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Imogen Thomas Does the Shakira of the Day

Imogen Thomas is some Big Brother topless Glamour Model…who has got knocked up by someone who I assume is rich….and probably a soccer player….as some kind of retirement plan…because that’s what all these Glamour Models do…it is like that is the whole point of being a Glamour Model….you know to find a rich husband who will take care of you when your retarded big tits start to sag….and getting knocked up as fucking soon as possible to ensure the plan goes through as planned…

Well, she’s decided to go out and do some CHEESY AS FUCK….Sears Catalog….trashy naked pregnant woman pics….cuz she was once a naked non pregnant woman in pics…and I had no choice but to post them…because despite not valuing Glamour Models as celebs, or even people….and not valuing pregnant women as women due to lack of sex appeal….she is naked…and that for some reason overrides all I hate about these pics…

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