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Kylie Jenner for the American Dream of the Day

It was the fourth of July, so here’s some Kylie Jenner living the American Dream. Showing you all that you can be anything you want to be and that nothing is stopping you from becoming a billionaire because this is America, the land of the fucking free where anything is possible….even if you’re an ugly troll.

You just have to strategically get yourself some stupid tits and a fake ass and stripper face…but anything is possible in America….especially when you’re an entitled rich kid with a psychotic mother who capitalized on every opportunity they internet brought her, coordinating the release of her own daughter’s sex tape when they were already rich, in order to secure a hit reality TV show that would make the whole tribe famous and rich, only to hop on social media early on to help maximize this shit with a team of experts in the field….which managed to continue being profitable for over a decade….

Living the American Dream of money and fame she’s managed to secure for herself and you can do it to too if you’re the right kind of whore….or raised by the right kind of whore….with the tits that make you feel like the right kind of whore…

Here’s some artsy lifestyle video probably promoting something other than soft focus hides the scars from the procedures.

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