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Halle Berry in a Bikini Top of the Day

Halle Berry posted this picture of her tits in a a bikini that is barely even interesting, you’d have to be a real weirdo Halle Berry fan to get off to this, you know because you crave the new content so badly that you’ll take what you can get, since you’ve basically burned out all her titty scenes from the movies….

I do find it semi interesting only because the whole celebrity thing is a farce now that everyone is striving for their 15 minutes of attention by doing dumb thirsty attention seeking things….it’s like we don’t need the old guard of exclusive, hard to reach or connect with, because all we had of them was paparazzi, media tours and other contrived shit….rather than their true self..

I have always assumed Halle Berry who was raised white, but milked the BLACK thing hard, despite being raised white, as she could BLACK FACE without getting in trouble and pretend to be black or understand the black plight, like Drake…she’d put a twang on her white speak to push forward for herself not the movement of black power….but I’ve always assumed she sucked producer dick to exist as the default “black enough to play a black person and white enough for us to deal with her”…so seeing her doing smutty shit for likes and follows is exactly how I assume her celebrity was created or existed…

So with that being said, she could have done a little bit sluttier, even at 50….let’s see the damage that pussy has been through all these years of “CELEBRITY”…

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