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Nancy Grace Dancing With the Stars Nipple Slip of the Day

Hey man, girls have nipples. Sometimes, when we’re lucky they fall out of their shirts, especailly when they are trying to recruit votes on a show that pretty much coincides with the end of a motherfucker’s career…

Sure, who want’s to see Nancy Grace’s nipple by choice, I mean other than me, but in my defense whenever I watch news, courtTV, anything, I think it’d be better with nipple…and here’s Nancy Grace proving my theory true on Dancing with the Stars…cuz if I knew there was nipples when all these hasbeens try to lean up and get noticed, I’d consider watching it…but only for a minute, cuz waiting for it to hit the internet is less painful…

Here’s the dance….

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7 Responses

  1. HornyLohanWanker says:

    Need some syrup for those pancakes.

  2. crazy cracker says:

    I’d suck on that!!!!

  3. coolenuf says:

    Gee, thanks…now I have vomit in my mouth.

  4. LolleyGagger says:

    ain’t nothing to suck on with pancake nipples it’s one of the least favored nipple shapes there are next to inverted.

  5. AndyDandyWarhaul says:

    How’s she gonna plain that mishap on her show, she won’t.
    Bad mouthing others came back to bite her in the ass.
    If it were anybody else she’d be saying things like, why didn’t she use dress tape, why was she wearing such a slutty low hanging dress, or this woman was hoping a malfunction would occur.

  6. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD says:

    Ha ha she looks like a desperate slutty tit-fucking whore. Which is probably what she is…

  7. Tony says:

    That’s the most definitive picture that I’ve seen. Or else someone was very good at photoshopping areolas.

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