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Shauna Sand’s Zombie Corpse Ass in a Bikini Influences Her Daughter Proper of the Day

This is fascinaing to me – I have been following Shauna Sand for a while – because I am weird like that – the kind of guy fascinated with bottom of the barrel, last week’s kitchen garbage no one wants or in this case Playboy’s kitchen garbage from the 90s….

I’ve always wondered how her daughter with Lorenzo Lamas was going to turn out…..she’s probably 16 now, so when I started she was 8….and I didn’t know if her mother humiliated her, as Shauna Sand would humiliate you if she was your mom…..you know exposing her FLESHY DEAD LOOKING VAGINA IN A SEX TAPE WITH A MALE ESCORT SHE CARTED AROUND 10 YEARS LATER THAN SHE SHOULD HAVE or all the walking around half naked, in whore shoes,

I didn’t know whether the daughter, a product of divorce, would be a prude, rebelling against her mom’s way, or if she’d follow her lead and walk around in heels and a thong for the world to stare at her confused…trying to understand what hey just experienced….

I guess this pic answers that question I had….and I’m pretty glad things worked out this way….

To See The Rest of the Pics of Shauna Sands Dressed as A Corpse…..

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  • http://twitter.com/madammeow MadamMeow

    Her mom taught her how to hike her bottoms up into her butt so that guys want to have surprise butt sex with you.  I only hope that girl has more of Lorenzo Lamas’ genes so she has half a chance at not turning into a decrepit cunt like Shauna.

  • Jimbo

    That’s not her daughter.  Her oldest daughter is 14.  That girl is clearly much older than than.  Come on man, use your eyes.