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Dua Lipa Understand Social Media in Lingerie of the Day

Dua Lipa is some clickbait who got a record deal being clickbait….

You know singing other people’s song, the lesson taught in Social Media 101…

Produce content people are googling or searching on youtube, then rip it off with your tits out, and the follower count will grow and grow and grow….

It’s funny to me that it’s just that easy for some people, yet other people just try so hard to make it on social media.

It’s not like the big brands are that sophisticated, they’ll do anything or buy anything or throw money at anything that has a following…to get a piece of the action witout having to invest in building a audience like they used to do in the past.

Sure quality is going down, you get what you pay for, but at least this trash gets naked enough on her social media, the other kind of clickbait…and at least it’s not a top 10 list…the worst kind of clickbait…

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Dua Lipa Panty Flash of the Day

Dua Lipa Panty Flash Naked Towel

Dua Lipa understands social media…that is why she is flashing her fucking panties on Social media…it’s a generate as much hype as she can situation to get her as much visibility as she can situaton…because her situation is simple…

She did cover songs on YOUTUBE. She got 1 billion views while making that YOUTUBE money off the actual songwriters back. She tricked Warner Music into thinking she was relevant with those numbers. Numbers they needed because how else do you stay relevant as an old school business in a new school world.

She cashed in a record deal with them legitimizing her. She created her original music. Warner has money invested in her and want to make the most of that investment so they promote her and hope her fans aren’t just perverts like you, but actual young girls who will pay to see her perform…and buy her music in a world where all content is free.

And now she’s flashing panties…sexualizing herself cuz you can’t flash panties and pretend it’s not a sexual thing…they are panties…and sexual by fucking default…even if they aren’t that hot, or have period stains…they are still looking up a girls skirt and that’s a fetish. Google it.


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Dua Lipa Tits Out for Fashion of the Day

Dua Lipa Slutty Tits out for Fashion 3

Dua Lipa may have the dumbest name in showbiz, but that’s her acutal name, and not one she created for her instagram handle…and for that I appreciate it.

She’s from the UK, and at 14 she made songs of herself singing cover songs and dancing, probably in her underwear as these girls do, for the perverts who look for that kind of thing on Youtube…and was able to get over a billion views on her channel.

She signed a record deal, created her own music, on the backs of other people’s music…and look at her now, big Albanian tits out in the media and social media and everywhere..because she’s relevant. She’s now. I don’t know if she’s good, but based on everything else that has got famous from the internet…I doubt it. It’s just too easy to go viral, to matter, to exist…that you need to be good at internet marketing…not so much good at what your marketing yourself as.

It’s all a scam.


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Dua Lipa Hard Nipple Erotica of the Day

Dua Lipa Erotica Short Shorts Pussy Print Hard Nipples White Shirt

The future is now…Dua Lipa who’s name you can’t pronounce and probably don’t care to pronounce is the product of a successful YOUTUBE page with Billions of views….that allows her to carry herself around like a celebrity, because this is where celebrity happens…social media…not the blogs, not the record labels…strictly on the YOUTUBE…

I don’t know what this Dua Lipa hipster who probably isn’t all that hip, but the cool kids aren’t so cool anymore, is out with her nips out, on trend, on brand…and whether her music sucks or not…I can appreciate all her hard work generating buzz for herself and promoting herself…


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Dua Lipa Tits in a Candy Bra of the Day

Dua Lipa Nipples Candy Bra Blue Wig

Dua Lipa may have the dumbest name in show business, but she’s a do it yourself kind of youtuber with a billion views, that has had the power of social media create her celebrity, and thus her career as a touring musician….something that I would assume would have never happened without youtube….because with youtube all you have to do is post up your demo of a cover song, tag it properly, and have the people find you, follow you, and soon enough the execs looking for talent will say “she’s got a lot of views, people must like her, let’s sign her”….

Long gone are the days of recording a demo, going door to door in LA or NYC where you physically had to be there hustling to get heard….

Creating for a very lazy group of people, which is a good thing, cuz with laziness comes lazy marketing, and lazy marketing when it comes to women means getting naked or half naked…it’s easier than doing something smart, clever or good and gets more views and likes…and motherfuckers it’s all about the likes.

Dua Lipa Nipples Candy Bra Blue Wig

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Dua Lipa Bra of the Day

Dua Lipa Tits in BRa on Stage

Dua Lipa is a product of the new, the next generation of good times, where girls get famous from being slutty on social media, and their music gets big because of social media, because social media is the only thing people care about…

The nice thing about Social media…is that girls are fucking slutty, and dress with their asses hanging out at all ages, and because of that…I realized that my favorite part of a woman is her brain….and her spirit and by brain and spirit I mean the space between her asshole and Pussy that you can often see if the shorts are short enough and she’s in a yoga pose or often times when they are just walking…

I guess the nice thing about Social Media for Dua Lipa is that she exists and is now rich as fuck because of it…

Here are her nipples….


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Dua Lipa Bikini Spread Legs of the Day

Dua Lipa Spread LEgs White Bikini

Dua Lipa is a nice reminder that all these young girls from social media who are transitioning to the mainstream – since social media is the mainstream – and the mainstream are a bunch of fucking idiots who were too slow moving to really dominate the direction that their high paid executives were being paid to be on top of – leaving their multi million dollar produced shows like the VMAs that are celeb filled despite being stupid as fuck – getting less than 5,000,000 viewers…while a Kardashian can post a selfie on an iphone that takes then 15 seconds and get 5 million likes on it….the world is nuts…

The mainstream was slow to blogging, or updating sites, slow to streaming and video, slow to fucking everything…that’s why Youtube, Netflix, Instagram, and so many blogs that are now mainstream media exist…

The big rich companies had no fucking clue, and that fucking amazes me, because every half retard I’ve met over the years saw this coming…

Anyway, the new mainstream involves slutty girls doing slutty things and building fans who will pay to see them in real life after seeing them on the internet like one big reality show and Dua Lipa is one of the contestants or cast members…and here she is promoting her music.


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Dua Lipa Pussy Flash of the Day

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Dua Lipa Pussy Flash in White Dress

Dua Lipa is a 22 year old signed to Warner Music…success story…you’ve never heard of, because you’re not a 15 year old.

She’s pretty famous despite you having never heard of her….unless you’re like me, old and not on the Youtube game…but exposed to all the pop culture smut that happens even if I don’t want to be.

She’s got a huge following and I guess famous at 14 for her cover songs…She’s got a video from last year that almost has 1 billion views…she’s legit…

And this is some clickbait on her – cuz you can’t see her pussy, but if you want to get philosophical – anything can technically be a pussy – if you fuck it hard enough….like her upper leg..

So Dua Lipa pussy flash, is really Dua Lipa upper leg…but you’re not about to click that link wherever you clicked to get her – now are you….

So do what you’ve been doing with your hand and household objects all these years…sit back and pretend it’s a pussy…YUM.


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Dua Lipa Nipples of the Day

dua lipa nipples in a sheer white bra

Oops …

I wrote a post on Charli XCX’s nipples – but turns out they are DUA LIPA’s nipples…because I am so old, disconnected, unaware of what is going on in pop culture…

Just a few hours ago, a friend asked me “what’s the latest viral trend” and I said “I’m not 15, I hate social media, I don’t fucking care”….

The only viral trend I know and see is a bunch of fucking people trying to get as famous as possible doing the least amount of work they can…and seeing it working for them…

Everyone is an influencer, even people producing porn, it’s where everything lives…

So knowing what nipples I look at, on two fame whores, one a youtuber the other a who the fuck knows, while this one’s the youtuber..is impossible…I don’t stand a chance..

Plus I have a real life facial recognition blindness, that comes with not caring, but literally exists cuz I don’t recognize friends or my wife…due to trauma maybe…it’s like I see people I’ve known forever and I’m like “oh that’s what you look like”…it’s a condition….that I won’t use as an excuse for my terrible blogging and reporting on nipples, when I should do better…with a site like DrunkenStepfather, written by a dyslexic, you’d expect better….

I will stick to not caring, I see tits everyday, they’re tits, who cares.

UPDATE IT IS Charli XCX’s nipples

dua lipa nipples in a sheer white bra

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Dua Lipa in a Bra of the Day

Dua Lipa Big Tits on Stage in a Blue Bra

Who is DUA LIPA anyway?

That’s the real question people need to be asking themselves…because if there’s a girl performing in a bra, getting media hype, we have a right to know…WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW…

Luckily there’s this tool that tracks all your data called GOOGLE, who not only offers you curated selections of sites that pay them lots of money to give you that information, you see because GOOGLE is owned by shareholders who are keen on getting their corporate ventures the most love, killing off all the indy bloggers like WALMART did to stores…so you can go and see what they think of DUA LIPA…

And that very same Google owns this thing called YOUTUBE which is a video search engine where people google videos and see vidoes and follow videos…often times slutty videos…of young girls…that they jerk off to…but don’t tell those same SHAREHOLDERS that their ads are running next to teens in bikinis singing and dancing…that is Youtube’s secret with you…

Dua Lipa is one of their stars, a YOUTUBE girl with a billion views, that the mainstream is finally picking up on, even though she likely made more money on Youtube…cuz YOUTUBERS get paid yo.

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