here is her Kylie being a slutty teen mom

Kylie Jenner Slutty Ass and Tits

Kylie Jenner Slutty Ass and Tits

Kylie Jenner Slutty Ass and Tits

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Anastasia Karanikolaou Got Them TItties On of the Day

Anastasia Karanikolaou Big Fake Tits

Kylie Jenner’s Friend Anastasia is something because she is Kylie Jenner’s friend. I think she either takes slutty pics of Kylie, but is also a slut in and of herself, because who isn’t these days really,it’s a generational thing….

She’s got her big tits out, her fake face out and inspires me as one of the Jenner Kardashian Henchmen to post up some KYLIE bullshit…not because I like young fat, weird shaped, plastic surgery ridden, puppets and their baby making….or that I like rich kids, brats, the garbage of society that for some reason is celebrated…I really don’t…but for some reason, I reason I call working with the devil, deals with the devil…I am compelled to post it up…

So here she is with muppet face – mom pussy – Kylie

Anastasia Karanikolaou and Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Pussy Flash that you can’t see mom pussy because it’s not that meaty….but it’s still probably pretty meaty….

Kylie Jenner Pussy Flash

Here is the other sister Kourtney’s cameltoe because when you’re a mom pushing 40, pants seem to burrow up inside you like it’s Groundhog Day and motherfucker doesn’t want to come out and see if winter is over or not…

Kourtney Kardashian Pussy Print Black Leggings

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Various Tits at the MET of the Day

The Met Gala happened.

It’s an obnoxious / exclusive event that happens every year, that I am not invited to, because I am irrelevant, barely exist, I am not fashion or celebrity and even if I was invited, I would avoid…I have social anxiety…even if there’s an open bar there…

I’m more into gutter strip clubs…and backwoods dive bars…you know…

I know you’ve seen all these pictures on all the sites, because that’s what the Met Gala is, a media hype to celebrate Narcissists by giving them an excuse to dress up, to be seen, to be talked about…but I figure I’ll post it to…in this MASSIVE and amazing post….The highlight of the MET was CHLOE SEVINGNY – SHE GOT HER OWN POST – A POST DEDICATE TO HER

So here we go..

Ariana Grande Possibly Pregnant, Poisoning her Kid With the Self Tanner Tits

Ariana Grande Tits and Fake Tan in a Gown at the MET

Bella Hadid Dominatrix Gear – Looking like she’s Khloe Kardashian…not hot to me…but hot to the people she’s been marketed to who can’t resist buying into bullshit…

Bella Hadid Black Latex Gown at MET

Cara Delevingne looking for pussy, on the pussy prowl, or maybe she’s looking for crack..cuz girl looks rugged to me…lesbians..right…

Cara Delevingne See Through Black Lace Dress at the MET 1



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Kylie Jenner’s Fat Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Kylei Jenner Big Fat Ass in a Bikini

Kylie Jenner is disgusting.

She’s a little fucking pig of a human with far too much plastic surgery that makes me sick to look at…

The fact that she’s made a baby, or faked making a baby, since all the Kardashian babies look like the same brown shit, it’s possible it’s just a prop from the basement lab where Bruce Jenner grew his vagina…as rich people are fucking weirdos….

As we know, the family is disgusting, shameless, direct response marketers, some AVON LADY, infomercial shit, that has mastered the social media marketing world and got really rich doing it….clever really…but in doing that…they have to put out this terrible and offensive smut that makes me think Bruce Jenner is the hottest pussy, at least the least mangled pussy in the gang of pussies….

She’s in a bikini….weird shaped and the worst…take it in…love it…smear it on your pervert chest.


Here is the other sister Kourtney with ice cream in her pussy

Kourtney KArdashian White Panties and Bra

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