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Elsa Hosk is Still Hot of the Day

I am glad that Elsa Hosk made the cut before Victoria’s Secret imploded for being misogynistic women abusing assholes who make far too much money off their made in China panties, because they were masterful marketers that tricked the retard mainstream into thinking they were hot, or quality or whatever….mall brand shit…for mall brand people….

Because now that the brand is basically dead in the water, struggling to survive during covid, and really before covid, because no one gave a fuck about Victoria’s Secret or even their models or infomercial fashion show…..especially after they discovered the brand funded Epstein’s human trafficking island….just a lot of fucking fails because you can’t stay on top forever…..unless you’re a sugar baby working it for that rent money…which I guess Victoria’s Secret wasn’t….they were more the sugar daddies..

Anyway, the Swedish pro basketball player got in, replaced Swanepoel, looked better than Swanepoel, supported the Swedish approach to COVID…Ikea, Volvo and whatever the fuck else Swedes do besides hot women and good design..

So she got that VS hype that women crave and now she’s just some hot bitch that miked all the press that came from the brand…ready to take slutty pics to keep the momentum going…and the best thing about her is that she’s like 30 years old and still killing it…so don’t give up on your dreams girls we’ll always be here to stare at your titties.

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