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Agnes Olech in FHM Spain of the Day

Agnes Olech is some almost 30 aspiring actress who is looking her age as far as I’m concerned …

She was born in Poland, moved to America with her family and has been trying to make it in Hollywood since 2004…but has really just been geting shitty role after shitty role…and for some reason she hasn’t given up because she’s a fucking survivor….or maybe it is just her communist will…the same reason why USSR did so well in the Olympics….only the failed actor version….a shitty inconsistent acting career that probably makes her more money than you make working full time at your shitty job…reminding us how unfair life is…and here she is in FHM Spain…in a bikini with a knife…racy….but with her level of fame…this should be a sex tape…or a leaked nude…and my promoting this takes away from the hope she gives up and gives in to the slutting needed to make it in America and live that unrationed toilet paper dream…

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  • beakie

    Kind of a rich man’s Ali Larter