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Melissa Clarke – Page 3 Idol Winner for NUTS of the Day

Melissa Clarke, like the BLADE RUNNER / WIFE KILLER defied all odds and said to herself “I am tired of busty bitches getting in Page 3 and being Glamour Models”…and she did something about it….and that something was jumping on some Page 3 idol contest that she won….landing her in Page 3 and now in nuts…because like the bionic man running in the olympics….the world is trying to understand how this happened…her A-Cups that I personally love….aren’t supposed to be a Glamour model…save that shit for those ALT Porn sites…but for some reason they are….THIS GOES AGAINST EVERYTHING WE’VE BUILT OUR EMPIRE ON…..but the people have spoke….so hello Melissa Clarke….how does your dad feel about these pics?

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