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Pink Pregnant and Barefoot Monster of the Day

I still don’t believe that Pink’s got lady reproductive organs….and I’m not saying that to be funny, I’m saying that because of her broad muscular frame and her hard fucking face….but the rumor is that she is hiding an unwanted pregnancy for the baby that’s gonna come out of her wishing she had got an abortion cuz no one wants to be the kid with two dads. Take that Gay marriage.

Here she is taking pregnancy by the balls and not letting it get in the way of her sex appeal your homo asses have been tricked into jerking off to….cuz nothing says pussy I want to fuck like pajama pants, an oversized hoddie while walking around barefoot…it’s reminscent of homeless sex with a single mother who’s lives in her station wagon but won’t let stop pretending the back alley is her own private piss filled living room…

Here’s Pink lookin’ like she was Perez Hilton in his fat years…


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