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Sienna Miller Still Looks Sad of the Day

Sienna Miller must have AIDS or something, I mean at least that is what I assume she has because the last week she’s been walking the streets alone with her dog lookin’ sad, crying, having minor breakdowns and shit that make her seem like she’s about to give the fuck up because hollywood has given the fuck up on her and here she is walking with her mom or friend or therapist who I guess is trying to walk her through this crazy time and I can just hope rock bottom for her ends up in a porn set and not hanging from the fuckin’ rafters because I hate seeing pussy, even dirty homewrecking AIDS pussy go to waste…

Pics via Bauer

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  • drunken pig

    Hopefully by nite-fall….she will be tied up in my basement….gorphing my engorged cock…..if things go according to plan!!……

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