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Ashlee Simpson’s Teen Mom Ass in a Bikini Bottom of the Day

This is just typical behavior from a girl who’s parents are going through a divorce cuz her dad is gay, you know spreading her ass on the internet in a bikini bottom, just cock teasing for perverts like you to give her attention her daddy never gave her cuz she had a vagina, but more importantly, because she wasn’t the cute daughter relatives wanted to molest, but I guess we already knew that back when she was baby making in her teens to get attention…..and now all I can think is “thanks for not showing us lip, cuz there’s no way that vagina isn’t as ravaged as you’d imagine it would be, thanks to the whole birthing process….decent legs though…

Just be glad this isn’t Jessica Simpson’s ass…because…it will probably eat you like an all you can eat buffet….you know taking food in from both ends just to get it inside her….and not in a good way…in an obese chick way….


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  • kder

    teen mom? she was like 24 when she had her baby.

  • JD

    She wasn’t making babies in her teens. She was 24 when she had her son.

  • chlyn

    Yah, but she looked 12 when she was 24, so it all evens out.

  • expletivebmp

    her dad’s a fucking idiot and she has a nice ass that calls to us to observe it ever closer—look to the ass, look to the ass!

  • Travis

    Her nose job was the best decision anyone has ever made…