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Chloe Green is my New Best Friend and She’s in a Bikini of the Day

The DailyMail put up a couple of paparazzi pics of the daughter of retailing giants from the UK, we’re talking outrageously rich jewish family, who bring in Beyonce to play at their birthday parties kinda rich, Chloe Green, wearing a hot yellow bikini….and for some reason I was following her on twitter because before yesterday I didn’t know who she was, because despite the ridiculously rich loving me, I generally don’t keep tabs…

That said, she was hurt by the comments left on the Daily Mail about her body in a bikini, when all she wanted to be a normal girl on the beach, but unlike America, the ridiculously rich are followed by the paparazzi like celebrities of their own, even when they aren’t on TV, and thus she got torn a new asshole, one I wouldn’t mind kissing gently…you know to heal the wounds….

So I told her not to listen to the haters, that I look at bikinis all the time and that I am the biggest judge, and that she’s a solid 7, spreading my honest dose of love everyday, with nothing but good intentions….

This is what she wrote me…..which would really hurt me, if I had a soul…some people just aren’t appreciative of this guy right here….


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  • How does one make take? We don’t do that here in the ghetto I come from.

    Rich people are so classy.

  • Diamond Godde$$!!!

    And you were being KIND with the “7”.

  • Travis

    This is what happens when you try to be nice. Don’t make the same mistake twice…