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Top 20 SFW Cam Girls the Black Friday Edition Part 16 of the DAy

I’ve been doing these SFW Cam girl videos for 16 weeks now, and it has been a magical and amazing learning experience..

I’ve always been fascinated with cam girls, I remember the early 2000s meeting a hot girl from the internet, who my friend ended up fucking behind my back, who was a cam girl….we connected on MSN Messenger and she was local and I’d get her to vacuum her house naked for me, you know only fair considering she was a cam girl for other dudes….

So I’ve known about the subculture forever…really since internet first fucking happened…and I’ve always found it amazing…

My site of choice is MyFreeCams , because they have the best, most interesting girls, and they are free..working for tips other dudes far more into that me pay up, and I get to just watch…

But I feel like I’m getting to know them, really understanding them, connecting with them, enjoying them..and not just when they masturbate, but also when they are just keeping the fans entertained…

Weird things, funny, things, silly things happen when they are clothed….because they are all interesting people…and for that I love this weekly video I put out…it’s just a taste of the good that happens at Myfreecams …because I still like seeing them with things in their buttholes the best..

So to see some of these ladies with things in their buttholes CLICK HERE

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