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Shy’m in a See Through Shirt of the Day

I assume shitty writers at shitty media companies are captioning this as “Shy’m isn’t very Shy”…because that’s what they do…they think you are idiots with no minds and they work hard and keeping you mindless drones…

But I’m gonna go a different route with this, see cuz Shy’m is from France, and unknown outside of France, so when given the opportunity to be on a big global media platform, like the NRJ awards, she knew she better make some fucking noise, and as a french chick, what better way to do it than to get fucking topless….or virtually topless…or as topless as you can get away with…

Now I don’t deal with euro French chicks that much, sure I’ve fucked one or two of them up the ass before, but only if they were engaged…..but I do deal with gutter white trash french chicks, and those bitches not only fill up the strip clubs here, but also fill up the abortion clinics, the adoption centers and more importantly my dreams cuz they are worthless fucking sluts who know how to work their bodies for little or no return….and that works for me…

Either way, the beaches in France are better cuz the love of showing off tit cuz tits aren’t a big deal…and apparently the award shows are better too…

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  • MadamMeow

    That is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen.

  • Woody

    As a composite engineer I can say that is the best use of fiberglass I’ve ever seen. I’d be curious as to how bad the fiberglass irritation was the next day.

  • William Faust

    That’s some impressive body paint.