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I am – Adriana Lima is a Model of the Day


I am not a model scout and if I saw Adriana Lima on the street I probably wouldn’t have given her the time of day, but then again, if I was scouting girls it’d be for dirty modeling, and from my experience, I would hire any girl willing to do my movies because finding someone willing to do double anal is hard, so I take what I can get. Unfortunately for the girls I have no budget to pay them but they only realize I ripped them off a couple of days later when they wake up in a field outside of the city with a GHB hangover. I guess the reality is that I don’t know any girls, I don’t do any dirty movies, I don’t leave girls in fields after drugging them, but there wouldn’t have been much of a post if I didn’t pretend that I did. Adriana Lima is probably one of the hottest girls out there, and even if she looks like an immigrant with a flat ass in her everyday clothes, we all know what she is capable of and it’s pretty much a taste of heaven.

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