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I am – Kate Moss in a Bathing Suit Type Thing of the Day


I hate people who drop Wednesday is Hump Day jokes. It seems like every fucking wednesday, I check my email to find the 10 people who email me trying to promote their garbage music, bands, movies, record releases, etc, who have added me to their mailing list start the emails saying “Happy Hump day”. Maybe I am a little too uptight, but I like to think I wouldn’t be so fucking uptight if people had a little more substance, creativity and maybe even a need to be different by not dropping a shitty hump day joke that everyone else drops on every wednesday of every week. It’d me nice to have a wednesday go by without having to read anything hump day related, including this post….

Speaking of hump day, Kate Moss likes to hump or at least do bumps, which rhymes with hump, but maybe she’s more into doing lines cuz her tolerance is a lot higher than yours or mine. Here she is in some kind of one piece tube top bullshit that’s riding up her ass because she knows I want to taste her, and by taste her I mean go back to bed, I am tired. I’ll update more later on, I’m taking in a few hours, not quite a girl not yet a woman…if you know what I mean, which you don’t. Cuddles.

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