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The 2013 Oscar Recap of the Day

I live tweeted the Oscars as opposed to pre-program tweeted the Oscars….I got a few tedious hours in before Twitter put me on lockdown for tweeting too much…..which was unfortunate because it was before Jennifer Lawrence, all awkward as shit fell, or Anne Hathaway robbed the awards because cutting your hair while fake crying for 5 minutes, should not be an Oscar winning performance to me, it was also right before Adele won more than just an eating contest, or the biggest splash at the public pool,the pregnant woman who like an elephant stays pregnant for over a year, or the heaviest girl in the history of her grade school…fat is a choice people…a horrible choice that deserves to be mocked so that young girls don’t make it….but I did manage to experience a jittery, unshowered, medicated Kristen Stewart and other really uneventful shit that didn’t give me a boner, that felt like a badly produced high school play, and I only laughed at a joke about Abe Lincoln’s assassination…I also liked the Shark attack music the less cool winners who weren’t good for ratings got…while Anne Hathaway coulda gone on in her soft spoken, trying to act sincere, cuz she is an Oscar winner you know, bullshit…….

Maybe I am a hater…cuz I just can’t see past how fucking pathetic it is to celebrate rich and famous people who are already celebrated everyday….for their acting that is essentially lying…that they get overpaid for and that brings no good to the fucking world….other than distract them from real issues….it’s a farce, a lie, and even the winners are fucking obvious…

The only performance that was impressive this year was Hush Puppy in Beasts of the Southern Wild.. cuz she’s 9…..and she was robbed……and thanks to that rejection at a young age…will have horrible repressed memories…so if the Oscars did anything this year…it was teach a young girl about failure at a young age…pretty much ruining her life….thanks for that you assholes…..

I guess they also gave a billion women something to fantasize about too…but that doesn’t mean it didn’t suck, and wasn’t a waste of fucking time…..

Here ares some pics from instagram….

Here is the Jennifer Lawrence Fall…


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  • Travis

    Kristen Stewarts ‘too cool to be here’ attitude made me laugh.

    Also I’m glad JLaw won.
    She’s so fierce no homo…

  • Abused Step Child

    Can we continue to only let Anne Hathaway play used and discarded hookers?