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Britney Spears Handstand Walking of the Day

Britney Spears posted some complaint or grievance about the location of this video being shot in her hotel room in Vegas, where she lived for years, for free, thanks to having a huge Vegas show, where all was likely catered to her, being some horrible experience, because “she lived there by herself for all those years”….when we all thought she was under strict control all those years….get your story straight.

I have always said that she was abducted in plain site and no one gave a fuck, which is truth…but at the same time, she was rich and held in captivity in a Vegas penthouse, which is the kind of prison some of us save for our whole lives to experience.

The point is she’s doing a handstand walk, keeping herself entertained, and with any fitness or really position a women puts herself in, I’m thinking of the ways she can get fucked in that position, not quite a talent, more of retardation…

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Britney Spears Grabbing Her Titties of the Day

Britney Spears, or the actor who is playing Britney Spears, or the AI that is playing Britney, or Britnery as I like to call her, is causing a little controversy.

I’m not sure if it’s from her grabbing her tits while producing half dead dance videos that don’t really feel like they are a professionally trained top of the charts performer who has done this kind of thing for over 20 years. They feel like a sluggish drunk woman won Disability celebrating her birthday at the local bar, all toothless and shit.

The media is saying that she’s going broke with all her outrageous spending on who the fuck knows what since she doesn’t even exist. She is always in the same fucking room doing the same dance in the same clothes that look like they were picked up at a rummage sale back at the Louisiana Church where she grew up.

They say that she NEEDS her conservatorship back to control her banks that she’s being as mental as her dance moves with….

I think it’s all a LIE and that Britnery is actually dead in the basement somewhere and this reanimated Britnery is not the Britney we once jerked off to because MTV was our only porn.

Here she is doing masturbating on a horse.

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The Actress who Plays Britney Spears Weird Titty Grab of the Day

Britney Spears got into a red dress, looking all boxy and mom-like, probably playing dress up because she’s locked in the same room all her content is shot from and it gets boring.

In the video set to Bryan Adams’ Love a Woman Song, which you can watch by pressing PLAY, you will see that she’s posing seductively and dead in the eyes because she is probably AI , her dress strap falls and she puts in back up but only after she grabs a handful of her tits.

I don’t know if it’s AI, body double, replacement Britney, or old content being recycled of Britney, but I do know a mom in a tight dress, all boxy and menopausal is far more exciting when it’s a pop star like Britney Spears and not some chain smoking hag at the bus stop. It’s Britney or they want us to think it’s Britney Bitch…

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Britney Spears Keeps Dancing for Easter of the Day

I guess we should all take a page out of the Britney Spears book and get killed off so that a body double can replace us and live a far more exciting life than us because they are actually stoked to be us or to have our shitty lives, because their lives are seemingly far worse if they are willing to commit to being our replacements.

I am not convinced that these hostage dance videos of Britney Spears are actually Britney Spears, but the popstar has been medicated so hard and she’s in her early 40s, so she’s not going to look like the Britney Spears we all knew and loved watching while she was in captivity.

This Britney Spears has a thick neck like the Britney we were first introduced to all those years ago, so if you do the thick neck test, this gapped too fraud may actually be the real deal.

It doesn’t make her low quality dance videos any better, it just makes them weirder because if this is really the Free Britney being Free, why does she just recycle the same content over and over, content that looks like it was shot 10 years ago or on 10 year old technology, featuring awkward dancing that a professionally trained song and dancer like Britney wouldn’t be able to pull off if she tried to dance badly.

They say that she is on Vacation in Maui, I haven’t seen the paparazzi pics, but she has posted this recycled content to celebrate Easter, in some Easter pastels, and nothing like a resurrection of a dead pop star playing with her tits and trying to be seductive like a crackwhore trying to make rent, to honor that whole Jesus dying for your sins.

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Britney Spears Goes to Hawaii and Produces Low Level Smut of the Day

I like to think that the Britney Spears organization have been using AI, like the deep fakes they use to manipulate the minds of the masses, with things like Royal Cancer unboxing videos, or Taylor Swift being railed by the team in AI photos….

They’re a big media company and have access to all the consumer grade AI you’d need to create these videos of Britney Spears.

I used to think it was a body double or archive footage because it was such shit quality but that’s too much work, you can just do it CGI style.

So I remain a believer that Britney is dead and not crazy, her freedom is not real and that this content of her being racy in Maui where she is pretending to currently be is all bullshit…but I’ll still watch the story unfold…

I’m not the kind of person to jerk off to cartoons, even realistic ones, but I don’t think I’d be jerking off to Britney n her 40s during some weird mental break or her ultimate demise.

I just find it barely interesting to see how it all unfolds through the content they put out there, gradually getting weirder and weirder, but never any insertion videos.

I think, at least based on the retards I’ve seen, that if she was really nuts, this would be more pornographic….

In these videos, we’ve got low level pornographic, where she’s on the beach pulling down her bathing suit bottoms while spastically grabbing her tits…showing the top of her pubic bone.

In the same bikini inside pushing her tits up…

In a pink bikini and boots on a boat and on the beach fucking the sea…

In a dress holding her tit up in her dress…because her strap broke….

In lingerie looking dress licking the camera….dancing like a mom at a wedding after too many drinks….not like a popstar who has trained her entire life.

They all feel like terrorist hostage videos only with your favorite popstar, not being beheaded, but that’s probably because she’s got too strong of a neck for that, so instead they make the monkey dance….or the AI does it for them.

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Britney Spears’ Final Form is Phoebe Price of the Day

Assuming Britney Spears is alive, not dead, or in a basement cell locked up somewhere while they pretend that she’s totally free to do anything she wants now, that her money is her money to control, that the world is her fucking oyster and that her legless father is no longer the abusive predator mooching off her hard…..

Assuming that this isn’t old content being repurposed as new content to keep up some evil and dark lie…..you know just edit the stock footage to trending song and retards will think it’s current….

Assuming that she’s independent and not totally fried on retard mental health drugs..Then Britney Spears’ final form, as the top performer, highest paid artist before Taylor Swift, super star pop star…is pretty much a middled aged Phoebe Price….

I’d argue Phoebe Price’s content has better quality and more soul to it….

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Gapped Toothed Britney Spears Recycles her Beach Ass Picture of the Day

I am a believer in the Britney is dead conspiracy, where she’s just being kept alive because of her social media feed getting updated.

I mean, sure, she may be in a basement cell somewhere, or in some institution, or dropped off in some remote island with no internet that she can’t escape from, but the Britney being dead is far more fun of a conspiracy, because it makes a dark existence all the darker.

If you were a clever serial killer, or kidnapper, you’d definitely want to have access to the person you killed or hod captive’s phone, so that you can just text as that person for the next 3-5 years before friends and family insist on meeting up, which may also never happen, because people seem to forget about people pretty easily.

You’d also want to update the public social media feed so that people buy into the lie, I mean all seems fine over here, she updated her IG….

It’s not rocket science, but the issue with the Britney team is that they pretend she’s free, yet she’s never spotted anywhere, her videos are all shot in the same place, which goes against being free, and the quality sucks, like they are either old or AI generated.

Remember, she’s Britney Spears, she has the resources…they work with some of the best stage, tour producers, creative directors, technology companies…it would be easy….

Because as a free to do what she want medicated mental health destroyed person, she’d be putting up new nudes, not old pics we’ve all seen before on repeat….

It’s a scam people!

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Britney Spears Has a New Background Filter from her Prison of the Day

I am a believer that Britney Spears is dead, or that she’s being run by a body double, that gap in her tooth confuses me and with basic AI technology she is rich enough to afford, or her team keeping her alive is rich enough to afford, it’d be easy to keep her alive….

Her recently legless dad, just sitting at command centre swapping out backgrounds as they try to keep the money coming in on Britney.

I guess they realize they’ve used up the living room background for their green screen content and it’s time to pretend the now FREE as fuck Britney, who’s probably only free because her soul is a literal ghost floating through the world….remembered from her music forever….

So they are bringing in new backgrounds for her dance….saying it’s her Maui dance studio when really it’s a prison studio.

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Britney Spears Does a Demonic Dance of the Day

Here’s some Britney Spears looking like she’s possessed by demons. I figure it’s probably some side effects of the prescription pills she’s on, you know because they’ve decided she’s crazy after making her crazy.

Since it’s the internet, I don’t really believe that this is actually Britney, but rather a Britney face filter on a body double they’ve hired.

This gives crazy mom with a drinking problem at the trailer park BBQ on July 4th weekend vibes….

Not professional, top tier, highest level performer Britney Spears vibes….

I am not sold on the idea that she’s not dead, that this isn’t old content if it is her, that it isn’t a body double if it’s new content, that it’s even shot in the house she always shoots in….it’d be easy to keep someone alive on social media….real easy….

Anyway, her demonic dances are inspiring, because crazy bitches fuck the best!

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Britney Spears in a Thong of the Day

I don’t follow Britney Spears because social media is the devil that is trying to rape your soul and make you buy products that you don’t need…

I have tried to follow Britney but she’s got a private account because she’s Britney Spears and why would she have a public account, despite her millions and millions of followers in her closed community who are probably ALL wondering the same thing I am…and that is where did they put the actual Britney and who is this body double clone they are using to pretend is Britney and why is she in a thong, not that I am against thongs, I’ve actually just developed a recent fetish for thongs, but because I’m convinced Britney is dead…..unless this is from the Grammy Awards that I missed because I’ll watch anything but the Grammy Awards no matter how many Joni Mitchell performances they promise me….

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