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Naked Fat Woman in the Bar and Other Videos of the Day

Woman in Grocery Store Spraying her Pussy with Perfume

Quickie at the Train Station

Girls Caught Shoplifting Trash Store and Get Beat by Security

Mad Wife at Mistress

Weirdest Church Ever

Meth Head of the Day

2 Legged Cow

Octopus and the Coconut

Street Dog Pisses on a Dude

Driver VS Motorcyclist

Uncensored Naked Tourist

Police Dog WOn’t Let Go of the Dude’s Arm

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Wife Kicks Out Husband’s Hotter Mistress Butt Naked and Other Videos of the Day

Angelic Pole Dancer

Pervert Sneaks into Rehab Center to Masturbate

Cooking Naked – The Pumpkin Spice Latte

Midget Stripper at an Office Party

Guy on Bicycle on the Freeway at Night

Store Owner Opens Fire on Robber

Girl Pulls Gun on Boyfriend After Finding panties in his Bed

Dogs Caught Chewing Underwear

Woman Runs Naked in Paraguay

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The Most Fucked Up Video of a Girl Being Topless and Slutty in a Car Ever and Other Videos of the Day


Idiot in Fight with his Girl Climbed Out the Window and Died

72 Year Old gets Punched in the Face by a Thai Dude

Final Destination of the Day

Dudes Racing Take Out Innocent Guy Waiting at the Red Light

Suicidal Woman Gets Saved

Two Planes Trying to Land in SF in 2012

Neighbors Having Sex Sounds is a Thing

Chinese Woman Beats Cop

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The Couple Who Found the AirBNB Bedroom Cam of the Day

The Couple Who Found the AirBNB Bedroom Cam

I don’t know if this is just clickbait or fake news from yesterday, but I love this picture of the couple finding the camera hidden in their Airbnb bedroom by some creeper who has the right idea of if people are sleeping in his damn bed, he should be allowed to jerk off to them doing it, because it’s AirBNB and not some hotel chain that can end up paying Erin Andrews 100s of millions of dollars…

I find it crazier that the dude is getting arrested for putting a camera up in his bedroom he rents out to people via an app…you should be allowed to put cameras anywhere you damn want in your own house…even if it’s against the AirBNB terms and conditions, the people renting houses from weirdo normals are like the people who get in Ubers in a stranger’s car…you have to deal the consequences.

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Stripper Show Turns Gay on Coming Out Day and Other Videos of the Day

Poles Not Loaded Proper

Poor Bear

Idiot in the Manhole

Fatal Crash of the Day

Baby Gets Sucked Into the Tracks

Rebuilding a Vagina

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Pervert Chinese Humor and Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Titty Flash

Perv Records Another Perv Playing with Himself

Crazy Naked Neighbors

Dude Puts Firework in Girls Jacket

Land Cruiser Pushes Car Away from Gas Station

The Moment the Groom Died

Great Bus Driver of the Day

Unlucky Day for Thief

Parachutist Dies

Boobs on Romanian TV

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Naked Vietnamese Woman Trippin’and Other Videos of the Day

South African Hijacking

Woman Crashes Car in Pole – Then Drops baby

Saudi Prince Forced to Walk…is Confused By It

Woman Named – Keevonna Wilson – in Artech Condominiums in Aventura – Kicked Her Dog and got Arrested…But Must Die…

Man Revives a Deer – Mouth to Mouth

13 Year old Gets Ambushed So That Other Kids can Steal His Shoes

Samsung Explodes

Dude Tells Door to Door Sales Girl He’s a Pornstar Because of his Big Dick

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Titty Dance and Other Videos of the Day

Guy Pushes Girlfriend out of Window

Truck Takes Out Woman

Racist Jewish Woman in Israel Calling Black Jewish Woman in Israel Stinky on the Bus because Jewish people are Racist even to their own Jewish kind

Dude Uses his CRX as a Skateboard and Fucks it up…

Naked Woman Runs Through London

Violent Sucker Punch

Asian Vagina Whip

The AR-15 Bumfire Chick from CNN of the Day

Man Upset About the Fat Girl he Fucked

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Random Naked Woman in the Street and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Takes Out a Hot Chick…What?

Woman in Heels for the First Time

Lil Kid Robbing

Man on LSD Vs Life

Flying Plank VS Windshield

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Naked and Dancing and Other Videos of the Day

Crazy Mooning

Crazy Neighbors

Naked Pinata

Chav Cause Crash

Dude says Kill Me – To The Vegas Shooter

Man Dresses as Woman to Avoid Arrest

Aggressive Guy on the Plane

Drunk Racist in North Carolina

Man on the Powerlines…

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Naked Lady on the Road and Other VIdeos of the Day

Naked Crackhead in Las Vegas

Iranian Tax Driver VS Wife

Drunk Guy Interviewed About Vegas Shooting

Moose Getting Chased by 3 Dogs

White Trash Chick Fight

Window Cleaning in Bangkok

Bears VS Car

22 Year Old Girl Gets Shot by a Dude after Filming His Fight

Police Get Chased out of Town

Crackwhore Stealing Cigarettes Fail

Bikini Ass Watching Planes of the Day

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Sex in Public Between Two Cars and Other Videos of the Day

Find this Bird Killing Asshole and Kill Him

Attempted Murder of the Day

Stampede at the Railway

Zombie Found in truck

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Masturbating Burglar and Other Videos of the Day

AirBNB Guest of the Day

Robbers Get Confronted by Guard Chiuahuas

Dog VS Tiger

Gecko Escapes Snake

Dump Truck Hits Height Limit Pole and Kills Oncoming Driver

Woman Who Hates Dogs – Pretends she has Dog Allergy – Gets Taken Off Plane

Woman GIves Birth in Hospital Elevator

Corrections Officier Gets Taken Out By Inmates

Police Gets Shot on the I80

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British Woman Ran Around Bangkok Naked and Other Videos of the Day

Big Guy Goes Down….

Snake in the Toilet

Bus Driver Gets Attacked

One Against Three in a Fight

Poor Nurse Shark Killed Nursding off a Guy

Dude Dressed like a Coke Bottle Robs a Restaurant

Drunk Brawl

Sex in the Parking Lot…

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Sex in Public and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Protestor with Awesome Tits

Couple Fuck in Parking Lot in Atlanta

Dog Steals Scooter

Cocaine Packing Machine

Russian Snake Handler Dies After Getting Bit by Snake

Texan University Brawl

Parent Runs Over Teacher

Two Women – One Sewer

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