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Dua Lipa’s Still Got a Bikini On of the Day

Dua Lipa’s Still Got a Bikini On of the Day

Dua Lipa is respecting this whole COVID thing with her boyfriend who may or may not be Bella Hadid when he’s not in his drag queen outfit like RuPaul, only unlike RuPaul he pretends he’s the woman, commits to the fucking cause, but that HARD fucking face won’t fool me…

So Dua Lipa, the UK based You-CHUBER who became a popstar because celebrity is pretty meaningless these days, flimsy at best, and these idiots who go viral once can last a fucking lifetime….the TRON GUY is jealous of where the internet has gone as he is out there with the first VIRAL video ever…not making the 100 of millions of dollars from YOUTUBE that these idiots are….

So Dua Lipa, who claims she was a teen model at 16 doing catalog work, but was told she was too fat to model, so she took a stand for the rights of fat people everywhere and decided she doesn’t need an agency or this model thing, she can just show her tits on youtube, and guess what, the fatter the bigger the cleavage she can push, the more views she gets, the bigger scam she can pull off, the higher paying record deal for music she probably doesn’t even sing naturally, but straight through a computer….she can secure….and with that fame she can affiliate with the top scammers of the internet / social media ‘ like the Hadids….through her vagina that one of them sticks his dick into….not Gigi, she’s faking a pregnancy now, even though her voice is so deep you know that uterus hasn’t seen estrogen since she pretty much ever…..

So trash fucking trash….IN SAINT LUCIA…because that’s what rich do….good bikini angle though.

Dua Lipa

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